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Tranquility: N & T, a poem

Sat Dec 15 20:22:08 2001
To: All

With curiosity I approached the tree,
led by a trail my heart recognized.
Reclining to rest upon the trunk,
the breeze issued an audible sigh.

Turning about with amazement,
beauty without match met my eyes.
Branches of plenty, hair of emerald,
her bower home a natural disguise.

The face now clear, voice a soft wind,
in reverence I dropped to my knees.
Beholding the marks that scarred her,
I whispered, "Did he carve these?"

Laying wing over injury, envisioning him,
she gazed through my eyes with love.
"Short, yet dignified, witty and kind.
His radiant smile captured this dove."

"Peaceful, majestic, charming, seductive,
and he makes me laugh with sheer delight.
My heart is torn by the absence of him,
for these marks will span a fortnight."

An indulgent smile graced her face,
four wounds dispatched healing sap.
The spirit spoke, "He charmed even me,
I have known all since his first tap."

We spoke long of love and life,
mysteries and acts that were rash.
Even in his absence, this one beloved
leaves gifts such as she in my path.

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