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Golem Notes

[ 17] Khore: Quest Rules
Mon Oct 1 21:22:50 2001
To: All
Teams have been created and the response has been gratifying.

Here are the rules:

You will gather a complete set of equipment with which to equip your gladiators. Some of these items are everyday randoms. Some of these items are rare items and unique items specifically created for this quest.

Througout the realm, and at random times until the combat (which is now tentatively scheduled for Monday, 10/8, 9PM Mud-Time) wandering golem boxes will be set loose upon the realm. These tiny enchanted boxes will all hold a treasure that will imbue specific powers upon your golem. The nature of these items will be revealed at intervals leading up to the day of combat.

These special items are light, decorations, a shield, and an on-body. In total, your golem will need to have five of these special items in order to be complete. These items will have (stone) (clay) (iron) (diamond) and (wood) flags. Each item type will imbue a specific benefit to your golem. If all five items have the same flag, it will provide additional power to your golems. The nature of these bonuses will be made evident as the quest progresses.

Additionally, rare (golem) weapons may be found in these wandering boxes. The weapons are the source and nature of your golem's magical abilities. These will start becoming available towards the end of the quest.

Now, the restrictions:

A normal non flagged item may be acquired by any means. Steal it, buy it, hoarde it from your friends. The five items which are flagged may only be picked up by the questor. If at any time a questor has a godgifted item of that nature in their possession, their team will be disqualified. An immortal may relieve you of the items, but they must then be destroyed. These and upcoming information will be available througout the quest at:


[ 18] Khore: Rings
Mon Oct 1 21:46:57 2001
To: all
Golem Gladitors: Rings

Only randoms will be accepted, and will yield the following powers:
Two random rings of the same exact name will provide 200hps, and 4eff levels.
Two rings totalling less than -8 in stats will yield 5eff levels.
Two rings totalling less than -10 in stats will yield 5eff levels and 250hps.
A single ring with -4 in stats will yield 100hps, +.5lvls (rounded DOWN)
A single ring with -5 in stats will yield 200hps
A single ring with -6 or greater will yield 300hps, plus 100 per negative stat

Negative Mana, HP, and MVS = HP bonus equal to the negative number.
Negative chr,con,luck,wis = +50hp/pt.
Negative dam,hit,DA,svs = +.5lvls/pt, rounded DOWN (-2 dam = 1 level. -3dam = . 1 level).
Negative int,str = +1lvl/pt, NEGATES TWO RING BONUSES.

MVS, HP, and MANA are not considered stats. However, -5 in mvs, hp, mana will be considered to be equal to -1 in stat.

All bonuses are cumulative except where stated.

Good luck.

[ 21] Khore: Bracelets
Tue Oct 2 22:51:40 2001
To: All

Gladiator Bracelets

Only random bracelets will be accepted.
A "tiger" bracelet yields +50hp.
A "titanium" bracelet yields 1eff level.
A "blue quartz" bracelet yields 1eff level and +50hps.

Negative chr, con, luck, wis, int, str = +50hp/pt.
Negative dam, hit, DA, (+ or -) svs = +.5lvls/pt (round down)

Negative MVS, HP and Mana are all given their positive value in HPs*3. example : -20 mana = 20*3 = +60hps

Weight of bracelets (bonuses not cumultative):
Total 2kg = +4 levels, +100 hps
Total 3kg = +3 levels, +150 hps
Total 4-9kg = +2 levels, +100 hps
Total 10kg = +4 levels, +200hps

All bonuses are cumulative except where stated.

Refer to

[ 22] Khore: Special Items
Tue Oct 2 23:06:54 2001
To: all
Flagged Sets

Any (wood) item will yield +25hp PER point of AC, and .5 level per kg weight of item.

Any (stone) item will yield +10hp PER point of AC, and 1 levels per kg weight of item.

Any (clay) item will yield +5hp PER point of AC, and 1.5 levels per kg weight of item.

Any (iron) item will yield 0hp PER point of AC, and 2 levels per kg weight of item.

Any (diamond) item will yield -50hp per POINT of AC, and 3 levels per kg weight of item.

A full wood set yields 500hp, and 5 levels.
A full stone set yields 400hp, and 6 levels.
A full clay set yields 300hp, and 7 levels.
A full iron set yields 250hp, and 8 levels.
A full diamond set yields 500hp and 10 levels.

A mixed set (one of each) yields 9 levels.

Refer to

[ 23] Khore: Amulets
Tue Oct 2 23:20:12 2001
To: All

Randoms only

Amulets modifier chart:

Both amulets total 2 modifiers: 1 level, 100hp
Both amulets total 3 modifiers: 3 level, 150hp
Both amulets total 4 modifiers: 5 level, 250hp
Both amulets total 5 modifiers: 8 levels, 300hps
Plus 2 levels and 100hp per each additional modifier.

Amulet 1 is -3 dam, +1 dam, -2hit (3 modifiers)
Amulet 2 is +3 chr (1 modifier)

Total = 4 modifiers = 5 levels, 250hp.

Additionally, each KG weight of amulet = .25levels and 25hps.

Refer to

[ 24] Khore: Armor
Tue Oct 2 23:27:29 2001
To: All



Randoms only

Any metal item is a 2 level, 50hp PENALTY.

Every AC point is worth 25hps.
Every KG weight is worth .25 levels.

Cloth items = +50hp
Fur items = +1level
Quilted Cloth items = +1level, +50hp (not cumulative with "Cloth")

Any Anti-Alignment Item = +200hp, +1level BONUS
It is anti-alignment of anyone on your team
Whereby it is then a -200hp, -1 level PENALTY.

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