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Tynian: PK Changes Plan
Sat Aug 11 13:43:07 2001
To: all
I plan on making the following changes. Feel free to comment, but if you
have a problem with what I have outlined, please indicate what your
solution is, in addition to which changes you think will be detrimental to
the game. Time is of the essense, as I will work on this soon.

What: +damage equipment will not work against PCs that are less than 20th

Why: Those less than 20th level should be attackable by others; however,
"real" newbies aren't going to have the contacts for lots of +damage, but
an experienced player can drive away a lot of new players by loading up on

What: Offensive spells from magical items will not work against PCs that
are less than 20th level. This does not include self-inflicted damage.

Why: See above.

What: PK ranges will be altered to a 'graduated' scale. The PK range for
lower levels will still be 3. For example, a eff. level 15 can attack an
eff. level 12. Starting at 15th level, the range is 5, and will increase
by 1 for each effective level. For example, a effective level 15
character can be attacked by by an effective 20th level character, an
effective level 16th can be attacked by an effective 22nd level character,
an effective level 20th would be attackable by a level 30th, etc.

Why: The "sink or swim" 20th level 'graduation' was fun and amusing when
there were less high level sharks in the waters. It is now fun and
amusing mostly for the sharks.

What: Remove the high levels killing low levels 'permanent' debt.

Why: With the changes being made, this instance of permanent debt will
just get in the way.

What: The PK range is doubled for those that have a few unjust PKs under
their belts. For example, a level 12 PKer would be attackable by 18th
level chars. A 20th level PKer would be attackable by 40th level chars.

Why: You've got skills. You don't need no stinking PK range to keep you

What: If you are killed and the one that killed you was justified, you
will be unable to initiate unjust attacks for a period of time (probably
3 weeks, initially).

Why: You thought you had skills, but overestimated your abilities. It
would also help prevent foolish engagements, where the (unjust) attacker
has no chance against his opponent.

What: Set up something where characters can fight and not be affected by
the above penalty.

Why: People may want to spar.

What: PK debt will no longer affect PK ranges. Debt will be used only for
bounty hunters.

Why: In practice, most killers can afford to buy down their debt with ease,
just by PKing. The PK ranges outlined above should effectively deal with
the question of PK ranges.

What: Enhance the bounty hunters. They should remember their target if
the target leaves the game. The more debt a target has, the more buff
the hunters should be. Being killed will no longer discourage a Bounty

Why: In some cases, bounty hunters are too easy to beat.

What: Give group justifies only if when the victim and the group member
is mutually within PK range. In other words, if a little character
groups with a big character, the big character will not get justification
nor will they be able to attack, if the attacker is out of the big
character's PK range.

Why: Group justifies for a little char grouped with a big one is too
prone to abuse.

What: Allow a character to voluntarily increase the range of effective
levels that can attack them. The range could not subsequently be

Why: To show how much of a stud you are. You'd be able to allow 50th
level characters to attack your 15th level character, for instance.

What: Create individual PK statistics/information.

Why: Shows how well a character PKs or avoids PKs.

What: Provide attack justfication against those that steal disarmed

Why: It's something that more and more low level characters are doing to
high level characters, and the high level character cannot do much about
it. I'm of the opinion that they should be able to discourage that.

If other changes become necessary, or if what I have outlined ultimately
does not work, we'll re-visit this issue. For instance, I'm still
concerned about groups. Four level 40s vs. a level 25 is a bit much, as
an example.

Thank you for your suggestions, which have been invaluable.


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