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Kaleyah's Tale

"...I placed my belongings beside me and bandaged my wounds. The the silent half-elf Jacek seemed to speak volumes by not saying a word. "I've seen those burns before...they are from fireworms," his eyes seemed to say to me. Taking a deep breath, I once again donned my armor and cast my magical wards, getting ready to leave for another adventure.

Suddenly the air hardened into icy crystals and the sound of shattering rime broke the silence. Jacek bowed his head, aware that this was the entrance of an immortal. It was Kerriariadne, the one who had accepted me into his sect but a short while ago. His whimsical snicker brushed against my cheek like a cool autmn wind.

"Are you read for an adventure?" His voice echoed in my mind.

"Yes. I am always ready for a challenge."

"Kaleyah, retrieve for me...a trowel if you will. You will be timed, so get started now."

A trowel? I was at wit's end. What in the world is that? Then I remembered my uncle had one. It was some kind of garden instrument used on the soil. Where could that be?

I turned next to my skills. With the image of a soot-covered metal tool in my mind, I scanned the realm for it. After several unsuccessful attempts, I saw the image of an elvish farmer in my mind; a woman kneeling by a plum tree, planting small seedlings. I knew where I was to go.

Setting my wards in place, I bowed to my master and set off. Quickly passing the forest that lay ahead, I reached the Great Western Road and headed north on a path so familiar to me since childhood. reaching a western fork in the path, I knew that I could find elves here: my mother's people. I entered the plains of shifting grass and closed my eyes. They would do me no good in this disconcerting place. I just walked forward.

A sharp tingling sensation filled my system as a horde of gnats came upon me. I summoned lightning to dispel these insects, and continued on my way. I was almost upon the dark woods, and the farming community of the elves which I was seeking.

Passing the dark woods effortlessly by following the path worn smooth by many shoes, I gazed up and saw the elven homestead. This was the place. My half-elven visage seemed to draw little attention as people offered little more than a glance at me. I peered through the windows of their tree houses, but did not see the woman in my vision. Then I saw her in one of the easternmost houses. Knocking on the door, she screamed maladictions in elven to me, throwing vases and bowls at me. I recognized some statements that were less than flattering about my heritage, and I asked Kerriariadne for permission to slay her. This he granted.

She did not put up much of a fight. I removed the trowel from her leather bag and offered it to my lord. As I closed my eyes in kneeling supplication, the trowel disappeared from my offering hands and a warm, glowing light appeared.
"This is your reward. Take it, my Darkling."

The powerful energies og the blue circlet coursed through my veins. My master's satisfaction echoed in his patented snicker as he once again faded from existence. I stood up and snickered as well in satisfaction that I had completed my appointed task."


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