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Minair: FATE

Wed Sep 12 19:35:38 2001
To: all

Over time i have attacked and killed many people. one following i however have never attacked is fate,
I have never done any wrong in any way or said anything disrespectful to the following as well. However frequently i have been treated with disrespect from its members.

I have been labeled a newbie killer.....
I have been denied spells.
It is frequently over gossip of my arrival into the game or an area.
and i have had them spell up people i am fighting.

Now i call them cowards....because in my oppinion this is them picking on me because I can do nothing about it.

There are several members that i respect. even though they may gossip warnings they do nothing more.
But there are several members that i do not respect....and the following as a whole is loosing the respect of many....not only myself.

I just wished to share my oppinion....and suggest they tend to their own i myself am doing


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