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(located at port 4000)

Mael had sent Legolas a tell saying, "Hey would you like some ac5 4str AEND sleeves? nonmetal?" Which of course he would have loved to accept :) However, this log from Legolas' point of view shows something interesting...

Mael arrives from the west.

Mael utters the words, 'ghcandusiohp'.
You feel stronger.

You smile happily.

Mael bows deeply.

You say (in common), 'Hello'.

Mael says (in common), 'hey :-)'.

Mael gives you the corpse of Mael.

You are carrying:
the corpse of Mael
( 2) a clear red potion
a black potion with glowing swirls
a water jug
( 4) an egg casing
a pair of animal hide sleeves

Mael says (in common), 'looks metal but really non-metal'.

You say (in common), 'well...'.

l in corpse
The corpse of Mael contains:
pitted plate sleeves

g sleeves corpse
You get pitted plate sleeves from the corpse of Mael.

You say (in common), 'steak? hehe'.

Mael says (in common), 'ok ok'.

Mael says (in common), 'heh sure'.

The steak made from Mael looks very filling.

g steak
You get steak made from Mael.



Mael tells you (in common), 'ok now let me explain'.

You are hungry.

eat steak
You eat steak made from Mael.
You are no longer hungry.

You tell Mael (in common), 'all ears'.

Mael tells you (in common), 'I was forced by a greater god to do something evil or bliss would be punished'.

Mael tells you (in common), 'so anyway'.

You tell Mael (in common), 'Cool :)'.

Mael tells you (in common), 'you'll see that the sleeves are not as advertized'.

Mael tells you (in common), 'sorry :('.

exa sleeves
Some heavy steel plate sleeves are badly pitted.
You see the following faint symbols: [NDNRm|AC 5 luc(-3) ]

You pat Mael on his back.

You say (in common), 'its cool'.

Mael thanks you heartily.

Mael says (in common), 'sorry man'.

You say (in common), 'have fun :)'.

Mael says (in common), 'it had to be a good'.

Mael bows before you.

Mael waves happily.

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