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Tynian: Hit roll, damage, etc.
Mon Nov 12 03:12:33 2001
To: all
If you are collecting +hitroll in response to the warning I posted a few
days ago, you have one less reason to collect +hitroll.

I'm instituting a hard cap on various attributes, including, but not
necessarily limited to, +damage, +damage absorption, -save vs spell, and
+hit. More details will be forthcoming. But not tonight.

Player discussions have played a role in this change of plans. I also
realized that I've been dealing with +damage indirectly for a long time,
and we always come back to the same place -- all because I knew that
touching damage would not be popular.

My overall motives for change are explained at:
(URL reposted with permission)

I hope you'll stick around, but if you feel you cannot, or if you need a
break, I understand. I realize that this changes the game dynamics, and
those that have trouble adapting to change will be the hardest hit.

I will examine the effects of the caps on game play once the changes go
live, and adjust as necessary. Things may change as often as every few
days, as more ideas and solutions are brought to the fore and evaluated.

My goal is to have the caps in and live on Monday.

If you have collected random +hitroll that you wish to sell, Mish and
shopkeepers will buy some items.


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