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Minerva: Followings, and temples in particular.

Thu Nov 29 12:48:07 2001
To: all

This may be the wrong place to post this message, but I feel it to said.

Today, I was walking around all the temples trying to work out the beliefs, ideals, rules (or policies if you prefer) and requirements for all followings.

I deliberately did this at a time when only 1 imm was visible, and I refused to ask that immortal about his following so that they were all treated equally.

I was appalled that only 1 following actually advertised these openly in their temple Most advertised at least 1 of these, but 2 actually didn't have any!!!

I am not going to name and shame, but followings should remember that players are going to view their temples when no-one from that following is around. This is especially true for the new players that Tynian is, in my understanding, trying to encourage to play and stay. There is an arguement that certain followings don't want new players per se, but it is certain that these followings also wont get these players follow up characters.

In order for me to get a better understanding of all followings, could I possibly ask that someone from each following can detail to me their beliefs, ideals, rules and requirements.

[ 12] Silence: re: minerva on follwoings
Fri Nov 30 10:11:50 2001
To: all
Minerva i don't know if you are knew to TFC or not But one thing ive foudn is that the almost all the gods have all those things you mention in plain sight . . . if you know where to look. you have to look aroudnt eh temple, pay attention ot whats in its description
sometiems an item that you might just pass over is where the rules and such are It might be best to ask an IMM or players in the following before chastising the gods.
Silence, the Dark Thief

[ 13] Diver: Followings and Temples
Fri Nov 30 12:06:08 2001
To: Minerva All
It is my experience that all or most temples contain just the data you are looking for.

A a matter of policy, most immortals do NOT put everything there is to see in the opening room description for very good reason. Most FLI Immortals live nearly full time in their Temples, and being barraged with a 200 line description every time the do a "LOOK" is a real pain in the posterior.

If you look around carefully, and take note of detail, I"m sure that you will find all or most of what you seek in each temple. Pay attention. It's there.

Mistress of Magic,

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