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Noctus: T & N, a poem
Thu Dec 20 18:04:34 2001
To: all

Damn those eyes
Kept me torn inside
Ran like a river through me
Eyes don't lie
Words can try

Meeting but not knowing
Feelings hidden, assumptions wrong
Conquered luck for much too long

Neither heart noticed, or mouth told
Following an endless path of distraction
Refusing to find our pot of gold

Trapped as a knight in unpolished armour
Cold as the void of the night
Looking for my beacon in the darkness, my fire deep inside

No it's not hard at all, to fall for you
I crash down, land on the ground
And my brain shuts down
When the heart takes over

Spreading her wings as we dance
Liberating hidden senses
Moving closer till we blend together

Arms and pinions are still entangled
When the candle flame ebbs and dawn creeps in
Like a stranger.
Trusting in Fate that weaves and bends
Our threads and lives until the end
Binding with briars, our joy and desires

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