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FYI 52:

[ 52] Nayr: Web Page Area Writer's Guide
Thu Jul 12 01:53:46 2001
To: All

I've updated the web page with an HTML version of the current Area Writer's Guide. The guide can be browsed on-line, or downloaded in a zip archive. I plan to include a text version once I find a good way to keep both versions consistent... for now, the HTML version is what's there. It is a nice auto-conversion of the original text documents, the original of which was sent to me by a writer whose name I have forgotten. If they email me, I'll add it to the credits. The AWG has been updated slightly, in that the email address is correct and at least one newer apply has been added, and I tacked on the colors for liquids (I know you care ;). I will update it more when I can, which might not be soon. If you happen to notice a glaring error though, please let me know. :)


-Nayr the Wise, Area Coordinator

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