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Keat: bug abuse n me.
Thu Nov 22 06:08:58 2001
To: all
bug abuse and my character. just to clarify.
firstly i would like to say i did post a bug note on this very apparently descrapencie once i realised it coz i got xp from my hometown guard.
2ndly there wasnt any benefit for me to deliberately seek xp since i have already maxed out 50. maybe except to add xp for xprank (which was not my int
which was not my intentions).
how come i accumulated 5k in xp... well... i was running around as usual in my regular log on time to kill my regular little mobs to raise gold.
i'm not too sure..about the timing, but i have also slain couple of big normal mobs (which i do for my normal xp)
i have also grouped with a couple of bigger players to test out the buff new mages.
i was online for a fair bit of time during the buggy session but it was not my intention to cheat/abuse. in fact i warned several players about the bug
i ran a couple of EC rounds and later i think we(3 of us) had to go kill scairz coz someone died there etc...
i will not be seeking any sort of changes with the penalties tynian has put in but i would like to put it out in the open that i dont cheat/abuse. i ha
i have been here long enough.. i know better.
my integrity is at stake and i will now like to defend it. that is all thank u.
KEAT - pretty old but nice bird.

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