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the great chocolate battle, by drystan :)

It is 3pm on Jawiliea the 30th, the month of the Fool's Errand,
in the year 2505.

TFC started up at Sun Nov 25 19:05:23 2001
The system time is Sun Dec 2 17:53:44 2001

Drystan arrives from the east.
Drystan smiles happily.
Drystan bows before you.

hug drystan
You hug him.

Ceremonial Room
[Exits: east]
Glittering gold inlay, black obsidian floors, and large amounts of
precious gems make this room one of the richest in all the realms. What
makes it even more impressive is the room is massive, easily large
enough to hold all the heroes of the world and have room to spare for
many more. This room is for all the special moments in a hero's life,
such as honor given by an immortal, marriage, reception of a major quest
prize, or even a really special party.
Drystan is here.

l drystan
Noting your gaze, the stork-like aarakocran bows low, tipping
his cap in the process. The grace with which he does so is
impressive, given his gangly appearance. "Greetings and well
met, friend," he says as he straightens back up with a smile.
"Drystan ep Aran's my name, and barding's my game - the music,
not the armor, and don't let anyone tell you different. If
you've got any interested in tales or songs, or anything in
between, just let me know and I'll see what I can come up with,
Drystan is slightly injured.

Drystan is using:
[used as light]     (Glowing) a war banner
[worn on finger]    the blazing sea shell ring
[worn on finger]    the vivid electrum ring
[worn around neck]  the stunning citrine amulet
[worn around neck]  the luminous bloodstone amulet
[worn on body]      a quilted cloth peasant shirt
[worn on head]      a quilted cloth cap
[worn on legs]      a pair of quilted cloth commoner's pants
[worn on feet]      some silk boots
[worn on hands]     a pair of leather gloves
[worn on arms]      a pair of leather sleeves
[worn about body]   a fur robe
[worn about waist]  a heavy cloth belt
[worn around wrist] the runed marble bracelet
[worn around wrist] the polished sardonyx bracelet
[wielded]           a spiked whip
[held]              (Glowing) a camp award
[worn with pride]   (Glowing) the sigil of the Hunter
[worn with pride]   a small wooden brooch
Drystan says (in common), 'I'm sorry it took me so long to get this done'.

Drystan smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'heh its ok'.

Drystan says (in common), 'But I liked the way it finally came out'.

Drystan smiles happily.

19 players.
Hlf [       Cl:19       ] Aslan Tsarran, Student Tigeress of Fate, *Talyn*
Aar [       Sh: 6       ] Ichabod Dozer (cause "Crane" is so.. ordinary)
Elf [ Wa:23 Th:22 Ma:22 ] Marisa the Enchanted
Hum [    Ra:24 Cl:25    ] Abe Stormreaver: Tiger G2 13B-F/11B20 ABAA CEP-0
Gno [       Cl:14       ] Toto, Tony's brother *-={:Tiger:}=-*
Dwa [       Sh:16       ] Morphius Silver. Iceman
Elf [   Veldrin Kyorl   ] Kain, Malla Ul'Jabbuk Elg'Selvatar d'lil Veldrin.
Hum [     Attendant     ] Cordir goes bump in the dark
Hel [    Wa:12 Ma:25    ] Doza, Holy Conjurer from beyond the realm.*Tiger*
Dwa [       Cl:30       ] Artanis Shinhan, VM of *Wisdom* {CoE} -TLR- *Teeka*
Hel [    Ra:11 Ma:14    ] Darkfang Elvenwolf-Tsarran, Tiger Den Mother.
Hum [    Cl:28 Wa:24    ] Paython Grimward, Sniper of the Ash Moon. *Galatea*
Hum [    Ma:14 Ra: 9    ] Ebonie is extraordinarily licky! *EBG* 
Hel [    Wa:19 Cl:21    ] Kaleyah Wraithverge Salemonte, Darkling Spirit *twin*
Min [       Sh: 2       ] Kassia the Minotaur Heifling
Hum [    Wa:30 Cl:30    ] Theoden, Dreamwalker
Aar [       Sh:19       ] Drystan ep Aran, apprenticed to no one.
Dwa [    Wa:23 Cl:30    ] Tholbar, Malla Ul'Orthae Jabbuk d'lil Veldrin
Gno [    Cl:30 Wa:30    ] Noctus anxious Blade of Fate *Tranquility*
Drystan gets a violin from a sand robe.

Drystan stops using a spiked whip.
Drystan wields a violin.

Drystan says (in common), 'Anyone else you want present, or shall I begin?'.

You say (in common), 'oh nows fine'.

You grin wickedly.

Drystan tunes his violin.

Drystan smiles happily.

Drystan says (in common), 'Right'.

Drystan says (in common), 'I know you asked for a tale, but I finally ended up setting it to music anyway'.

You rest.

Drystan says (in common), 'Hope you don't mind'.

You say (in common), 'of course not'.

Drystan says (in common), 'This is rather like some of the story-songs, like 'Devil went down to Georgia"'.

Drystan says (in common), 'More a tale told with rhythm, rather than singing'.

Drystan smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'ok :)'.

Drystan begins to play a jaunty tune.

Drystan says, 'The Great Chocolate Battle...'

Myronides spanks you playfully. OUCH!
Drystan grins wickedly.

kis myronides
You kiss him.

Drystan nods in recognition to Myronides.

Drystan smiles happily.

You say (in common), 'youre just in time, myro'.

Drystan grins wickedly.

Myronides kisses you.

Myronides says (in elven), 'eh?'.

Drystan nods.

You say (in common), 'drystan has a song for me'.


Drystan nods.

You say (in common), 'about....'.

Drystan smiles happily.

Myronides rests.

Myronides says (in elven), 'chocolate?'.
Drystan says, 'The Great Chocolate Battle...'

You say (in common), 'CHOCOLATE'.

Myronides says (in elven), 'rangers?'.

Drystan grins wickedly.

You snicker softly.

Drystan says (in common), 'Nay, but there's an elf '.
Drystan winks suggestively.

Myronides says (in elven), 'well I knew it had to be one of those or you woulnd't be excited'.

Myronides squeezes you fondly.

You laugh.

Drystan chuckles, evidently amused.

Drystan says (in common), 'Ready?'.

You say (in common), 'really ready now'.

You whistle a little tune to yourself.

Drystan smirks.

Drystan sings, 'Oh, it happened long ago, in a land not far from here, that The Battle for that ol' brown gold took place,'

Drystan sings, 'The champions of both sides would fight, and to the victor'd go the right to choose how all such things would future taste.'

Drystan sings, 'One side was steeped in darkness, so it called itself 'The Dark,' and it covered much the land like so much silk,'

Drystan sings, 'But the others were of lighter stock, and after some intriguing talk, they chose to simply call themselves 'The Milk.''

Drystan sings, 'Oh, they fought in the valleys and they fought on the mounds and they fought for bars and chips,'

Drystan sings, 'And they fought to choose the flavor true that'd pass their hungry lips!'

Someone grabs his ears in agony!

Drystan whispers to the side, 'That's the chorus'

Drystan sings, 'From the former came a troll, teeth like knives and eyes like coal, and the club he swung was bone from papa's thigh,'

Drystan sings, 'He was the heir and last in line, a situation he liked fine, 'cause Heir Shee's chance to rule was now quite nigh.'

Drystan sings, 'His opponent was a flyer, an old aara thin like wire, and he scorned the use of any weapon made,'

Drystan grins wickedly.

Drystan sings, 'The art he chose was martial, of a style he felt partial, for Nest-Lee he was a black belt, seventh grade.'

Drystan plays back into the chorus tune.

Drystan sings, 'Oh, they fought in the valleys and they fought on the mounds and they fought for bars and chips,'

Drystan sings, 'And they fought to choose the flavor true that'd go with orange like pips!'

Drystan sings, 'These two met on top a peak, at Mars' altar of which few speak, to consecrate the fight to soon be fought,'

Drystan sings, 'And as they swore their one intent, they saw appear a golden cent, 'twas foil wrapped around the thing they sought.'

Drystan sings, 'With cries of rage they did engage in such a clash to start an age and the battle now was joined in full,'

Drystan sings, 'So days flew by and blood flew far, and each took strikes designed to mar, but never was there seen a break or lull.'

Drystan plays the chorus again.

Drystan sings, 'Oh, they fought in the valleys and they fought on the mounds and they fought for bars and chips,'

Drystan sings, 'And they fought to choose the flavor true they'd sip in tiny sips!'

Drystan smiles happily.

You gasp in astonishment.

You say (in common), 'tiny sips?'.

Drystan sings, 'And that is why they never saw K'robbe, the elf outside the law, who snuck on up to spy the fray first hand,'

Myronides snickers softly.

Drystan nods in recognition to you.

Drystan sings, 'Or noticed when he helped himself to the coin upon the shelf and left instead a thing both sides had banned.'

Myronides says (in elven), 'Marisa prefers inhales'.

Drystan sings, 'At last Heir Shee he tried a kiss, meant to kill it sadly miss', and opened up the way for Nest-Lee's crunch,'

Drystan sings, 'Stunned by the blow the troll dropped low and his fate he then did know as the aara struck the final punch.'

Drystan sings, 'Oh, they fought in the valleys and they fought on the mounds and they fought for bars and chips,'

Drystan sings, 'And they fought to choose the flavor true that'd stick to all their hips!'

Drystan sings, 'Bloody but unbowed 'Lee took the coin left in the altar's nook, but when they touched he knew it was not right,'

Drystan sings, 'For twix' the golden foil wrap there was that nasty carob cr...ud that none called sane would ever want to bite.'

Drystan sings, 'The master howled in mad defeat, but swore someday the thief to meet, then left to find his brethren choco-lot,'

Drystan sings, 'And K'robbe watched from shadowed trees, bit the coin and snickered, 'Pu-leeze, the bestest way to eat this stuff is 'hot'!''

Drystan whispers, ''Cause it was stolen, you see.'

Myronides snickers softly.

Drystan sings, 'Thus no flavor reigns supreme, from chocolate cake to fudge ice cream, and why the carob stuff is here to stay,'

Drystan sings, 'And to show our lasting thanks for dear K'robbe and his pranks, we form his namesake in that gold today!'

Drystan grins wickedly.

Drystan gets a chocolate bunny from a sand robe.

Myronides pats Drystan on his back.

Drystan juggles a chocolate bunny.

You grin wickedly.

Drystan bows deeply.

You drool all over Drystan.

Drystan says (in common), 'The thing is'.

You say (in common), '(that's applause)'.

You say (in common), 'its just kinda wet'.

Drystan says (in common), 'Middle Dutch (chocolate?) for rabbit is 'robbe''.

Drystan smiles happily.

Drystan chuckles, evidently amused.

Drystan gives you a chocolate bunny.

You cheer enthusiastically at the way things are going.

eat bunny
You eat a chocolate bunny.
You are no longer hungry.

Myronides snickers softly.

Drystan says (in common), 'Well, that bit went over well'.

Drystan grins wickedly.

You say (in common), 'hope i was supposed to eat it'.

Drystan stops using a violin.

Drystan nods.

Myronides tickles you - hee hee hee.

Drystan smiles happily.

You grin wickedly.
Drystan wields a spiked whip.

You tell Drystan (in common), 'thanks for making it :)'.=

who drystan
1 player.
Aar [       Sh:19       ] Drystan ep Aran, apprenticed to no one.

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