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The Fateful Hour
Lessons of the Spirit

It is 6am on Rishanae the 18th, the month of the Deities' Wrath, in the year 2484.
TFC started up at Sun Jul 29 16:24:58 2001 / The system time is Tue Jul 31 20:10:53 2001

who fate
5 players.
Gno [ Wa: 5 Sh:10 ] Ordeith, Apprentice of Fate
Aar [ Th:20 Sh:21 ] Tranquility fated Handmaiden, Tao, Apprentice, Pursued.
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir: Ebon Bard, Triat Master, Lady of Fate
Gia [ Wa:19 ] Sarabos Ebon Warrior of the Chosen of Fate
Hum [ Ra: 6 Ma:15 ] Bancor,Apprentice of Fate -=[Chosen]=-

Ordeith arrives suddenly.
Tranquility arrives suddenly.
Bancor arrives suddenly.

Ordeith bows deeply.
Sarabos arrives suddenly.

Okk slithers out of a crack in the spirit-world.

Thaygar's Lost Temple
[Exits: east]
You feel as though you have stepped into the infinite Void, ebon
oblivion surrounding you in all directions. It is not cool here,
however. Instead, the darkness here is the searing calm at the
center of Hell. You stand on a circular floor comprised of obsidian
panels, suspended in the void.
Six pits form a hexagon on the floor, an altar at their center. Six
fires of midnight black flow out of the pits, flaring to the ceiling.
Flowing from the floor, a misshapen lump of obsidian reaches out like
an ebon hand.
(Intense Light Green Aura) Okk is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Sarabos is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Bancor is resting here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Tranquility is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Ordeith is here.

Cordir says, ''I thought it appropriate...'.

Okk smiles happily.

Cordir says, ''And on that note...'.

Ordeith nods.

Cordir turns to her Handmaiden.

Okk remembers Hell.

Tranquility smiles happily.

Okk giggles.

Cordir smiles at Okk.
Cordir nods in recognition to Okk.

Sarabos rests.
Bancor looks at Sarabos.
Bancor looks at Sarabos.

Ordeith looks at Bancor.

Tranquility smiles happily.

Sarabos looks around, remembering days long gone.

Tranquility curtseys gracefully for Cordir.
Tranquility curtseys gracefully to Okk.
Tranquility curtseys to the room.
Tranquility says (in old common), "Greetings, and welcome all."
Tranquility says (in old common), "We gather today in friendship and camaraderie for a special occasion."

Cordir nods.

Tranquility says (in old common), "We invite everyone to eat and drink to their fill at this time." em says (in old common), "We invite everyone to eat and drink to th.
Tranquility smirks.

Cordir chuckles softly.
Cordir comforts her.

Tranquility says (in common), 'of course '.
Tranquility laughs.
Tranquility says (in common), 'if you need to eat or drink, please do so now'.

Cordir grins ever so slightly.

Okk eats an apple pie.
Okk drinks slime mold juice from (Blue Aura) a flask of holy water.

Ordeith gets a loaf of mushroom bread from a small pouch.
Ordeith eats a loaf of mushroom bread.

Cordir eatsa silver weaving shuttle.

Ordeith gets a water jug from an egg casing.
Ordeith drinks water from a water jug.
Ordeith drinks water from a water jug.
Ordeith puts a water jug in an egg casing.

Tranquility says (in old common), "We eat together, and quench our thirst as one, to satisfy that which would distract us from those speaking."
Tranquility says (in old common), "Once we begin, please refrain from eating, drinking or casting spells that are not absolutely necessary."
Tranquility says (in old common), "ooc: Please disable your triggers for food, water and spells at this time."
Tranquility says (in old common), "With that, please grant your attention to those before us. Thank you for attending today."

Cordir smiles at her.

Tranquility curtseys gracefully for Cordir.
Tranquility rests.

Cordir says, ''well spoken as always, Tranquility.'.
Cordir turns to Okk, and with a graceful gesture, cedes him the floor.

Ordeith rests.

Cordir takes a seat before one of the pits of flame.

A bright spotlight appears over Okk.

Okk says, 'ooh'.

Tranquility grins happily.

Okk says, 'It is always....the goal of man'.
Okk says, 'Or a life..'.
Okk says, 'To look higher, seek new heights, and be more than what he is'.
Okk says, 'I have so many things I could tell you, which would all be relevant'.

Tranquility prays, 'He is well spoken :)'.

Okk says, 'But you probably wish to hear about my views on the Triat?'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I was told that would be the subject, personally.'.
Tranquility beams a smile at Okk.

Cordir pauses a moment and thinks.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I do wish to hear them, but I wish to hear whatever you wish to share'.

Cordir says, ''You are welcome to speak on whatever topic pleases.'.

Okk says, 'The way of the shaman is my trade....but many beliefs have been engrained within this asral body'.
Okk giggles.
Okk says, 'Far in the south, amid the barren land, there is a mountain'.
Okk says, 'A great mount of sandstone, shaped as a skull with a horn on its forehead'.
Okk says, 'And these we call Skull Spire'.
Okk says, '(aside) You should go there sometimes, the have the most delicious mangos'.
Okk licks his lips and smiles.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Cordir smiles wryly.
Cordir says, ''Yes, but that's also where that horrid other fruit comes from.'.

Tranquility sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir says, ''A dur...something or other.'.

Okk says, 'Durians'.
Okk shudders from the sheer thought of it.

Cordir nods.

Tranquility laughs.

Okk says, 'We feed those to the Flind'.
Okk says, 'Don't worry'.
Okk says, 'Anyway, around Skull Spire, there is a thriving jungle'.
Okk says, 'Which is rather odd, since the surrounding land is desert'.

Tranquility giggles.

Okk says, 'And strangest of all, the area is inhabited by ogres!'.

Cordir pauses a moment and thinks.
Cordir says, ''But that seems like an infinately Ogrish place to be.'.

Tranquility cocks her head to the side, in thought.

Okk says, 'Well, it took a lot of work to get it that way'.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Okk says, 'The story starts back on the northern continent, deep in the western swamps'.
Okk says, 'And this does have bearing on the point I am making'.
Okk says, 'I think'.

Cordir's lips twitch in the slightest hint of a smile.

Tranquility ftells, '*laugh* Lady, he should speak more often. :)'.

Cordir ftells, 'I agree. See if you can talk him into it.'.
Cordir ftells, 'He was horrified at the idea of speaking in front of a group for an hour.'.
Tranquility ftells, 'Yes, Lady. I will certainly do so. He is witty and well spoken.'.

Okk says, 'When Maurice created the first men, he wanted them evil to further his own power'.
Okk says, 'And so, he infused his blood, his black, venomous, evil blood into these men'.
Okk says, 'And they became very big, very strong, and downright ugly'.
Okk fumbles to try to make his story sound glamorous, but quickly gives up.

Ordeith ftells, 'i can only stay for another 15min unfortunatly'.
Tranquility ftells, 'Its ok if you have to go. I never DID figure out how to log things....'.
Tranquility ftells, 'or I'd offer to have done so'.

Okk says, 'And those first men were the first ogres'.

You hear a faint grunting and cheering in the background.

Okk says, 'Shush'.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Okk says, 'Anyway, there were some side effects of that'.
Okk says, 'The poor creatures couldn't handle immortal blood and became, well'.
Okk says, 'Do I have to list the shortcomings of ogres?'.
Okk sniffs sadly.

Tranquility shakes her head.
Tranquility snickers softly.

Okk says, 'You're not supposed to agree with me, Tranquility'.
Okk grins evilly.

Tranquility blushes.
Tranquility nods in recognition to Okk.
Tranquility prays, '*rofl*'.

Okk says, 'So the Great Lord Maurice threw the ogres into a swamp and went on to his other creations'.
Okk says, 'Humans\'.
Okk says, 'And though it is a bit off the subject, would you like to hear about that?'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir nods.
Sarabos nods.
Bancor nods.
Ordeith nods.
Bancor blinks.

Okk says, 'Okay, so then Maurice went on to create humans'.

You hear a voice, 'And you know how wrong THAT went, don't you?'.

Okk says, 'Shush'.
Okk says, 'Maurice didn't want...ogres...again, but he did want them to be evil and cruel'.
Okk says, 'So this time, when he created the second race of men...'.
Okk says, 'He took but a drop of his blood, and mixed it in the pool of humanity'.
Okk says, 'This had better effects'.
Okk says, 'While not as barbaric and strong as ogres, the humans were quick and clever, and began taking over the surrounding lands'.
Okk says, 'Under Maurice, they were a rather evil race'.

Ordeith ftells, 'my time has come to leave sorry this a no recall zone?'.
Cordir ftells, 'I'll bring you back.'.

Okk says, 'All the while, the Implementor IvoryTiger watched over the men and their evil deeds, and he was saddened by this'.
Okk says, 'Being, of course, a good man'.

Sarabos ftells, 'good night'.
Ordeith ftells, 'night'.

A swirling corona of light surrounds Ordeith.
Ordeith disappears suddenly.

Okk says, 'Though there was not much he could do, as he did not wish to contest with a fellow Creator'.

Cordir ftells, 'be well'.
Ordeith ftells, 'you too lady'.
Tranquility ftells, 'Take care'.

Okk says, 'So all IvoryTiger did was shed a single tear, and mixed it with the pool of humanity'.
Okk says, 'And thus guilt and sorrow were born'.

Cordir smiles quietly.

Okk says, 'Now this may seem like a cruel thing, but it was not'.
Okk says, 'For a man can do evil things'.
Okk says, 'He can make mistakes'.
Okk says, 'But now, you can always count on him to shed a tear, and hope to make himself better'.
Okk shifts his stance with a loud clicking sound.
Okk says, 'So back to the ogres'.
Okk says, 'Abandoned by their creator, they fumbled around in their swamp for awhile'.
Okk says, 'Then one day, a great shadow fell upon the swamps'.
Okk says, 'The abandoned land had caught the eye of the Destroyer'.
Okk says, 'It takes, oh, a few slain ogres and other displays...'.
Okk says, 'And suddenly the whole swamp worships Him'.
Okk says, 'They lived under the shadow of the Destroyer for a great many years, ignorant and afraid'.

Cordir thinks to herself, 'this is in keeping with Ogres.'

Bancor ftells, 'Sorry all i have to go. Have to work in the morn :('.

Tranquility hugs Bancor.

Tranquility ftells, 'Take cre'.

Okk smiles happily.

Tranquility ftells, 'care even'.

A swirling corona of light surrounds Bancor.
Bancor disappears suddenly.

Okk says, 'Then the Three gave us the Prophet'.

Bancor ftells, 'tell Lord Okk that I have enjoyed his story so far and look forward to hearing more in the future'.
Sarabos ftells, 'take care bancor'.

Okk says, 'Out of the swamp came a certain ogre'.
Okk says, 'Well, he was half troll, half ogre, like most Orthrakai are now'.
Okk says, 'His name was Orthrak'.
Okk looks up.
Okk says, 'Yeah'.

Tranquility sits down and thinks deeply.

Okk says, 'Some thought he was crazy, but he was a great warrior, a great leader'.
Okk says, 'And he knew things which no other ogre knew'.
Okk says, 'And from that wild look in his eyes, perhaps that which no man _should_ know'.
Okk says, 'But he would not tell us of these things'.
Okk says, 'First he gathered us round under him'.
Okk says, 'And the Clan was born'.
Okk says, 'The Orthrakai'.

Cordir pauses a moment and thinks.
Cordir says, ''And what did the Destroyer think of all this organization?'.

Okk says, 'Well...'.
Okk says, 'I think he made a sound like...'.


Cordir coughs.
Cordir chuckles softly.
Okk coughs.

Okk says, 'He was not pleased'.

Cordir would imagine not.

Okk says, 'But Orthrak cared not'.
Okk says, 'He asked us all if we would like to live in terror forever'.

Boromir arrives suddenly.
Boromir ftells, 'Hi All :)'.
Boromir bows before Cordir.

Okk says, 'He told us that he could lead us from His shadow'.

Boromir bows before Okk.

Tranquility ftells, 'Greetings Boromir'.

Okk bows ungracefully.

Boromir ftells, 'Hi Tranquility :) '.
Sarabos ftells, 'hey boromir'.
Boromir ftells, 'Good Evening Lady Cordir *bow* *smile* '.
Boromir ftells, 'Hi Sarabos and well met!!! long time no see :('.
Sarabos ftells, 'i know'.

Okk says, 'Some agreed with Orthrak'.
Okk says, 'Some did not'.
Okk says, 'Those who did not were banished from the Clan, the Castaways'.
Okk says, 'And we followed or leader into the light'.
Okk says, 'The Castaways went back to worship the Destroyer in the town they constructed, Og'.
Okk shudders from the sheer thought of it.

Boromir winces. Ouch!

Okk says, 'Orthrak led us through the swamps, south, to the beach'.

Boromir nods.

Okk says, 'We were dismayed by the great ocean we saw, but Orthrak'.
Okk says, 'He was a man who knew what he was doing'.
Okk smiles slightly.

Boromir ftells, 'man or orge :) '.
Tranquility ftells, ':)'.

Okk says, 'We knocked down a few trees and made boats'.
Okk says, 'And then Orthrak showed us the magicks of flight'.
Okk says, 'Flying ogres'.
Okk grins neutrally.

Boromir ftells, 'got 'em high on drugs ;)'.

Tranquility laughs.

Boromir smirks.
Boromir chuckles, evidently amused.

Tranquility tries not to laugh outloud.

Cordir's lips twitch in that oh, so subtle hint of a well hidden smile.

The poor shaman's leathers rattle ever so slightly.

Okk says, 'We travelled over the ocean smoothly, and met no evil beasts'.

Boromir ftells, '*tries to immagine ogres flying* *all that comes to mind is a bunch of overgrown slobs careening the air and into each other*'.
Tranquility ftells, '*snicker* Oh dear'.

Cordir gives up the attempt and giggles at Boromir's whisper.

Sarabos chuckles, evidently amused.

Okk shoots a fake glare at Boromir.

Boromir looks innocent.

Tranquility laughs.

Boromir catches the glare and throws it back.

Tranquility mmmphhs.

Boromir thinks its the company he keeps
Boromir looks innocent.
Boromir bows before Okk.
Boromir bows before Cordir.
Boromir ftells, '*GRIN* '.

Okk says, 'Now where was I before the horrible elves...'.

Boromir sniffs sadly at the way Okk is treating him.

Okk says, 'So we rached the southern beach'.

Boromir sighs at the sight of Okk.

Okk says, 'The southern beach, off the Cliff of Aran'.

Boromir ftells, '*imagines all these ogres crashing into the beach and th shalow water ... like dumping rocks into a kds pool* *laugh* '.

Okk says, 'While we were travelling, the Destroyer had been busy'.
Okk says, 'And he gathered the birdmen of Aran, the Aarakai, to punish our travelling Clan'.

Boromir ftells, '*imagnies a large pile of sweaty smelly orges all trying to stand up as more crash land* '.
Boromir winces. Ouch!

Okk takes a tag labelled "AYALA" and sticks it to Boromir's forhead.

Tranquility cocks her head to the side, in thought.

Boromir wonders why.

Boromir is just another voiceless face in the crowd.

Tranquility ftells, '*laugh*choke* Yeah, Boro. Yeah. :)'.

Okk says, 'So many Aarakai and Orthrakai died on that beach, but we managed to flee further south'.
Okk says, 'And we came upon a big lump of sandstone in the middle of a desert'.

Boromir ftells, 'well .. I am ... just like you tranquility :) '.

Okk says, 'Orthrak landed his talons upon the mountain and declared that this would be our home'.

Tranquility ftells, '*laugh* touche''.
Boromir ftells, '*smile* '.

Okk says, 'We explored. There were many creatures already inhabiting the land'.

Boromir ftells, '*smile sarabos* '.
Sarabos ftells, '*grin*'.

Okk says, 'Spiders, raptors, catmen, and mushrooms who could think and speak'.

Tranquility shudders at the suggestion of catmen.

Okk puts his hand over Boromir's mouth.

Cordir grins at such a successful tactic.

Boromir signs that idea of cognisent mushrooms would make spagetti tough to make.

Okk mumbles something like, 'If he were my follower, I would rip out his...'.

Tranquility ftells, '*pictures Boromir MMMMPPPPHING*'.
Boromir ftells, '*laugh* '.

Okk regains his humble shamanic composure.
Okk says, 'We made friends with them all, of course'.

Boromir ftells, 'had them all over for dinner :) '.
Boromir ftells, 'every night :)'.

Okk says, 'We set up in the caves and settled in our first real home, free'.

Boromir shows his approval by clapping his hands together.

Okk says, 'Then and only then did Orthrak show us from where he got his answers'.
Okk says, 'It was strange, for every night when we were on the move, Orthrak would have wild and terrible nightmares'.
Okk says, 'We knew not what of'.
Okk says, 'And he would awaken the next day and knew exactly where to go, what to do'.
Okk says, 'Orthrak began to teach us of the Three'.
Okk says, 'He taught us in term we could understand'.

Cordir begins to listen more intently.

Sarabos does likewise.

Okk says, 'When the sun rises, you feel drawn to a meal'.
Okk says, 'And that is great power'.
Okk says, 'The first of the Three, Things-to-Be'.
Okk says, 'Then, come noon time, one is hungry again'.

Boromir nods.

Okk says, 'And drawn again to a meal, there is another great power'.
Okk says, 'Here-and-Now'.
Okk says, 'And when the sun wanes, well, you know...'.

Boromir says (in common), 'here-and-now? '.

who fate
5 players.
Hum [ Sh:24 Ra:21 ] Harmony Skylore: Egg Raid on Mojo! *fate*
Elf [ Th:19 Ma:21 Ra:21 ] Boromir Boromir Ambassador of Fate .. Taoiseach
Aar [ Th:20 Sh:21 ] Tranquility fated Handmaiden, Tao, Apprentice, Pursued.
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir: Ebon Bard, Triat Master, Lady of Fate
Gia [ Wa:19 ] Sarabos Ebon Warrior of the Chosen of Fate

Okk says, 'And that power is Ages-Ago'.

Harmony arrives suddenly.

Harmony ftells, 'yay'.

Okk hugs Harmony.

Harmony bodyslams Okk.

Boromir ftells, 'Hi Harmony :)'.

Harmony bounces around.

Harmony ftells, 'eyya'.
Harmony ftells, 'i was trigger summoned :P'.

Okk picks up his frail body.

Harmony says (in common), 'youre not frail'.

Boromir ftells, 'well that was nice .. he hugs her and she beats him up '.
Boromir ftells, 'sheesh'.
Harmony ftells, 'he rifts me'.

Okk says, 'These Three revolve around us, ever watchful, and guide our lives'.

Harmony ftells, 'or did'.

Okk says, 'He taught us to worship them'.
Okk says, 'He taught us to give our dead to the air, so as to please the spirits'.

Harmony closes the gate.

Okk says, 'And our Clan Symbol became the Sigil Odegra Orthrakai'.

Boromir nods.

Okk says, 'What was the Sigil? Some asked'.
Okk says, 'Orthrak described it, but he could not show'.

Harmony sits crosslegged on a mat.
Harmony rests.

Okk says, 'It was a black, writhing thing'.
Okk says, 'When you looked at it, it was still'.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Okk says, 'But when one looked from it, from the corner of your eye you could see its shadows dancing'.
Okk says, 'It told secrets'.
Okk says, 'And some say it drove men mad'.
Okk says, 'And the Three spread through our culture and dictated many aspects of our lives'.

Boromir says (in common), 'nightmares? .. or visions? '.

Okk says, 'Those who did not were the warriors'.
Okk says, 'Whatever you wish to call them, Boromir'.

Boromir says (in common), 'I was just wondering .. a vision can be good and bad .. a nightmare is usally just bad Lord Okk'.

Okk says, 'Nightmares are intense, perhaps disturbing, but these were not bad'.

Boromir nods.
Boromir bows deeply.
Boromir says (in common), 'sorry for the interuption'.

Harmony ftells, 'i came in late, what did i miss?'.

Cordir ftells, 'most of it. = ( '.

Okk says, 'Then, as if he knew what was going to happen, Orthrak began to act strange'.
Okk says, 'Every duty, every action of Orthrak was assigned to a member of the Clan'.

Boromir ftells, 'the story of the movment of a clan of ogres to spire ..'.

Tranquility ftells, ':)'.
Harmony ftells, 'ahh, okks always been quite the storyteller'.
Boromir ftells, 'true :) .. I regret missing the first part .. '.
Harmony ftells, 'its scary when his stories come to life though'.
Boromir ftells, '*chuckle* those are the best storys ... :) '.

Okk says, 'Leadership, spiritual leadership, history'.

Boromir nods.

Okk says, 'All of these now are sacred duties of one or another'.
Okk says, 'The same day the organization was completed the Spire was attacked once more by Aarakai'.
Okk says, 'We drove them back, but in the battle, Orthrak was slain'.

Boromir sighs loudly.

Harmony gasps in astonishment.

Okk says, 'Which had...other consequences'.

Harmony sniffs sadly.

Okk says, 'But the spirit of our worship lives on'.

Boromir ftells, 'I wonder if thats why he acted strangely .. at the end .. he foresaw his demise '.

Okk says, 'Perhaps a little bit crude'.
Okk says, 'Or what is different from conventional...we are ogres'.
Okk smirks.

Boromir smiles.

Tranquility grins happily.

Okk says, 'But we worship the Three, and I believe you do, too'.

Cordir murmurs to Boromir, 'Or, perhaps, saw that he had to push his people into independance...'
Cordir murmurs to Boromir, 'And thus have them take on the responsibilities he had been shouldering, perhaps?"

Harmony nods.

Boromir looks at Lady Cordir and thinks for a moment ... perhaps a little of both he wonders.

Okk sets up a huge chalkboard.
Okk says, 'End of story'.
Okk says, 'Any questions?'.

Boromir stands up.

Tranquility applaudes briefly.

Boromir bows before Okk.

Tranquility grins happily at Okk.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Most interesting!'.

Boromir says (in common), 'I regret missing some of the story '.

Okk says, 'I am pleased that you have enjoyed my story'.

Tranquility grins happily.
Tranquility says (in common), 'you are quite the storyteller, Okk'.

Harmony says (in common), 'I always enjoy them'.

Okk says, 'Orla told me the same one when I was just a little brat'.
Okk smiles happily.

Boromir says (in common), 'has anyone in the clan shown any of the traits of Orthrak .. aside from yourself Lord Okk? '.

Okk says, 'Thank you'.

Tranquility sits down and thinks deeply.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Would you speak again for us sometime?'.

Okk says, 'In a way...we all do'.

Boromir sits down and thinks deeply.

Okk nods in recognition to Tranquility.

Boromir nods.

Tranquility just thought she'd ask.
Tranquility grins happily.
Tranquility claps her wings together with glee.

Boromir bows deeply.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I did not know the visions were...associative'.
Tranquility smiles happily.

Okk says, 'I've got all night, I could even talk more'.
Okk says, 'If that wasn't enough to make your eyes hurt'.
Okk giggles.

Tranquility shakes her head.
Tranquility snickers softly.
Boromir chuckles, evidently amused.

Sarabos says (in common), 'heh'.
Harmony says (in common), 'i only read bright yellow on black...'.

Okk shudders at the thought of yellow on black.

Tranquility laughs.

Harmony moos.

Boromir ftells, 'ogres that look like bumblebees? ...'.
Cordir smiles.

Tranquility laughs.
Tranquility ftells, 'Oh SCARY'.

Cordir says, ''Okk.... thank you very much for your time this evening..'.

Harmony slams herself into the ground.
Harmony moshes wildly around the room.

Tranquility grins happily.

Harmony moshes into Okk.

Cordir says, ''For your words.... and for your touching us with the images of history.'.

Tranquility pats Harmony on her back.

The spotlight clicks off.

Harmony's soul rift ***ANNIHILATES*** Okk!

Tranquility says (in common), 'She's playing the part of the superball this evening it would seem.'.

Cordir glances over at Okk.

Tranquility snickers with Harmony about their shared secret.

Cordir raises one hand glowing with a scarlet aura.
Cordir's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Harmony.

Boromir is quiet for once

Harmony giggles.

Okk says, 'Yay!'.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Okk misses rifting Harmony.

ch harmony
Harmony has looked a lot healthier.

Harmony reports: 251/354 hp 166/166 mana 491/491 mv 314035 xp.

Tranquility stands up.
Tranquility utters the words, 'give health'.

Harmony giggles.

Cordir raises one hand glowing with a scarlet aura.
Cordir's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Harmony!

Boromir ftells, 'there are times when I can say nothing ... I amy think it but :) '.

Harmony stands up.
Harmony utters the words, 'cloak of protection'.
Harmony utters the words, 'absorb'.

Tranquility grins happily.

Harmony says (in common), 'one more'.

Cordir says, ''There.'.
Cordir says, ''I stand as rift proxy.'.

Cordir raises one hand glowing with a scarlet aura.
Cordir's soul rift *** ANNIHILATES *** Harmony!

Tranquility laughs.

Harmony is so excited that she cheers just for the hell of it.
Harmony says (in common), 'okay i dont feel like dieing right now'.
Harmony reports: 78/354 hp 131/166 mana 491/491 mv 314035 xp.
Harmony giggles.

Tranquility grins happily.

Cordir says, ''I am forbidden by Geasa to slay any follower.'.

Boromir utters the words, 'bad pun' and everyone groans.

Tranquility snickers softly.
Tranquility says (in common), 'Oh, Okk....'.
Tranquility gets the dim topaz ring from an egg casing.

Harmony says (in common), 'well then you cant try out the slay command'.
Harmony says (in common), 'like okk did'.

Okk says, 'mm-hmm?'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I had something I wanted to give you, do I do that?'.

Harmony says (in common), 'right okk?'.

Tranquility cocks her head to the side, in thought.

Harmony says (in common), 'just hand it to okk'.

Okk beams a smile at Harmony.

Tranquility looks at Okk.

Cordir says, ''we fetch '.
Cordir says, ''NO'.

Okk says, 'No, Harmony'.

Harmony giggles.

Cordir says, ''DO NOT hand it to him'.

Tranquility nods.

Harmony says (in common), 'wanted to see the reaction'.

Cordir says, ''We fetch someone who worships him.'.

Okk says, 'Present it to a follower, who will then pass it to me'.

Cordir says, ''If you -wish- to invite one...'.

Sarabos says (in common), 'yes i'm here'.

Harmony says (in common), 'unless its bliss and its chocolate...'.

Sarabos says (in common), 'already taken the liberty'.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Boromir ftells, '*imagines someone in Okk's follwoing being told .. here boy .. here boy .. go fetch!* '.

Cordir says, ''We have a few gifts for you, Milord Okk..'.
Cordir says, ''As thanks for your time and your tale.'.
Cordir says, ''Would you bring one of your folk here?'.

Boromir thanks Okk heartily.

Okk says, 'Would you mind an Ayala in this temple?'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'And as good wishes for your new following, of course.'.

Cordir says, ''Consent and welcome is granted.'.

Boromir ftells, 'if Lord Okk sings .. does it mean they face the music? '.
Boromir ftells, ':) '.

You groan at the sight of him.

Harmony has begun to sing. Have you considered fleeing?

Ch Harmony
Harmony is seriously injured.

Sarabos plugs his ears.

Boromir ftells, 'on that note .. :) '.

Harmony says (in common), 'im hungry and thirsty'.

Tranquility sits down and thinks deeply.

Harmony says (in common), 'im gainin 1hp per tick'.

Cordir says, ''Eat and Drink.'.

Harmony utters the words, 'create spring'.
A magical spring flows from the ground.

Boromir ftells, 'score 1 for me :) or am I in treble? '.

Harmony drinks water from a magical spring.
Harmony says (in common), 'thats logic'.
Harmony eats steak made from servant.

Tranquility ftells, '*laugh*'.

Cordir pauses a moment and thinks.
Cordir nods.

Harmony says (in common), 'okk has a food delivery service'.

Sarabos says (in common), 'Pikonah informed me he's ready to come here Lord Okk'.

Tranquility claps her wings together with glee.

Okk utters the words, 'summon'.
Pikonah arrives suddenly.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I owe him a bag!!!'.

Pikonah smiles happily.

Harmony says (in common), 'a bag?'.

Sarabos grins happily at Pikonah.

Okk says, 'Akla Terra Tal-Pikonah'.

Tranquility happily rummages.

Okk says, 'ALARUM:'.
Okk says, 'You are to show some manners within this temple'.

Harmony says (in common), 'okks already got a harmony bag'.
Harmony says (in common), 'or 10'.

Pikonah says (in common), 'My Guardian Spirit!'.

Tranquility gets bag made from Pikonah hide from a rattrap.

Okk says, 'Understood?'.

Tranquility gives bag made from Pikonah hide to Pikonah.

Pikonah bows before Okk.

Okk beams a smile at Pikonah.

Pikonah nods.
Pikonah says (in common), 'I will go against Ayala conduct and be polite.'.

Boromir ftells, 'hmm if a shaman is married for 40 years .. I guess that would bring new meaning to the words 'old bag' :) '.

Pikonah smiles happily.
Pikonah bows before Cordir.

Tranquility ftells, 'I made that bag for Pikonah a GOOD time ago.'.

Pikonah shakes Sarabos's hand.

Tranquility ftells, '*choke* Oh dear'.

Okk says, 'Thank you. You double-time your poor behavior when you leave'.

Tranquility snickers softly.

Pikonah says (in common), 'Of course Spirit!'.

Cordir ftells, 'Chosen, please give any gifts you have for Okk to Picwhatever'.

Pikonah says (in common), 'Now, What can I do for this fine group before me?'.

Tranquility gives the dim topaz ring to Pikonah.
Tranquility says (in common), 'That is for Okk'.
Tranquility smiles happily.

Cordir says, ''We have gifts of thanks to the Guardian Spirit'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'Topaz has a beauty of its own.'.
Tranquility gives an immaculately beautiful long stem rose to Pikonah.

Okk smiles happily.

Pikonah smiles happily.

Okk says, 'Thank you'.

Tranquility says (in common), 'and the beautiful flower for the lovely story'.
Tranquility beams a smile at Okk.

Okk ruffles Pikonah's hair playfully.

Pikonah gasps in astonishment.

Tranquility says (in common), 'My pleasure'.

Harmony says (in common), 'hmm'.
Tranquility curtseys gracefully for Cordir.
Harmony says (in common), 'there'.

Pikonah says (in common), 'for moi?'.

Tranquility ftells, 'I must depart Lady. It was a VERY long day. I am very glad he spoke for us'.

Harmony says (in common), 'for okky'.

Boromir ftells, 'Bye tranquility *wave* *grin* '.

Harmony says (in common), 'In rememberance of me overusing the recall command'.

Okk says, 'I guess I must go against _my_ shamanhood and accept gifts'.
Okk grins happily at Pikonah.

Tranquility says (in common), 'I must depart. Thank you again Okk, and thank you as well Pikonah'.

Pikonah says (in common), 'Anytime beautiful Tranquility.'.

Tranquility blushes.

(and with that, the evening drew to a chaotic close.)

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