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                              Coins and Slayers

Seeking to challenge the mortals, Tynian released 5 very powerful weapons
into the world, each seeking the blood of a different mortal, as well as
several special coins.  The Slayers sought to taste the blood of Tylorn,
Tyr, Mael, Athorne, and Gavin.  The mortals organized into five teams, in
order to either collect all of the Slayers, kill someone on each of the
other teams, or to collect as many of the special coins as possible, for
they knew that by completing one of these tasks, their team would win the
contest that was set before them. 

The first team was led by Orpik, and consisted of Craige, Maldobar, Tylorn,
Rykken, and Pacho.  The second team was led by Tirant, and consisted of
Tyr, Nemick, and Marco.  The third team was led by Adso, and consisted
of Teluin, Mael, Lins, and Dracos.  The fourth team was led by Skeeve,
and consisted of Athorne, Sethvir, Wistom, Marisa, and Doc.  The last
team was led by Gavin, and consisted of Alderson, Titan, and Kaltar.

Adso's team completed the challenge by gathering all five of the deadly
Slayers.  Although the Slayer named after Adso's team member Mael had been
destroyed, the other four Slayers have been seen in the world since the
great contest ended.  Are they still out there, hungry for the blood of
their targets...? 

*                                                                            *

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