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Tamar: Halloween contest (clarified)

Fri Oct 26 22:40:49 2001
To: All Trick or Treaters

To get in the spirit of Halloween (or just plain dressing up and acting silly for those who don't celebrate Halloween) I would like to run a contest open to all.

There are 3 ways to enter:
1. Submit an in-character Halloween costume *description* via email to (include your character name). This does not have to consist of real items.
2. Collect and wear themed costume eq, and contact me on the mud to have me view your entry.
3. Or you can do both: submit an in-character description & collect and wear gear.

Entries will be posted online on the Dreamwalkers' web page ( so that you can view them & vote. Winner will be selected by myself, along with any onlookers who wish to submit a single vote to me via email. Winner will be announced on Halloween, and will receive fame, glory, and possibly a trick or treat.

Deadline for entry (via email or on-mud) is 10pm mudtime Oct. 30th. Deadline for voting (via email only) is 7am mudtime Oct. 31st.

Tamar, Goddess of Serenity
Mistress of Dreams

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