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Tynian: TFC and PKs
Fri Aug 3 10:51:41 2001
To: all
Today's topic is PKs. Once upon a time, TFC had a large player base,
mostly consisting of lower level characters. Upon leveling to 20th level,
life became a lot more dangerous, since any other 20+ level could attack
them. Fortunately, this risk was mitigated by the fact that effective
40-50 level characters were quite uncommon, and thus it was possible to
avoid them.

These days, TFC is very top-heavy. The dynamics of the PK game have
changed drastically since the "good ol' days." An effective level 20-25,
in particular, must time their excursions outside the guild to times when
the heavy hitters are not online. Since there are so many heavy hitters,
the lower levels have few real choices. They can either allow themselves
to become mostly a chat room character that camps out in the guild,
venture out into the world, but equip minimally, and die often, or they
can give up. Most of us come to TFC to play, not be stuck in the guild.

I've heard the argument before: "Well, we were effective 20th once, and
had to go through the same risks." Perhaps. But perhaps not. If you
were a member of Molo's following (or another ally following), you had a
leg up for many months, since the other followings weren't much of a
threat. If you leveled through a period when there wasn't such a high
percentage of high level powerhouses, you had it easier, too.

Maybe you _did_ manage to manage to level to higher levels, despite it all.
Congratulations. But, very few, aside from TFC veterans that have played
the game for years, and have started a newer character for the challenge of
making it through, are going to put up with not being able to play, or not
being able to play without getting PKed a lot.

Our player base (in general) has a _lot_ of experience. You have the
areas memorized. You may have lots of friends. You know the ins and outs
of the game. New players don't. It is imperative that we attract new
players. I don't think we can do that the way things stand. Before
someone says, "Well, just add more areas, then," the point is that you
very experienced players know the world very well. Without redoing a
goodly percentage of the world, all at once, a new area (or even a dozen)
is not being to make a lot of difference in the PK game. It would not
take long to learn a few changes here and there.

It's time to refine the PK system to reflect the changes have have
occurred with the game within the last few years. It's time to make the
game less frustrating for those that still have a large world to learn. I
have some ideas how to do this. What are your ideas? If your idea is to
tell me that there isn't a problem, that we don't need new blood to infuse
the TFC population, then we'll just have to agree to disagree. My belief
has always been that the victim should at least have a chance. I don't
perceive this to be the case.


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