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An Ashen Knight Seeks Immortality

Posted with permission from Gavin

[ 21] Gavin: Petition for Immortality
Tue Aug 21 23:35:44 2001
To: Immortal

Greetings Immortals of The Final Challenge,

I have existed in this realm for many years now, through multiple forms and in multiple followings. Along the trip, my knowledge expanded, and my experiences in the realm grew in number as well. My time as a mortal in this realm has been marked by good times and bad times, fun, and tragedy... a full range of emotion. After an extensive lifetime, I now feel that my journey though life is in need of a change in direction. I long to take the next step in the Challenge, and enter the realm of the Immortals. I feel that I possess the leadership qualities expected of such a prestige honor.

( Paragraph detailing specific out of character immortal information edited out for privacy. )

Some view me as a joker of sorts, but when necessary my real life leadership skills shine through. I believe if you grant me the chance to prove it, you will find that I add to the integrity and overall fun of The Final Challenge.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gavin: Ashen Knight of the Coven

PS: I fully meet the technical requirements for advancement to immortality stated under the text in 'Help Become'. (Effective level: 40, Mobmasteries: 77)

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