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Gytar: The Official LLU alphabet
Thu Aug 30 06:49:53 2001
To: all
It took us some hrs, but here it is: The official LLU alphabet!
As many active players are included, however, this list IS biased
We feel that various IMM's should be in, but since they have their own
list, they were left out. Well, there goes:

A=Athorne, B=Bubba, C=Charles, D=Doc, D1=Gytar, E=Edge, F=Fei,
G=Gup, H=Harmony, I=Ibram, J=Jyslin, K=Keat, L=Lins, M=Maimer,
N=Noctus, O=Ozzymandius, P=Pitt, Q=Qball, R=Rubicant, S=Skeeve,
T=Trakker, U=Ugluk, V=Vulcan, W=Wolfgang, X=Xavier, Y=Yvon, Z=Zahar

Others, we discussed about: Dakkon, Markoon, Montyhaul, Tylorn,
Stouthbound, Craige, Maldobar, Phil, Pez, Darkclaw and some others
But we felt only one name should get linked to one letter

Gytar, Keat and Doc: LLU!!

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