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Glycerine: End of the Line
Mon Nov 5 17:34:19 2001
To: all

It's been fun.
To those who hunted with me, explored with me, befriended me: Thank you, you know who you are.
To those who fell to me: Thank you too, you gave me reason for playing.
To the Tigers: You are my family, I will never forget you.
To Tripper: Thank you for everything, being so lenient with me if I happened to *accidently* drop my club on someone's head from time to time.
To everyone else: Good luck in the future.

The way I see it, I can do a couple things with my equipment.
I can give it off.
I can keep it, until I purge.
I can sac it.
However, I believe it has been awhile since a big auction has occurred.
I'm thinking auctions are much more fun for everyone anyways :)
I will be auctioning off my equipment tonight at 9pm MUD time.

Thanks again, and see you later tonight.

Glycerine, Harbinger of Death. (Tiger/SOB/Grymm)

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