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Kaldred Triat Mastery Quest
One Leg Complete?

Fri Nov 16 13:49:47 2001
To: Cordir

I would consider myself a friend of Kaldred, and so as part of the quest for Triat Mastery he is to do a good deed for a friend, a foe, etc. And so I am glad(?) to announce that kaldred risked ife and limb to retrieve my corpse from a vile zone (River of Despair) while Tylorn, Lictilon and others were on. I salute his gutsy efforts, as well as courage and by leaving some of his own possessions behind, he showed me his utter lack of self regard and genuine concern for my well being.

I hope you take that into consideration when considering his Triat Mastery Quest.

Thank you,
Kaleyah Salemonte

[ 6] Tranquility: Kaldred and Triat Mastery

Fri Nov 16 14:39:53 2001
To: all

To refresh everyone's memory, Kaldred is in pursuit of Triat Mastery. One of the things he gave up is the ability to speak in anything but the strictest general terms. If he does not respond to you, it is not for lack of want. Rest assured, when he can, he will again speak. I know he looks forward to the completion of this trial.

Tranquility Rose, Handmaiden to Cordir

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