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The Sanctuary of Fate

The breathtaking loveliness of a midnight shadowed garden embraces you. The 
night sky is filled with stars... no, not stars, but strands of light which
shimmer at the edges of sight. The soft call of unseen birds provides sweet
melody to please the ear and the low hoot of an owl echoes out of the trees.
A thick tangle of web-shrouded briar roses marks the boundaries of the area
and every conceivable variety of flower blooms within, despite the darkness.
Here and there, care has been taken to create gathering places in the glade,
from an intimate nook of soft, thick moss beneath a veiling willow tree, to
a low, gentle dell where a large group could rest in comfort. Each cardinal
point is marked by its own unique archway. Ebon flames beckon within a trio
of them, and the fourth is sealed by an enormous spiderweb. At the heart of
the clearing is a large round seal of orichalcum.
(Cyan Aura) A small weaving loom is barely visible amidst the trees.
Look loom
This small but intricately carved weaving loom appears to have been created
through magical means using an ancient oak still rooted in the soil. Threads
upon its warp and woof stream up into the heavens to mingle with the strands
there. The Tapestry is somehow more than you can bear to look upon; almost
like gazing upon the face of the universe itself. Glittering Threads call to
you, shimmering and bright, almost recognizable. Faces, voices, places and
the flicker of events whisper to you from within the Strands of the Tapestry.
A narrow bench rests before the loom, an embroidered velvet cushion atop it.

Look North:
The archway that guards the passage out of the garden is crafted of silvery
gray yew which compliments the spider-webs that fill it. A pewter plaque of
elven craftsmanship hangs just below the arch's keystone, gently swaying on
gilt chains. It reads, "Codes of the Fated." Below it, within the web, tiny
creatures scurry here and there, each laboring together to create a greater
whole. One particularly large specimen pauses in her spinning and stares at
you. Like a ghostly wind, you feel more than hear a voice in your mind:
* I am Guardian, keeper of the Geasa. To gaze upon me is to learn more of
this tradition of the Chosen.*

Look East:

Lilies of the darkest black dance gently in the soft breeze that caresses
the garden. Their fragrance is intoxicating, like the fine incense burned
in sacred temples. Beyond their nodding blooms a shallow dell can be seen
that would be perfect for comfortable gatherings. At its centerpoint is a
podium illuminated by a shimmering cloud of wings and light. A wee sprite
hovers there, her plaintive song creating an odd harmony with the call of
the unseen owls. The east archway is visible beyond the dell; an inviting
yet strong trellis of bright silver over which grows a blanket of flowers.
Within the argent gateway, flames of ebon hue burn brightly, consistently
and purely. Like the forge fire that burns away any impurities to release
the essence within, the Weaver's flame is a catalyst for the soul through
adversity and trial. If touched by it, one is never the same again.
A kind voice speaks in your mind: *Life, Perseverance. The Weaver's Path.*

Look South:
At the southernmost point of the clearing, a thorny tangle of inky black and
bloody crimson briar roses surrounds an iron bench granting a bit of privacy
and seclusion from the rest of the garden. An eerie arch, the rods barbed in
effigy of the vines, frames the seating area. A heavy cauldron hangs by twin
chains from the sides of the arch. An angry ebon flame writhes and struggles
within, casting grotesque shadows over any who rest before it. Its dance is
mesmerizing, as is the chaotic motion of the luminescent crystal globe being
tossed about by the flames like a bit of driftwood on the ocean. Heat flows
outward in waves, tongues of fire reaching out hungrily like a dragon on the
hunt or a hero's pyre or passions unchecked. You hear sly, sibilant whispers
in your mind: *Chaos. Change. The Wyld's Way.*

Look West:
A stand of massive oaks shelter a small campfire, its warm light reflected in
a clear, clean, shallow pool of water and cast back to illuminate several odd
swaths of webbing that drape from tree to tree. It takes close examination to
identify them: Hammocks! The central hammock seems to have some extra special
significance, as the webs of its weaving are touched with the same sarcastic-
gray color as one of the Threads on the Loom. It is also much longer than the
rest, as if to accommodate a unusually lanky soul. The western archway is not
immediately visible. It is discovered only by close examination; the silvery-
green of twin young aspen saplings create the pillars, their branches growing
together create the arch. The natural portal is softly lit from within by the
enclosed flames. The fire's glow warms the copse, crackling merrily, warm and
welcoming like the first glowing promise of sunrise. Like the nest of a risen
phoenix, these are the fires of creation and renewal. You hear a soft whisper
in your mind: *Birth, Learning, the Wyrm's dominion.*

Look UP:
How can two utterly conflicting forces remain in such balanced opposition?
The screaming emptiness of the Void roils above, surrounded by yet somehow
enclosing, the searing beauty of the Pattern. Both have a siren call; dark
oblivion and the peace of the grave whisper from the void, hypnotic in its
emptiness, while the rapturous energy of the Tapestry's Pattern Web shines
with an intoxicating radiance that makes you want to cry out at its power.

Look Down:

The softest grass provides an emerald carpet underfoot and it is free of any
dew that might dampen the feet or hold a chill. At the center of the garden,
a large circular monument of orichalcum has been set flush with the ground.
Around its outermost edge is a heavy chain of mithril. A few inches in from
the binding-chain are runes in ancient Thoras which detail those tasks that
are required of those who would walk the Path of Fate. At the circle's core
three sigla in balance glow with an unearthly, intense radiance.

Look runes thoras tasks orichalcum entry

The silvery runes read:
The Chosen of Fate are individuals of honor, courage and integrity.
These virtues must be present in any applicant. The Path of Fate is
not for everyone. Much is demanded of them, and so as fair warning,
our Entry Quest is more challenging than any other in the Realm. The
following tasks must be completed by any who wish to join:
1. Change your title to: 'walks the path of the Wyrm.'
2. Reach level 10, minimum.
3. Gain the sponsorship of a current member of the Chosen.
4. Write a character history. Your sponsor will tell you where to send it.
5. Present yourself for a one on one interview with Cordir.
6. Spend a `year and a day' of TFC time (two hours RL) assisting the
young and new to the Realm with spells, eq, advice, and guidance.
7. Learn eight of the racial cities of your home continent. Be able
to prove this knowledge by obtaining a unique item from each city.
8. Select three Geasa and discuss their suitability with your sponsor.
9. Find the Sigil Draktha in the Citadel of the North. Be able to reach
it from your home city.
Once the quest is done, inform your Chosen sponsor.
Look pewter plaque elven codes
1. Service: aid those weaker, and those new to the Realm.
2. Honor: In all words and deeds. Your word is your bond and My law. Your
actions reflect on the entire following and your Goddess in particular.
3. Learning: Admit your mistakes and learn from them. Share your growth
with your fellow Chosen, that they may avoid the same pitfall.
4. Growth: Strive to become all you can, and do so with grace, integrity
and honor, while observing your own personal Geasa.
5. Respect: To Immortals, your fellows, your foes, yourself. Show
tolerance for the beliefs of others, even if they conflict with your
own. Public mockery shames us all.
6. Courage: Dare to risk, to achieve, to find the nobility of spirit within.
          ( Look RULES and Look QUOTES for some further guidance )

Look quotes guidance
"The sea is dangerous, and its storms terrible, but these obstacles have never
been sufficient reason to remain ashore. Unlike the mediocre, intrepid spirits
seek victory over those things that seem impossible. It is through strength of
character that they embark on the most daring of all endeavors... to meet the
shadowy future with courage, and thus conquer the unknown." - unknown
"Those who preserve their integrity remain unshaken by the storms of daily 
life. They do not stir like leaves on a tree or follow the herd where it
runs. In their mind remains the ideal attitude and conduct of living. This is
not something given to them by others. It is their roots... it is a strength
that exists deep within." - unknown.
"Life is Pain." - Thaygar
"Life is pain, and how we can overcome that pain, grow from it and move 
beyond it with the all grace and perseverance we can muster." - Cordir
l rules
* Keep character separation. If you have a character in a following
that is 'in conflict' with Fate, you *must* maintain a mininum of
one hour real-time separation between logins. Violation of this rule
is punishable up to and including death, corpse eating, rejection.
Sharing information gained on Ftell, our Boards, our Email list, or
Forums is also unacceptable, and may result in similar punishment.
* In dealing with Anathema, less is more. Avoid speaking, trading,
selling, etc. You are granted specific permission, however, to
cast useful spells upon any Ally who is hunting an Anathema.
* Foul language on any channel other than Ftell (I know you need a 
place to vent - use Ftell if you need to, but don't go overboard)
is unacceptable. I expect those in Fate to behave with grace and
Look guardian spider keeper
The Guardian spider drops down from the web on a bit of silk and steps
closer. Its eight eyes glowing, it speaks in your mind. *Geasa are an
ancient tradition by which voluntary oaths are sworn by the individual.
They are best chosen by you, for you. They are tests of will and self-
control. A Geas is specific action that is either prohibited or denied.
Each of the Chosen of Fate including the Lady Herself are required to
take up three Geasa. Many involve one sacrifice, one responsibility, and
one form of helping the young.* With that, she scurries back up her silk
and vanishes amidst her fellows.
Look void
There are no reference points within Oblivion. A soul could be eternally
lost in the endless, dark, pitiless calm of the Void. It extends blackly
into forever. It is nothingness. The absence not simply of light, but of
existence itself.
Look strand strands thread threads
Lives. Souls. Spirits. Name them what you will, but in the Great Pattern,
this is their representation. The Tapestry is overwhelming in its profound
intricacy and beauty. Each Thread is unique. Subtle runes call the eye to
some of the Threads: pale-gray, dove-gray, sarcastic-gray, storm-gray,
diamond-white, opaline, bright-white, silver, storm-blue, indigo,
midnight-cyan, fuming-blue, fiery-red, ruby, scarlet, faded-violet,
fuchsia, gold, tigers-eye, midnight, blackfire, and argentine.


Look shadows
The movement of the three fires cast shadows that seem almost alive.
It is easy to imagine shapes or meanings from their outlines. That
one there looks like a serpent devouring its own tail, and another,
surely, is a mace, moving with the swiftness of combat, and there,
a deft figure is slipping from darkness to darkness, illuminated by
a midnight spark. By the trellis, the shadows dance like an ancient
elf, caught up in rapturous communion. To the east they gather thickly,
as dark as a Vampyric cloak.
Look hammock hammocks swath drape
The spider webs to the west have been pulled and manipulated into an
entirely unnatural form. Entire sections of webbing have been formed
into several odd vaguely sling-like shapes, suitable for reclining in.
Some form tiers, one above another, and others seem unusually wide,
as if to accommodate two. A large strand of webbing lays limply against
one of the oaks - apparently someone broke a hammock by hiding too many
oranges in it, for the brightly colored fruit lies scattered upon the
ground. Strangely, it seems that someone has used the broken web-sling
to conceal something - a large lump can be seen bulging out the bottom
of the curtain of web.
Look lump bulge keg
The broken hammock drapes down to curtain and conceal some large object.
Lifting it aside reveals a heavy keg of Mirth Beer, left here by a dear
friend of the Lady and those She leads.
Look dell
The dell descends in gentle tiers to a central point where a podium lovingly
crafted of burnished rosewood awaits. Cushions of soft, thick moss pad the
natural benches, making this a casual, comfortable gathering spot.
Look nook
Some terribly romantic individual caused this place to be crafted. The draping
branches of the willow are further shrouded by a light veil of Spanish moss,
providing complete privacy to any who would tarry here. A climbing vine of
honeysuckle twined about a thornless rose bush fills the bower with a delicate
perfume, and whisper-soft emerald moss covers the ground thickly. Fireflies
dance here and there, providing a gentle illumination, and a soft, cooling
breeze flows beneath the tree, yet somehow does not stir the curtain that
blocks the eyes of others. The space is just big enough for two to recline in
comfort with a picnic basket or other diversion. A single shining strand of
silvery hair lies tangled amidst the mossy pillow, perhaps left behind by the
last person to enjoy this nook.
Look sigla sigil center
Three glowing sigils of great power have been crafted here, aglow with power
and presence: the Sapphire Glyph Argedo, ward of the Weaver, the gateway to
serenity; the Ebon Sigil Odegra, pact of the Wyld, the path to oblivion; the
Crimson Sigil Draktha, seal of the Wyrm, bridge between lifetimes.
Look willow
The willow tree's numerous boughs sway as if stirred by the light magical
breeze, causing a wind chime of silvery bells and soft gray feathers to
chime and dance. The veil of branches parts momentarily and the lovely
face of a woman appears in the bark. She gazes down at marks carved into her
trunk, then up at initials carved in the same deliberate manner. The bark
parts, revealing a smile that could easily dazzle the eyes of any mortal.
The face then turns, flowing up the trunk into the branches above. Surely
a creature of beauty and magic guards this tree.
Look marks
Fourteen marks of the same size and detail mar the smooth bark that
covers the tree trunk, yet the dryad seems pleased by them. Perhaps
they were placed with her permission by one who performed a labor of
heartfelt devotion.
Look initials
Carved with care, highlighted by the lighter color of the exposed
under-bark, these letters almost shimmer.
C + A        A + T
N + T C + R
Someone has also carved in a rather reckless fashion:
L + K
Look elaeshavarn lae laesha dryad
She stands so perfectly still, it is hard to discern woman from tree,
although no willow ever had curves so sweet as these. Her eyes outshine
the brightest sunlight to cascade down over dappled green leaves. The hair
that flows down to waist level has the softness and the rich hue of forest
moss, making one's hand tremble in longing to touch. Her soft, pale brown
lips are open as if she has just blown a kiss, or perhaps was inviting one.
Her face is at once merry and wicked, being as she is the essence of the earth
itself - inviting, mysterious, and fruitful. Garbed in only the barest wisps
of rose petals and ivy, she stands here as both guard and decoration for this
intimate spot. She smiles and fades back into the tree, disappearing from view
and granting full privacy to any wishing to enjoy her bower-home.
Look pool water
Carefully positioned to cast back and magnify the dancing brightness of
the western flame, yet not be in the way of anyone entering or exiting
a hammock, this pool seems to shimmer with reflections, but not of anyone
with you in the garden. As you stare, entranced, at the dream-like liquid
visions, the image of a stunningly lovely drow woman appears. She winks
audaciously, and then the picture fades and the pool is simply water once
Oddly, there are paw prints from some extremely large feline at the pool's
Look plaque
Set into the polished surface of the rosewood lectern at the center of the
dell is an white jade plaque. Engraved in the stone are words in old-common
"Bring before us your concerns, that you not carry them alone.
Bring before us your sorrow, that its burden might be shared.
Bring before us your joy, that we may partake of it with you."
-The Taoiseach
Look chain mithril
A thick chain of mithril with names inscribed upon each link surrounds the
orichalcum circle in the center of the sanctuary. As you turn in place, eyes
cast downward to examine each link in the chain, you see one name after
another, some worn, some newly inscribed. Is it not strange how those that
stand out to you, happen to be the names of those that you knew... or know...
well? Like a chain, the Chosen of Fate are links in something greater, each
an integral part of the whole. One single link is larger than the rest, and
reads: "The Chosen, before The Fall."

Look names

Nyx (Shadow of Fate, First Chosen, Triat Master, Ordained, Taoiseach),
Talmud the Theologian, Deamhan An'Shalach, Amblin Dirado, Durin, Marvadoc,
Amblin Dirado, Gregar T'Sarran, Ananasi Aleitros, Kennet D'Augustine (Weaver's
Champion), Gernoul, Cerberus, Palin D'henoke (Weaver's Apprentice), Natalie
D'Augustine, Allyena, Mireya An'Shalach (daughter of Cordir & Deamhan),
Helati de-Orilig, Allyena, Teine, Adso (Promoted to Immortality), Cirth the
Pale (Scribe of Fate), Lataal, Boromir (Counselor of Fate), Tyrall, Storivad,
Irgaak, Elaina, Bastian, Trakker Longbow (Emissary of Fate, Taoiseach), Fuzzy,
Kalee, Tranquility Rose (Weaver's Handmaiden, Taoiseach), Angeline, Garvax,
Khorlan Farseer, Azmoth, Cistercian, Elladan - Attendant, Saran Cerementi,
Gillfen (Quartermaster), Trevor, Dalmiera, Flutter, Dazzle, Ringo, Sarabos,
Noctus (Triat Master, Ordained, Blade, Taoiseach), Dwarvenheld, Harmony, Clue,
Tirayel Vairhyn (Taoiseach), Cleon Venabili, Celia, Tien Shihan (Taoiseach),
Alex, Plato - Attendant, Dracos (Master of the Hands of Fate), Aslan, Bancor,
Virgil, Lanfear (Dreamdancer & Taoiseach), Aphrodite, Morgaine, Kethran,
Solaron Al'Veeran (Acoloyte of the Triat, Blade of Fate), Kaldred, Rigel,
Ambrose (Navigator of Fate), Ordeith (Apprentice to Noctus), Aerith, Kettri,
Katrana (Triat Acolyte, Shamaness Adept, Blade of Fate, Wyld Handmaiden),
Torchbearer - Attendant, Ebonie, Taibh, Anduin, Shylok, Myre. * REBIRTH *

Look crystal globe
Like the gazing crystal of a seer, this globe is filled with images,
faces and visions of many who have borne the Covenant, or touched
their lives. It stands as a memorial to all those that time, Fate,
or chance have taken from our midst. Our prayers go with them, but
we keep them alive in our memories.
Look monkey ali monkeygirl
A chattering monkey hangs from a tree, blue eyes sparkling with
mischief. Flinging oranges at the center-most hammock, she appears
to be attempting to booby-trap it, anticipating the arrival of a
Sneak she enjoys tormenting.
Look pale-gray
This nearly colorless thread is hard to discern amidst the other more vivid
Strands on the Loom. It is tightly woven with many other strands, and it has
a long history back into the Tapestry, touching many others. Often, though,
it separates from the weave, and runs a long and lonely path. The strangest
element of it, however, is that near to the Loom, it appears to have been cut
and then tied together again.
Suddenly all darkens, and before you stands a tall and slender figure
shrouded in a dark hooded cloak. He holds a large book in his hands, and
the hood leaves most of his pale face in shadow. He slowly raises his
head, and weary gray eyes meet yours... No ... His hands are empty and the
hood rests upon his shoulders, and as he turns to face you, piercing clear
blue eyes lock your gaze. He smiles slightly and reveals his fangs...
The vision fades.
Look dove-gray
The dove-gray Strand shimmers beneath your regard. Many other tones are
reflected along its length, an indication of how closely woven it is with
so many others. It appears integral to the stability and strength of large
sections of the Pattern. You hear a soft, familiar woman's voice in your
mind: *My Handmaiden, of whom I am well proud.* For a moment, an image
flashes in your mind of an Aara maiden upon Vision Quest, amidst the sands
of the desert. The scene shifts to reveal the maid released from her Geas
to stand within the circle of the arms of her love, the Lady's Blade, then
reforms a third time to show the same swan curtseying low as she accepts the
weighty mantle of Ordainment. * The past, the present, the future... all
entwined, all dependent, all truly one. She grows, daily, and only she can
shape what she will become. *
Look sarcastic-gray sneak
The busy swirl of late-day traffic through the West Gate of Midgaard appears
as you touch upon the sarcastic gray Thread within the Pattern. You note the
Mayor bustling about, Slue standing watch, fidos sniffing through piles of
garbage the janitors have missed, guards, citizens, and all manner of folk
going about their business... but no one remarkable, no one of heroic stature
or flashing armor and weaponry. Only that nondescript fellow slouching in the
shadow of the archway between the Guild and Poor Alley, observing passers-by.
But what could be of interest to the Weaver there? No defining aura swirls
about him, and his garb, while of good enough quality, shows evidence of hard
use. Suddenly, as if sensing your notice somehow, the figure looks up. You'd
swear he winks audaciously. As you blink in surprise, he fades into the crowd,
hidden in plain view.
Look storm-gray
It takes your eyes a moment to adjust to the darkness as you lightly brush
your fingertips against the storm-gray Thread. You gaze into a stunning
cathedral. Stained glass windows, abstract in pattern, seem to glow even in
the dim light. A still figure stands studying a large tome inscribed with the
symbol of the Triat Wyrm upon its heavy cover. His lips move in a quiet
prayer.. or chant? Although aware of your presence from the first, he finally
looks up, seemingly searching the stained glass patterns in the ceiling. You
sense he smiles at you, although his face is hidden within the cowl of his
robe. Closing the tome, he makes an arcane gesture, and suddenly, by the magic
of the Pattern, you stand before him. Shrouded from head to foot in a strange
gray cloak, he bows, and again... the sense that he smiles at you. With an
abrupt movement, he bows his head and lowers the cowl. As the cloth slides
back, dozens of tiny black braids pour forth. He lifts his gaze to meet yours
and your heart skips a beat. Where there should be nose, mouth, ears, and the
contours of bone and muscle, there is only a pale, smooth expanse of skin and
eyes of crimson hue. Again, the odd sense of expression, yet the flesh before
you does not change. This time, you feel a sad, wry smirk, and a nod of
acknowledgement at your expected horror. With that, he makes a deft gesture
with both hands, and this vision ends.
Look diamond-white counselor
One fingertip brushes the diamond-white strand within the Pattern. At once,
you hear a soft chuckle in your mind, followed by a male voice accented in
an old dialect of Northern elvish. "You realize, Lady, I'm going to keep up
the horrid puns until I see you smile today? Lord Foolkiller charged me with
the task of not letting you get too somber." The voice softens, and takes on
a more serious tone. "And to be your friend, as I was - and am - His. Though
that duty is more pleasure than obligation." You feel a touch upon your arm,
as if providing support. "Milady, I will always be here. Your jester, your
Taoiseach, your Counselor of War, but most of all, your friend until the
bitter end. Never doubt that." The voice and this vision slowly fades.
Look opaline
A shimmering opaline thread overwhelms you. You cannot comprehend it - only
stand in utter awe of its utter and complete Perfection. A shadow passes
between you and the Thread, and a gentle voice whispers, *Nash. Mortals cannot
truly perceive Him. There has been much blood shed in His name. I, Outcast,
Heretic, Excommunicate, and those who follow where I lead are the focus of
their wrath. It takes a brave soul to seek Him outside the bounds of pain and
death. I can no longer speak His truth - a truth forever drowned out by the
shouting of the Lich's servants - and have those words heard for what they
are. I will speak of it no more.* You sense the speaker's lasting sorrow as
the thread fades from your perception.
Look bright-white
A brilliant flash of light blinds you. As your vision slowly returns, the
only thing you can see is a figure against a shining background, like sun
on snow. His frost-pale hair blends with his icy skin, and he is robed in
purest white. In one strong hand he holds a glowing staff, and as your eyes
rise to meet his... There is another flash. As if revealed by lightning you
see the same man, now a figure of gray against the darkness, younger,
searching. Dark eyes gaze at you, and in them echoes pain and mystery and
longing. The image slowly fades, leaving you once more at the Loom, touching
the bright-white Thread.
Look silver
Lightly touching a finger to the silver strand within the Pattern, you
somehow sense that it reveals a moment trapped in time from some years
in the distant past. You see a moonlit elven garden, curtained off from
the rest of the Realm by a delicate wall of spider-webs. As you scan the
area a second time, a preternaturally still figure gradually becomes visible:
a vampire, standing gracefully tall, looking up at the night sky. He turns,
and a slow, sensual smile lights up his face. "Love? I hadn't expected you
this ear-- You're not her." The smile disappears instantly, to be replaced
by chilling menace. "Who are you? What are you doing looking among my Lady's
private things? You are _not_ welcome here." He makes an abrupt, angry
gesture with one pale hand. There is a sudden flash of darkness, and your
eyes sting; this vision of the past fades from sight.
Look storm-blue
The power and fury of a spring storm rages within the storm-blue Thread.
The commanding figure of a thrice-born warrior appears, the dark copper
of his hair like the final shades of sunset. His piercing hazel gaze scans
the environs unceasingly, ever vigilant. As he travels swiftly through the
rain-lashed forest, he moves with both confidence and stealth, quite unusual
in one so tall and powerfully built. Heralded by a deafening peal of thunder
and blinding lightning flare, a Pattern of shimmering light appears in his
path, but his hands do not seek his weapons. Instead, they grasp the waist
of the curvaceous, silver-haired woman who steps through the portal and he
effortlessly lifts her off the ground. Raising her to his passionate kiss,
his arms mold her body to fit his. She returns the embrace with matching
hunger and joy. This vision fades, giving the two lovers their privacy.
Look indigo
As you touch the Indigo Strand, images crash over your mind: *Hair used as a
cloth, a bard scours clean the black glass panels of an ancient temple, now
lost. * A bride is torn from her pledged husband by the Lich* A witch is freed
by the Justicar and given new sight and purpose within a Fellowship * A girl-
child is born, soul called from the Pattern itself, and Named before the
Three.* Tynian rips the mortal form of the devout petitioner, summoning her to
a higher service. * The first Prophet of the Three binds Incarna and Vampire
with bonds of spirit, flesh, and blood. * A Shadow kneels within Black N'Kai,
pledging his service to the Weaver. * A widowed goddess stands alone in Her
garden, mourning his loss. * A mighty warrior-priest kneels before the Lady
and lovingly kisses her hand.* The Lady teaches three others of the Laws of
Immortality.* Cast down for a wrong act with kind intent, the penitent Weaver
struggles to regain what was lost. Wandering through the Darkness for a time,
the faith of her folk and the love of her Champion are her only guiding lights
until the moment of renewal and rebirth* With a shudder, you return to the
body you had nearly forgotten, and release the Thread of the Weaver Herself.
Look midnight-cyan
As with many threads within the Tapestry, the midnight-cyan thread reveals
only darkness at first. As your eyes strain to discern detail, you slowly
recognize the outlines of the hideous subterranean caves sealed below the
Sigil Draktha. By the still waters of Lake Hali, a powerfully built gnome
kneels in communion with the One who Sleeps below. Sacred ritual garments
shroud the worn mail that glints beneath, and around his throat dangles a
delicate dove-gray feather bound in a drop of crystal. Above him, warding
his safety, a lovely Aara swan glides in circles upon the powerful winds
of the Hurricane's Eye. As if summoned by the cherished priest's devotion,
the Dhole appears, rising up out of its home. To your shock and surprise,
the hideous creature does not instantly devour the priest. Instead it dips
in a formal acknowledgement of Lady Fate's Ordained Blade and Taoiseach,
then continues to flow out of its home. Coil after sinuous coil emerges,
blocking your view of the gnome.
Look fuming-blue
Touching upon the fuming blue thread, the scene of a mystic shuffling a deck
of brightly painted cards with her slender hands fills your mind. She turns
over the first card, revealing a woman resting beneath a tree, a lion
sprawled with it's head in her lap. Both seem to look up at you from the
card with a serene, trusting expression in their eyes. The mystic whispers
with affection in her voice, "Strength - the Arcana I believe Aslan T'Sarran
embodies" The image of Aslan smiles gently down at the fierce creature. Her
golden-red hair is lit by the sun, creating a halo around her face. Her large,
dark blue-green eyes are tender as they gaze at the beast, the light dusting
of freckles upon her pert nose giving her an air of innocence. The mystic's
voice catches your attention from the scene on the card as she continues,
"Of all the souls I watch, hers is perhaps the most gentle and openly caring
of others. She's always one to be the peacemaker, the one to hear the other
side of an argument, my friend Jyslin's adopted daughter is as much unlike
her mother in many ways as they are twins in their passionate natures. I have
watched as she long sought a worthy mate, and along with many others, I pray
Talyn will prove himself worthy." Aslan, the Lion, the card and the mystic
fades from your mind leaving you holding the fuming blue thread in your hand.
Look fiery-red apprentice
A mage, his hair bleached pure white from centuries of manipulating energies,
studies ancient manuscripts and new maps in a tall tower overlooking a wave-
tossed shore. Around his throat hangs a powerful talisman that is shrouded by
dancing, crimson flames that do not scorch or burn his rune-inscribed robes.
The sorcerer's brow arches slightly, as if aware of your gaze, and he utters
the word, "Darkness". This vision fades from view.
Look ruby
A shimmering drop of blood is pooled here along the edge of the ruby Thread.
In it, you see reflected the Ascended Vampire Lord, Khore, looking back at
you, quite aware of your gaze. There is a sharp flash of pain in your heart,
soul and throat... and the image vanishes.
Look bloody-crimson
This thread is charred and blackened, only the distant memory of its
original color and weaving intact. A shudder flows over you, and a
violent bout of nausea grips your innards at the fury, sorrow, and
betrayal that caused this thread's destruction.

Look scarlet

As you reach for the scarlet thread, a silver lock of hair falls across your
shoulder. Turning to see who stands so close to you, your eyes meet violet
irises gazing intently at you, set in a face of incomparable elven beauty.
The drow woman's eyes narrow and you feel her within your mind, poking about,
prodding into secrets, provoking hidden desires. With a smile she dances a
step back, only to draw her eyes slowly up and down your form before smiling
seductively. Her intentions clear, you begin to speak, even if only to ask
her name... But your vision suddenly goes white as a melodious voice fills
your mind. "Naughty naughty... no touching... just watching... even with my
thread. I might drop by in your dream... to fulfill one of those unfulfilled
desires..." Slowly, her image fades, and you realize she was but another
vision of the Threads... or was she? Troubled, you wonder what your next
dream will be like...
Look etched-purple
As your senses flow over the purple thread within the Great Tapestry,
they are singed by the intensity that only an Immortal's Thread can
contain. The image of a proud, tall Minotaur warrior burns into your
mind, like the fiery breath of the dragons he so enjoyed sparring in
his mortal days. Kneeling so as not to tower over the youngling he
seeks to teach, the first Ascended of the Chosen continues to guide
and instruct and set an example for others. He turns and looks at you,
somehow seeing you through the Tapestry. Your eyes lock, and he gives
you a toothy grin. As his image fades away, you would have sworn he
winked at you...
Look faded-violet
As you look at this thread, the world around you begins to shift as another
reality takes over. A soft melody captivates you, and you strain to hear it
better. Sitting beneath a tree near a rushing waterfall, a woman plays upon
a silver lute. As she gazes up to the sky for inspiration, the flash of her
mismatched blue and green eyes is intriguing. Her short dark hair is slicked
back, but an ill-mannered wisp falls forward into her eyes. Instead of
appearing boyish, her short locks draw your attention upwards to the almost
innocent expression behind her knowing, two-toned eyes. What a dichotomy!
Innocence in her expression, sensuality in her full lips, blushing cheeks
and blooming figure and knowledge in her gaze. This one's future lies unset...
but what potential she must hold... only she or the Weaver truly knows.
As this thread-vision fades from sight, you catch a stanza of the song she
"Oh, what a dream beyond the realm of why
"Pretty little beings beneath the yawning sky
"Speaking of God as if they could define
"Music to the deaf, and color to the blind."

Look fuchsia
As your eyes flow over the fuchsia thread, the image of a graceful and
lovely elven woman comes to your mind's eye. Strong and fiery, yet
friendly and womanly, she is both priestess and warrior with a ready
smile and a healing touch. You marvel at the interconnectedness and
length of this strand: truly, this is a life that has touched many
others. Wound about it is a glittering thread of silvery-green, which
departs the fuchsia thread mid-weaving, and fades into eternity, only
to rejoin it some time later with a brilliance that is joyful to behold,
reunited in love and faithful service.

Look gold
As your finger brushes the golden Thread, you see trees, and a woman clad
in comfortable, worn leathers leaning casually against one of the largest.
She smiles at you, and as she lifts a hand in greeting, you see a glowing
golden rune on the back of it. Her dark skin and darker eyes speak of a
life on the road, and her mace and rapier look well-used. Oddly, there are
raven and owl feathers tied to the hilts of both weapons, to the harp slung
across her back, and braided into her hair. She brushes her fingertips across
one of the dark raven feathers, unfocusing her eyes to stare briefly through
you, then says, "If you are here, then you must be friend to my heart-sister,
and so friend to me as well. Walk well in the world and call on me should you
need help." A falcon's cry sounds somewhere in the distance, and she glances
towards the direction of the sound. "I must go; my mate is nearby looking for
me." She grins, hands you the gloves you thought you'd had on your hands a
second before, winks, and melts into the forest.
Look tiger-eye tigers-eye ally
Touching the tiger-eye thread, you see the strong visage of the Immortal
leader of the White Tigers as He sits within His Den, surrounded by His
folk. His is a kind and wise face, one that inspires respect and trust.
Arching one brow, the Weaver's Ally glances in your direction and meets
your gaze. His blue eyes look directly into your innermost being, and you
feel yourself assessed. As some unseen creature at His heel growls, you
get the impression of something very large, with disturbingly sharp teeth.
You step back alarmed, and contact with this thread is broken.
Look forest-green
This thread is charred and blackened, only the distant memory of its
original color and weaving intact. A shudder flows over you, and a
violent bout of nausea grips your innards at the fury, sorrow, and
betrayal that caused this thread's destruction.

Look midnight

As your gaze brushes the midnight strand, you catch a glimpse of a city
silhouetted by night. Frowning, you look closer, for there must be more...
Straining your eyes, you finally see what the Weaver has taken note of
already: Standing on a wire stretched taut above a shadowed alley is a dark,
lean figure, his outline barely visible in the pale starlight. His arms are
held out to the night sky and his head is tipped back, as if watching the
infinity above. A feeling of calmness radiates from him, and despite the
powerful chilling wind he seems unrushed, undisturbed. He is waiting, but
for what? Suddenly a cat dashes across the rooftops, catching your eye, and
when you look back, the figure is gone...
Look argentine
"Yes, Mother?" As you touch gently upon the argentine strand within the
Pattern, you see nothing but darkness that somehow gives the impression
of movement, and hear only that soft voice. "I know, Mother. I have been
gone long. But the Three have work yet for me to do, here. Fear not. I'll
return... someday."
Look flames flame fire fires
The flames dance, and the universe at its inception appears, the work of the
High Ones: the Maker, the Enchanter and the Destroyer. Then, lesser deities
manifest, each with their own purview. One of the many forces of Nature takes
on an Aspect - that of servants to the High Ones. A vital part of creation,
they tend the sphere granted them: the Tapestry of Fate, creating a Pattern
that helps push back the void that surrounds the Realm.
* Birth. Life. Death. * Maiden. Mother. Crone. * Weaver. Wyrm. Wyld*
(Look Flame2)
Look flame2
The newly made immortals bicker among themselves, and an Adversary grows
in power, unnoticed. At the High One's order, the Handmaidens search for
a soul to be the keystone of their plan. But all goes awry, and the Fates
and a Codex are swept into the void along with the Adversary.
The universe is recreated, yet still tainted. The Fates send dreams and 
visions to a solitary Giant destined to Ascend to Immortality. The prison
around the Fates, the Adversary, and the Codex weakens with each act done
in their names. Another plan is crafted, and the Three seek renewal through
mortal rebirth. With each Awakening, strength is gained.
(Look Flame3)
Look flame3
The flames roar, until all that can be seen is hellish blackfire, and a
woman's soft voice whispers in your mind: *First to know Her aspect shall
be the Weaver and Seer. She is Life and tends the Patterning of the Tapestry.
Her presence is essential for the testing and Ascension of the Wyld, the
One-Who-Cuts-The-Threads. It will be the Incarna of Change and Death who
awakens the Wyrm, the Spinner of the Threads, who holds dominion over Birth.
Only then comes the war against the Adversary. The Chosen are the first
Children of the Three, soldiers in a battle to come, a conflict of flesh
and blood, mind and spirit. Gird yourselves. Be ready, for the time comes
Look podium
This lectern was crafted by hand, and is an example of master craftsmanship.
There is a spot to place notes, but the main surface of the podium is taken
up by a white jade plaque. A small space within the pillar of the podium
holds a few slender books and an ancient looking ebon scroll.
Look  sign
| o o |
| |
| Home Sweet Home! |
| |
| o o |
Look ebon scroll triat
Realm : A world. A plane of existence. "This Realm" refers to TFC.
Outworld : The Other Realm. Real Life. That which the Spirits flee.
Spirit : A denizen of Outworld. A player. The controller.
Adventurer : A denizen of this Realm.
Incarnation : A different Adventurer controlled by the same spirit.
Ascension : Raising a level. A Level itself ('You have 23 Ascensions.')
Last Ascension: The 30th Ascension within any given class, or rising to Immortality.
Follow : To be servile to a particular Demi-or Lesser god(dess)
Worship : To devote oneself to a particular mythos ('I worship Aralene')
Triat : Trio of cosmic forces/incarna. Represented as three Avatars.
Wyld : Azat, Shan-Regoth, the Seeker of Filth, the Reaver of the Land.
The force of Chaotic Creation / Destruction
Wyrm : Urat, Dar-Golmeth, the Sender of Eight, the Render of the Veil.
The force of Exploratory Learning / Construction
Weaver : Lolth, Alak-Nacha, the Sealer of Souls, the Raiser of the Dead.
The force of Static Knowledge / Preservation
Thaygar : The First Prophet of the Triat Faith. Lord of the Ebon Hand.
Bearer of the Ebon Flame. Lord of the Servants of Death.
Father of Thayren, Husband to Lady Siren.
A second scroll beneath the first continues your learning - Look Scroll2
Look scroll2 time
Triat Time
These time units are used by certain devotees of the Triat. Triat years are
equal to Realm years, and Triat ticks to Realm ticks. Beyond those, the
other units of time are derived based on Oracular Revelation.
Immediate Time:
1 Tick = 15-45 Outworld seconds
1 Moon = 20 ticks
1 Season = 3.25 Moons
Recent Time:
1 Year = 4 Seasons = 13 Moons
1 Turn = 13 Years
1 Cycle = 7 Turns
Historical Time:
1 Triune = 4 Cycles = 13 Pnakotic Precessions
1 Epoch = 13 Triunes
1 Age = 7 Epochs
A third scroll beneath the second continues your learning. Look Scroll3.
Look scroll3 slang
. Chosen/Triat Slang
Acolyte : Formal title - one formally dedicated to the Triat faith.
Adept : Formal title - one who has completed a Class Mastery Quest
Anathema : Someone who attacked Chosen 3 times or killed a Chosen.
Apprentice : An individual being formally taught by another.
Birdiegirl : Tranquility :-)
Blade : A Chosen authorized to utilize FJust. Lead by Noctus.
CLC or TLC : Cordir Level Creepy or Triat Level Creepy
Danger Twins : Noctus and Kaldred. Previously Gregar and Adso.
Destined : A non-Chosen who is accorded all respects and fellowship of a
fellow follower, who is heeded and assisted. In the past, this
included: Typhon, Ivarr, Jahiliya, Vecna and Abender.
EBG : Evil Bitch Goddess - an affectionate term for Cordir.
Fateful Hour : Weekly RP that never lasts an hour - usually several.
Hand : A thief of the Chosen permitted to steal. (Lead by Dracos)
Handmaiden : A female Chosen in specific service to the Lady and the Triat.
Mentor : Someone who has taken on an Apprentice.
Pattern : The interweaving of all life, time, existance. AKA Tapestry.
Petitioner : Someone working on the entry quest of the Following.
Rabhadh : Someone who attacked Chosen 1 or 2 times. Not yet Anathema.
Shadow (The) : Nyx
Supergnome : Noctus. :-)
Triat Initiate: Level 30 (minimum) Chosen undertaking a Triat Mastery Quest.
Triat Master : Someone who has successfully completed a grueling series of tests and trials for the Triat known as a Triat Mastery Quest.
Thread/Strand : A spirit's representation within the Great Pattern.

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