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Wed Jul 4 12:08:01 2001
To: all
To all FLI's:

Due to unexpected expenses, Tripper has authorized me to sell off his followers for some fast cash.
ALL Tigers are on sale! Below are a list of just a few of our prized little kittens.

Name: Khorlan
Class: Ordained/Ranger/Mage
Description: Big sturdy dude. Gets lazy around hard work sometimes, but generally dependable. Good for fighting as long as you have Band-Aids available
Makes a good snack in a pinch.

Name: Athorne
Class: Ordained/Warric
Description: Big, buff, rough and tuff! Kinda like a giant boulder with eyes that you yet somehow find lovable.
Good at parties.

Name: Kantor
Class: Mage/Warrior/Thief
Description: A singing minotaur who plays the lute. Keep away from butterflies.

Name: Talyn
Class: Cleric
Description: Ambitious little twerp who is annoying yet lovable. Whines a lot at being rifted. Would make a good chew toy.

Khorlan and Athorne are for sale at 2500 mana each.
Kantor is on sale for 700 mana.
Talyn is on sale for 19 gold.

Should you be interested in a follower not here listed, please contact me and a private sale can be arranged.
Simply post a note to "Okk"

This sale ends SOON. Come and get them before they're GONE!

Okk Orthrakai
Twice Attendant of the Tigers


Tiax: RE: Tiger Sale
Wed Jul 4 14:26:22 2001
Because of restructering in our organization we have no longer need for an attendant.
Cause we can always use good stuff we would like to trade our attendant for decent gear.
What do we have to offer?
An sturdy big, somewhat smelly (it's an ogre) who can be rather unpredictable attendant.
What are we looking for?
Several nice rings with 4/5 or higher enchants and some cash is always handy.

send offers to me....

Thanks in advance

Tiax Tiger Counselor, Riella's Teddy

PS: He likes raw food best.

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