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Pez Quest 10!!!


Pez Quest 10 ends at 12:00 p.m. mud time on December 18th. Submit your entries!

Pez Quest 10 Rules are simple. This is a mob-scavenger hunt. I had originally planned that people would have to either attack or charm mobs, then flee and bring them to me at a central location in order to collect points. However, that plan has its obvious flaws so I decided to go with my backup plan. Therefore your task is to do the following: Below are a number of descriptions of various mobs throughout the TFC realm. You must put a mob name with each description. Each name you provide will give you 10 points. You can earn extra points by killing the mob. Show me a bag, corpse, or steak of the mob to earn an additional 20 points for each. Also, there are 5 secret bonus mobs. For these you will need the whole intact corpse. Provide that and receive an additional 100 points for each. I'm not telling you which ones those are to add a bit of random pezzyness to the quest. Once you have collected all of your names, bags, steaks, etc. send me an email at with the listing of the mob names, in order. Also indicate in the email which mobs you have killed and have proof-of-kill for. At the end of the quest I will make arrangements with all contestants to go through each entry and add up all the points. The player with the mostpoints wins the entire Pez Quest 10 jackpot, which currently stands at 1,032,000 in gold. As always, I reserve the right to make changes to Pez Quest 10 as I see fit for purposes of Pez Quest continuity, blah blah blah, yadda yadda yadda, talk to my lawyer if you have any problems.


1. Two beady eyes stare at you indignantly, and then he waddles off with a squawk. It's obvious he was not amused are your rude way of staring at him.

2. He rockets off with a strong swish of his tail.

3. Aww, isn't he adorable? The (?) sits atop his little throne of alligator skins, playing with his fingers and staring at his belly button. You shake your head in sympathy, wondering what it would be like to be this mentally incompetent at an age that is probably twice that of your own.

4. Bald head bobbing, beady eyes searching feverishly, the (?) is on the look out for food, but it is always so hungry that it will swallow anything it finds. You better run before it decides you look like a tasty morsel!

5. This little creature seems content to spread out on top of a nice, flat, warm rock and sun itself. It looks almost like a sleeping cat, but this lizard has its eyes open, and it is peering curiously back at you!

6. He works on pine logs, hacking and burning them skillfully, to turn out the finest dugouts in all the land.

7. This insect is on the warpath, trying to find the animal who destroyed her hive. However, since she has no clue who did it, she's decided to attack whoever happens to be nearby, particularly anyone with honey on their breath.

8. The waiter, though half-elven, seems to have a stronger than usual streak of elvish blood in him, as his features are almost entirely elven. He smiles the sly elven smile, and offers to list his wares for you.

9. It is a huge black blob that oozes about the room. Its heading toward YOU!

10. Its scaley skin shimmers even in the dim light that
surrounds you. Ripples of its powerful muscles pulse through its body as it swims silently through the water. Its large, fearsome head makes you cringe as it shows its teeth, each one easily longer than the tallest kobold there is. There must be thousands of these wicked, sharp fangs waiting for it's next meal.

11. (?) believes that one can never have enough tools. Each job always has its special requirements, and that means yet another tool would be needed to do it properly.

12. Before you stands a man who clearly knows the way of the road. He looks up at you from under his hood and you feel him evaluate your soul with just a glance. After determining that you are not a threat he turns away, checks the strings on his lute, and begins to play.

13. This (?) has killed more sharks than you have eaten peas.

14. Having heard you coming, the (?) headed for the treetops. It has been around long enough to know that huge creatures crashing through the jungle generally mean bad news.

15. Sticky and messy are the first two words that come to mind when describing this (?) face.

16. A pale shadow floats here looking for her murderer, when she finds him she shall take her vengeance in the only way she can. Her rage is so great she will attack anyone she can find.

17. She is beautiful, well groomed and well fed. She is also very ferocious, and would like to be even more well fed at your bloody expense.

18. The (?) is huge, with a long, thick, serpentine body. Its brilliant green scales shimmer with each sinuous movement. It has no love for any man or beast that might threaten its pride and joy, its treasure trove. It weaves its heavy, horny head back and forth, choosing its moment to
envelope you in its choking gas.

19. Strongly muscled and graceful, this animal gallops through the forest.

20. The poor (?)'s spirit appears broken and only magical means have kept him alive though his torture.

21. The (?) stops and looks up at you, then goes back about the business of searching for food.

22. Blessed with an affinity for snakes and their ways, the (?) is willing to help you make a match with one. He warns you, however, that if you mistreat your new companion in ANY way, he or his associates will hunt you down and kill you.

23. (?) looks at you and sighs. You can hear her mumbling under her breath, "Wear that old armor, after I knitted a nice new sweater. Thats OK, don't come running to me when you are froze near to death."

24. The (?) is filthy and mean. He sneezes on you.

25. The whiskers on this UGLY fish twitch slightly as it
stares at you.

26. This is not a happy kitty. It appears to have had an unexpected bath, as can be seen by its wet, stuck-down fur, and by its feet, which look to be rather muddy. Every few steps, the (?) pauses and flicks a shower of water off of its foot, all the while looking very disgusted.

27. Giant jaws snap at you from a huge, dark green shell, barely missing your throat. If you have half a brain, you will flee...and quickly...before it makes yet another strike!

28. The wise gnome nods at you when you mention his quest. "Yes, I think I know the answer now...but I am verifying it for the next 2 or 3 years to be sure."

29. And now, you see the epitome of what an ogre finds seductive and beautiful. You cover your nose and mouth with your hand and look away quickly as you fight back the urge to vomit.

30. He asks you if you know where Landru's Keep is.

31. Its incredible golden luster makes this beetle very easy to spot. Perhaps there is a reason it does not need to hide...

32. The massive (?) is almost perfectly clear, like liquid glass. In its depths are small white swirls, perhaps the only remainder of the last victim it paralyzed with its poisons, wrapped itself around, and dissolved to feed its ever-present hunger.

33. This deadly fish is always peering around for a meal, and judging by its multitudes of razor-sharp teeth, that meal can come from anything that's foolish enough to get into the water.

34. He grimaces as he chokes down another bite of fish stew. "If it weren't for the Grog, this stuff wouldn't be edible!"

35. As he flutters among the leaves, the three-foot-long tail feathers of this magnificent bird shine in the rays of sunlight that cascade down from the canopy above.

36. He doesn't like you bothering him, but is too polite to ask you to leave.

37. A masked man with muscles bulging all over his body. You can tell by the look in his eyes that he enjoys seeing you cower in his presence. Then he starts whistling "Its a dumb song afterall..." and you cringe, causing him to cackle all the more.

38. A (?) takes his eyes from his objects, darts one hand out to shake yours, then deftly catches the next object in the very same hand. He smiles and tells you that more entertainment may be found in the south-east section of...

39. Large and stupid, this fish would put up quite a fight if hooked, but seldom would win the battle.

40. Dimples and a smile, white hair in a bun, (?) looks just like your grandma. And she cooks just as well if not better. Check out some of the sweets she has for sale!

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