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An Audience with the Weaver

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A restful sanctuary.
[Exits: north east]

This place is quiet, peaceful and strangely refreshing. There is what looks like the handle of a beryllium dagger with an uncut emerald beset, stuck in the ground. You try and pull it out, but the earth will not yield it to you; it is stuck fast.
You feel a warm wind.
The beryllium dagger is here.

Gavin arrives from the east.
Gavin smiles happily.
Gavin rests.
Gavin eats some berries.

Cordir says, ''Do you see the Lady Ty?'.

Gavin says (in common), 'No.'.

Cordir pauses a moment in thought.

Cordir ftells, 'Ty, go vis.'.

Cordir says, ''and now?'.

Gavin nods.
Gavin stands up.

Gavin utters the words, 'sanctuary'.
Gavin is surrounded by a white aura.
Gavin leaves east.

Gavin arrives from the east.
Tranquility arrives from the east.

Gavin closes the path.

Tranquility claps her wings together with glee.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I am terribly sorry to keep you waiting'.
Tranquility curtseys gracefully for you.
Tranquility curtseys gracefully to Gavin.

Cordir says, ''It is perfectly all right, Handmaiden.'.
Cordir says, ''It was .... to some degree... on purpose.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Thank you Gavin. I do not know that I would actually have gotten here without your assistance'.

Tranquility smirks.
Tranquility says (in common), 'but of course it is'.
Tranquility laughs.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Did Myron write this area?'.

Cordir says, ''Tha I asked you to come here, with the inevitable difficulties.'.

Gavin smiles happily.

Tranquility nods in recognition to you.
Tranquility grins happily.

Cordir says, ''please forgive me..'.
Cordir says, ''now I must ask you to wait a moment.'.
Cordir seems caught in conversation elsewhere for a moment.

Tranquility grins happily.
Tranquility rests.

Gavin rests.

Tranquility smiles at Gavin and takes his hand in hers for a moment.

Tranquility looks at Gavin.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Oh my'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'spiked collar?'.
Tranquility grins happily.
Tranquility says (in common), 'You are owned?'.

l gavin
Slightly taller than the average man and completely encased in well- tended
armor, this knight of the Ashen Moon scrutinizes his surroundings with a
detached awareness. Indigo blue eyes focus on places that appear
unoccupied. He communes with the unseen as only those that have reached his
level of accomplishment can. Golden highlights dance throughout his
blue-black hair as though sunlight itself chose to accompnay him. Squaring
his shoulders a split in the left shoulder of his armor parts briefly to
reveal a nasty scar. The scar is healed but large and ugly in appearance.
Clearly it was left to heal without magical aide of any kind. A rogueish
smile without an apparant cause lights across his features before he vanishes.
He belongs under the Lin circle, new adoptee of Fei Lin.

Gavin has been touched by another.
Gavin wears a spiked collar around his neck.
Gavin hopelessly pursues the unpursuable.
Gavin is in perfect health.

Tranquility grins evilly.

Gavin chuckles, evidently amused.
Gavin says (in common), 'Dont get yourself in trouble now.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Oh no, I was merely going to ask if you had permission to be with me if you belong to another'.

Tranquility grins happily at Gavin.

Cordir brings her attention back to the garden.

Gavin shrugs.
Gavin says (in common), 'I belong to no one.'.

Cordir says, ''I asked you both to come here, first to see if it reminded you of anywhere else.'.

The rain stopped.

Gavin says (in common), 'Oooo a dagger... yes, I wanted to stick one of those in my eye the night I got her in trouble.'.

Gavin nods.

Tranquility says (in common), 'The Garden!'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Above the temple.....?'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, ''Aye.'.

Tranquility ponders mightily.

Cordir says, ''This is where my love with Deamhan began.'.

The sun slowly disappears in the west.

Cordir says, ''A moonlit kiss, here.'.
Cordir says, ''And so I wanted to talk to the two of you, here.'.

Tranquility blushes.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Ahhhhh'.

Gavin sits down and thinks deeply.
Gavin nods.

Cordir closes her eyes for a moment, and the Intense aura about her fades significantly.

It is as if a simple human mage stood before you.

Tranquility grins happily at you.

Cordir smiles slightly.

Tranquility says (in common), 'The mage I heard so much of.'.
Tranquility smiles happily.

Cordir says, ''There are some things that only a woman can say to another woman.'.
Cordir says, ''And some things that only a goddess can say to a man.'.

Tranquility laughs.
Tranquility nods in recognition to you.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Indeed'.

Cordir says, ''You will hear from both tonight.'.

Cordir smiles, a touch sorrowfully.

Cordir says, ''Tranquility, do you know why you were asked to swear a Vestal Oath>?'.

Tranquility shakes her head.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I knew only that it was a requirement'.

Cordir says, ''Gavin, do you know why she was asked it?'.

Gavin says (in common), 'Perhaps you need a maiden to place full trust in, one that would not be swayed by outside forces'.

Gavin sighs at himself. What a sorry sight.

Cordir shakes her head.

Tranquility sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir says, ''That sounds quite reasonable, but no.'.
Cordir says, ''The reason I demanded the Vestal Oath of Ty...'.
Cordir says, ''Is because others called her goddess a whore.'.

Tranquility blinks.
Tranquility says (in common), 'That is why?'.

Cordir says, ''And if EVERYONE knew that Ty was vestal... pure... and untouched...'.

Gavin raises an eyebrow.

Tranquility covers her mouth with her hand.

Cordir says, ''Then nothing about her goddess's reputation could ever - EVER - besmirch her'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I had no idea'.

Cordir says, ''I know.'.

Gavin says (in common), 'I have never heard such a rumor about you Cordir.'.
Gavin says (in common), 'I've only heard the positive.'.
Gavin shrugs.

Cordir says, ''I have been called whore and worse.'.

Gavin comforts you.

Cordir says, ''For I was married to Deamhan, who was ... long gone.'.

Cordir says, ''But loved another - Abender - who was ... well... quite present ... and persistant.'.

Cordir says, ''Though nothing ever passed between us, but a kiss...'.
Cordir says, ''It was enough that people called me a whore.'.
Cordir says, ''Though only to my people, and never to my face.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Still. Lady, you let the words of others ... become as truth to you.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'you gave them more power than they ever had.'.

Tranquility blinks.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I understand'.

Cordir says softly, "Ty... perception IS reality"

Tranquility says (in common), 'but, am still...surprised.'.

Tranquility nods in recognition to you.
Tranquility says (in common), 'That it can be.'.

Cordir says, ''It doesn't matter if I screwed the entire Cillidellian guard'.

Tranquility laughs.
Tranquility straightens her face immediately.

Cordir says, ''Or had ONE kiss stolen in a moment of passion such as the kiss Gavin stole.'.

Cordir says, ''I was named a whore.'.

Tranquility nods in recognition to you.

Cordir says, ''And I WOULD NOT have that curse fall on you... or your reputation be tarnished by the taint on mine.'.

Cordir says, ''Additionally...'.

Cordir says, ''Whether men admit it or not..'.
Cordir says, ''What is pure, is more valued. Treasured. Guarded.'.
Cordir says, ''Only a man with the ...'.
Cordir says, ''er..'.
Cordir shrugs.
Cordir says, ''balls...'.

Gavin raises an eyebrow.

Cordir says, ''to deal with your Mean Ole Goddess..'.

Gavin shudders from the sheer thought of it.

Tranquility grins.

Cordir says, ''would be worth the salt of his blood.'.

Tranquility pokes Gavin in the ribs.

Cordir says, ''Does that make sense?'.

Gavin says (in common), 'Yes.'.

Tranquility nods.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Yes, it does.'.

Cordir pauses a moment in thought.

Cordir says, ''so... that is WHY the oath exists.'.
Cordir says, ''Am I angry at you for that kiss?'.
Cordir smiles wryly.
Cordir says, ''Hell no.'.

Tranquility grins happily.

Cordir says, ''A little jealous, perhaps...'.

Tranquility nods knowingly.

Cordir says, ''For my own wild fellow dwells only in realms far away.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'You miss yours'.
Tranquility nods in recognition to you.

Cordir says, ''And I am alone here.'.
Cordir nods.

Gavin is shocked.
Gavin blinks.

Cordir smiles wistfully, glancing down at the band upon her hand.

Cordir shrugs.
Cordir says, ''but that is neither here nor there.'.
Cordir says, ''My purpose in asking you both here..'.

Tranquility hugs you.

Cordir says, ''was to ...'.
You smile at her.
You hug her.

Tranquility grins happily.

Cordir says, ''was to share with you something very special about my own past..'.
Cordir says, ''The purest love I've ever known, and discovered, here...'.

Gavin nods in recognition to you.

Cordir glances about the glade, memories bringing bright tears to her eyes.

Tranquility smiles, looking about her with new eyes.

Cordir bows her head for a moment, overcome by emotion.
Her hair falls about her face, hiding it.
Her thin shoulders tremble for a brief moment.
She breathes deeply, re-asserting iron control over herself.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I am sorry this is so hard for you'.

Cordir brushes back the veil of her hair and looks both of you in the face.

Cordir says, ''Tweasure your wuv.'.

Cordir tries hard not to giggle.

Cordir says, ''sorry. had to.'.

Tranquility fails and giggles gleefullly.

You cough.

Gavin throws back his head and cackles with insane glee!

Tranquility nods.
Tranquility laughs.

Cordir scuffs her foot in the dirt.

Cordir says, ''but truly...'.

Cordir says, ''In this world..'.
Cordir says, ''most relationships are gone in a moon's span.'.
Cordir says, ''most 'undying passions' simply a dalliance.'.
Cordir says, ''I would not have that for the woman I treasure dearer than any sister'.
Cordir says, ''And so.... Ballbuster Cordir, like some evil spider, stands guard over the Ladies of the Chosen.'.

Cordir smiles wryly.

Tranquility laughs.

Cordir says, ''And their reputations are intact, and they are treated with respect.'.

Tranquility nods.
Tranquility says (in common), 'True'.

Gavin nods.

Cordir says, ''Because folk know..'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'that the "Ice Queen" will freak out?'.

Cordir says, ''If you court a Chosen, you had best be ready to win her, woo her, and get through Cordir's .. ice queen, indeed'.

Tranquility smiles at you.
Tranquility laughs.
Tranquility smiles happily.

Cordir smiles slightly..
Cordir says, ''I am not so Immortal that I forget mortality.'.
Cordir says, ''The rush of blood in one's veins... or cheeks...'.

Tranquility grins happily.

Cordir murmurs softly, so soft you wonder if you imagined it... 'or ... elsewhere...'

Tranquility blushes furiously.
Tranquility blinks.

Cordir says, ''Not so much the Goddess that I forget how to be the girl'.

Tranquility nods in recognition to you.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I feel much better knowing that'.

Cordir says, ''I ... am not a good leader.'.
Cordir says, ''But I try very hard to be.'.
Cordir says, ''And if I cannot be respected... '.

Tranquility sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir says, ''Then I will happily settle for my people being respected'.

Gavin says (in common), 'Heh, you are respected.. dont worry about that'.

Cordir says, ''part of that is being respect-able.....'.

Gavin nods in recognition to you.

Cordir chuckles softly, a touch of bitterness in the sound.

Tranquility beams a huge smile at Gavin.

Cordir says, ''You... sir... have not heard the Conclave talk amidst themselves, then.'.

Tranquility laughs.

Cordir says, ''Bitch, and more, they call me.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'The conclave loosed its hold on you long ago Lady'.

Cordir shrugs.
Cordir says, ''Indeed... but many take their hatred of me, out on my folk.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'The Lich can say what he likes from his dank hole in the ground'.
Tranquility says (in common), 'and they can do as they please, precious little good it does them'.

Whenever you hear the word, "my" pass from her lips, the aura seems to brighten around the mage.

Tranquility says (in common), 'They try to "get to you" now, just as they did when you were mortal'.
Tranquility smiles happily.

Gavin sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir pauses a moment in thought.
Cordir says, ''I think it irks Molo.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'And they are YOUR folk. Your following, though you do not consider yourself a leader, still they follow you'.

Cordir says, ''For, by his own laws...'.
Cordir says, ''With Deamhan gone..'.
Cordir says, ''I am no longer married to an unbeliever.'.

Tranquility laughs.
Tranquility says (in common), 'I am sure that bothers him.'.

Cordir says, ''And thus...'.
Cordir says, ''there is no reason I cannot be viewed as Nashite.'.

Gavin's eyes flash red.
Gavin stands slowly.

Cordir smiles wryly.
Cordir says, ''Though I am STILL quite the heretic.'.
Cordir says, ''For I see Nash as Gryphon did.'.
Cordir says, ''And NOT as Molo and Sirak preach'.

Tranquility snickers softly.
Tranquility nods.
Tranquility says (in common), 'That is true.'.

Cordir glances at Gavin.

Tranquility rests her hand on Gavin's sleeve.

Cordir says, ''Ease down, Ashen Knight.'.

Gavin rests slowly, grunting under his breath.

Cordir says, ''I'm not the Nashite you think I am.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'She is not one of those that uses the faith as an excuse'.

Cordir says, ''Hell no.'.
Cordir says, ''Its NEVER an excuse'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Those are the ones you hate, my knight.'.

Cordir says, ''Its simply a philosophy.'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'and that is easily understood by most'.
Tranquility nods in recognition to you.

Cordir says, ''"Nash" is a concept. Not a creature.'.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Cordir says, ''The essence of existance.'.
Cordir says, ''How we perceive existance - Nash - is simply a mirror for ourselves'.
Cordir says, ''And in THAT... I am quite the heretic, and Molo is wise to keep his people from hearing my words.'.

Cordir smiles wickedly.

Tranquility snickers softly.
Tranquility nods.
Tranquility says (in common), 'True'.

Cordir pauses a moment in thought.

Cordir gets a rather dreamy smile on her face, remembering a recent evening in the guild hall...

Tranquility says (in common), 'I am afraid Gavin has his own perceptions on Nash, formed through...well, shall we say negative experience'.

Tranquility laughs.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Would that be the running of the conclave?'.

Cordir grins mischievously.
Cordir nods.
Cordir says, ''Indeed.'.

Tranquility does her best impression of those feared and running from room to room.
Tranquility giggles.
Tranquility says (in common), 'That was a sight'.

Cordir says, ''Gavin, are you aware that the Conclave is forbidden to speak to me directly?'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I daresay they'll not speak to you again any time soon'.

Tranquility giggles.

Cordir says, ''and that doing so, is punishable by Fear and Silence by the lich?'.

Cordir begins rummaging about in her bags for Gavin's link, wondering if he's lost it.

Gavin says (in common), 'Sorry'.
Gavin grumbles under his breath.

Cordir smiles slightly..
Cordir says, ''tis all right.'.

Gavin says (in common), 'I was not aware of that fact, Cordir'.

Cordir nods.

Gavin says (in common), 'I know you are considered a heretic, but you still have nashite blood in you'.

Cordir says, ''three of them were running about like the proverbial chickens with no heads.'.

Gavin says (in common), 'I had forgotten it until now'.

Cordir says, ''I am the Lich's most hated enemy.'.
Cordir says, ''I am Nashite - I have acknowledged Him under the tutelage of two immortals.'.
Cordir says, ''The first time, was forced on me.'.
Cordir says, ''When the Lich kidnapped me at my wedding to Keller, centuries ago.'.
Cordir says, ''Then Gryphon won my freedom, after many years... and I served in his Silver Fellowship.'.

Gavin nods.

Cordir says, ''That is when I came to better understand Nash.'.
Cordir says, ''That Nash is not the blood thirsty creature that Molo makes him out to be.'.
Cordir says, ''That Nash is simply a metaphore.'.

Tranquility ftells, 'I must depart soon, Lady. Somone arrived home.'.
Cordir ftells, 'Understood. '.
Cordir ftells, 'I'll wrap this up.'.
Tranquility ftells, '*grin*'.

Cordir makes a gesture, and her aura flares around her like a cloak being donned.

Tranquility ftells, 'Thank you. I appreciate it, and wow. :) Very cool'.

Cordir says, ''But .... '.
Cordir says, ''That is ... not really any of your concern.'.
Cordir says, ''My beliefs are my own, not Tys, not anyone elsees'.
Cordir says, ''The woman has spoken...'.
Cordir says, ''Now hear the goddess.'.

Tranquility nods formally.

Cordir says, ''You have learned why the Vestal Oath was given.'.
Cordir says, ''You WILL respect it, until such time as you are pledged to My Handmaiden, formally.'.
Cordir says, ''Or I will personally rip out your tongue.'.
Cordir says, ''Understood?'.
Cordir says, ''This is where you nod, and leave.'.

Gavin says (in common), 'The boundaries are clear.'.
Gavin sighs loudly.

Gavin waves goodbye to Tranquility.

Gavin utters the words, 'word of recall'.
Gavin invokes recall magic.
Gavin is wrested from the room!

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