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Khore: Golem Weapons
Fri Oct 12 23:58:52 2001
To: all
Mob howls like a wolf (worthless) (golem) az of Lycander
A dragon type that breaths everything (golem) the club of strange smoke
Acid breathing dragonpower (golem) the green darts
Fire breathing dragonpower (golem) the Lavasian flow
Frost breathing dragonpower (golem) the piercing clarity
Gas breathing dragonpower (golem) the noxious bow
Electric Dragon (lightning) (golem) the fingers of God
Undead Mage magic casting (golem) the book of the Very Ancient
Er... eats corpses. Acts like a fido (worthless) (golem) the maw of Doom
Yells at PKers (worthless) (golem) the righteous heart
Picks junk off ground (worthless) (golem) the reaching fingers
Poisonous spells (golem) the venomous fang
Steals money from onlookers (worthless) (golem) the swift Hand
Arch Mage Spells (golem) the skills of the master
Cleric Spellss (golem) the light of the Unholy
Shaman spells (golem) the oneness with self
Demon lord power (golem) the wicked smirk
Demon power (golem) the lost and forsaken
Guardian Demon power (golem) the expulsion by force
Fire Demon power (golem) the heat of the moment
Isolation spells (shadow demon) (golem) the longing for others
Storm Demon power (golem) the captain's nightmare
Mind bending spell effects (fear,confusion) (golem) the bender
Corrosive Weapon (golem) the rotting curse
Casts plague and sickness (pestilence, of the 4 riders) (golem) the thin rider
Dirty style fighting, groin kneeing, eyerakes (golem) the untrusting heart
Poisonous Sting (golem) the heart of a jellyfish
Mob acts like a statue (WORTHLESS!) (golem) the stone awareness

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