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Okk: "eggi": an inspirational poem
Sat Jul 14 13:02:28 2001
To: all
I found this poem with a note from Ugluk taped to my computer this morning.
I read it and first thought that I would plagerize it, but then decided that wouldn't fly, as the poem wasn't my style.
So I called him up and found he wanted me to post it for him. I told him I usually didn't do that kinda thing, but he was adamant.
After much haggling I finally consented when he agreed to give me his car and his girlfriend.

I'm an ogre of my word. Here you go:

by ugluk orthrakai

for silonch :)
a tru frend *gurgle*

some peepol lik the shinys of gold
other hav fun slayin there foe
why they lik that, ugluk dont kno
little bit silly, maybe?

cause ugluk kno where the tru treaser lies
it aint in a 3dam or sweet lovers eyes
find a big nest, an look inside!
what a be-yoo-te-ful thin you will see


fluffy birds eggi are tiny an white
bat eggi soft lik leather an lite
who cud not lik them so shiny an brite?
eggi so cute an cuddly

so next tim that yur feelin the blue
cause yur naked er brok er hav no one wit you
hold you an eggi, an feel bran new!
an eggi will mak you happy :)


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