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A recommendation

[ 20] Aslan: Kettri
Wed Sep 5 02:09:35 2001
To: Cordir

While I was visiting the realm this evening, I had a chance to have a wonderful chat with Kettri. I the chance to hear his tale.. It was rather enchanting...

We talked about the Chosen in general, our ways, and our beliefs... It was a rather interesting theological chat about the realm as well... *grin*

It is my understanding, that his previous lessons as a gnomish shaman have taught, and follow the teachings and learnings of the Triat.. It is something that I think coincides with his history, and previous
experiences that he endeavours to learn more about the Triat. It is also to my understanding that it would honour him to be among us as our brother.

It would be my honour, and pleasure to extend my trust in Kettri to recommend his acceptance among the Chosen of Fate.

Aslan Tsarran, Chosen of Fate, engaged to Talyn Napei

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