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Noctus: Kaldred's Triat Mastery Quest
Tue Oct 30 21:30:30 2001
To: all
*bow* *smile*
Greetings all,
I am proud to announce that Kaldred, of the Chosen of Fate
has accepted the challenge of a Triat Mastery Quest.
Part of this quest involves a sacrifice that he has to make, in his case this means that he can not
show intimacy towards anyone for the duration of it.
This means that:
- He can not use tells
- He can not use socials
- He will not be able to respond in the warm way you are used from him
Please understand that this is only for a short period of time and that it is much harder for Kaldred himself
than it could be for either of us.
Thank you for your understanding

Noctus, Chosen Blade of Fate

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