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Garvax: Cordir
Wed Oct 24 02:32:46 2001
To: all
*BONK* I just hit my head on the way out.

Tynian I appreciate all your work on the mud, but I don't understand you want everyone gone

The latest decision seems rather radical. I will be leaving till it might be a bit fairer mud again.
Jaerith: Current Happenings
Wed Oct 24 08:33:08 2001
To: all

I'd like it to be known that Cordir will be sorely
missed in the realm, though I know very little of
the reasoning behind her early retirement. Those
of Fate who wish to continue on have a place in the
Shadows if they choose. though I have a feeling a
lot of you will be leaving. Good luck.

Plato: To the Chosen
Wed Oct 24 10:38:15 2001
To: all
I'm sorry to hear about Cordir and I will miss her very much. If any of you
would like to join Wisdom we would be happy to have you. If you join and the Chosen
are remade, I would release you so you could rejoin the Chosen if that is what you wish.
Plato, Philosopher of Wisdom
Revenge: Cordir
Wed Oct 24 15:06:49 2001
To: all
Garvax, what wasn't fair about it?
Just like a mortal would get deleted for such an action, (and yes I know exactly what happened)
Does not mean she can be pardoned just because lots of people liked her
Cordir did a stupid thing, and deserved her punishment. And all of you know it
Ephiny: To Fates forlorn
Wed Oct 24 15:41:16 2001
To: all
Chosen Ones, I give my sincerest regrets to the happenings that cause the unfortunate
expulsion of your Lady, Mistress of Fate. I feel deepest sympathies for all of you
and want you to know if you desire a temporary or even a permanent home with a
strong following, you are more than welcome in Tigers. We are here for you.
As your once-allies, we will support you in your choices to come. Be brave, Fates.
Should any of you need anything, I will be more than happy to help you.
I will be only semi-active for a couple of weeks out of respect for your Mistress.
Cordir is irreplacable. She was truly the best roleplayer I have met on here, and brought
that out in Fate, as well....
Yours truly,
Ephiny, Amazon of the Tigers.

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