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fyi: i've left out the notes that were just personal attacks or putdowns on individuals, no point in repeating malicious stuff about others...

Strider: Re: Belsambar
Fri Dec 21 00:52:45 2001
To: all
Please explain to me how Rath's note whined in any way. He expressed that love
poems are rediculously overdone and a waste of space. He did not whine
but only expressed his care for a more efficient use for our note board.
If Noctus is writing his poem for a certain group of people, there is
a note to command. If he is just posting it for some random reason it is a
waste of space and should be removed. The note board is for information
important to all who can see the note. Again, if Noctus wants certain people to
see it, he should use the note to command. Rath was in the right with his note
and was in no way whining.

Vorax: Poetry, Gripes, Whatever...
Fri Dec 21 04:18:29 2001
To: All
Noctus has as much right to post his poetry as Rath has to post his gripes.
True that some of us don't want to read poetry, and most of us hate to read
gripes even more so, but they still have the right to post them. There is no
certain way to know who will appreciate a poem posted by someone unless
every single person in the realm is questioned about it, so making the note
to "all" is appropriate. As for the "taking up space" objection, even
private notes take up space, you may not see them, but they're there, taking
up YOUR valuable space. Stop complaining, griping, whining, or whatever else
you want to call it.

Everyone has a right to post.

Alyria: A Voice from the Mist
Fri Dec 21 14:48:38 2001
To: all
Poems are a painting of the inner thoughts. The words are often
meaningless but the impressions, like music stir up the flutterings
of the heart. Just like a heart beat, a poem is neither good or evil,
it only does it job of flowing out an author's words. In a poem of quality
you can flee the joy of the author, or the sorrow of his pain.

Hearts twined together make their own peotry and sometimes so sacred,
that is only whispered to each other's souls and never spoken for others to hear.
One does not need to have a heart filled with hate to be replused by other's
puplic display of private feelings.

This realm was not created for the growth of pure love, it is a place
to be challenged and grow to the highest levels you can achieve.
My Rath helps to keep that challenge alive.

I no longer live in this realm, but I am only dead to those who did not know me.
It is always wise to weigh ones words that are printed for the public eye.
... Especially if one is going about reinventing someone else's story.

Good Luck to those who are wishing to win this game! My Rath is a spoiler *grin*
Alyria, Mystic Mage of Rath's heart
Strider: My poem
Fri Dec 21 16:12:45 2001
To: all
I post this poem because I can,
Vorax said so, he is the man.
Cordir later notes that: "The reason the poems by Noctus and Ty were posted to ALL was because I told them to. It's part of their wedding quest."

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