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[ 11] Solaron: Guidance
Thu Aug 9 09:21:56 2001
To followers of: Cordir

A sigil has been traced neatly on the floor in a luminescent material. As you enter the room, it glows brightly. Images flash through your mind....

an elven man of middle years stands before you, clothed in light....

"I am an aspect of the Weaver. Guidance has been asked for - and is freely given. Seek Life, above all. Do not tempt Fate by efforting to thwart the Enemy by holding your ground. The Enemy is cunning. Surprises can and do happen. Teach others of this. Leave those lessons in death to be taught by those Ordained to do so. Theirs is a hard path - to defend their bretheren, while not straying from the Path. That is all." With that, the figure bows, and turns.

Another stands before you now, a cowled figure, his face unseen...
A voice whispers quietly, from all around you. "I am an aspect of the Wyld. Guidance was asked for - and shall be given. Death comes to all. While we NEVER seek our own deaths, we must accept it as an inevitability. Do not welcome it, but do not curse it. Only in Death can the Blessings in Life be learned. Be steadfast." This figure, too, melts away...

Another, final, figure steps foward. It is a young human, youthful exuberance shining in his face. "I am an aspect of the Wyrm. Guidance has been asked - and Guidance will be given. The Birth...the a gift. Treat it as so. You live, you grow. With death, you take to heart the mistakes made. And when you are ReBorn, you are a stronger, wiser person. The three, Life, Death and Birth, form and endless circle, without beginning or end. Thus, how can one complain when they meet Death? For they WILL rise up again. That, not the clothes you wear or what you know, is a true Blessing." This figure, too, bows, and steps back.

The sigil flares, then fades, leaving memories burned into your mind. May we never forget them.
In the name of the Three,
Solaron the Acolyte.

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