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Torchbearer: RE: Plato: Wisdom and DB
Sun Dec 16 16:47:38 2001
To: The followers of Wisdom and all other "Goods"

We welcome any attacks from any so-called "good" following that has weak policies
regarding the interactions between themselves and evil. We understand that not
everyone can be on the front lines crucifying the wicked, but supporting the
cause of evil by allowing yourselves the freedom of aiding it is against the Holy
Spirit of Goodness (read HELP GOOD if you disagree). Perhaps by the grace of
JohnPaul your souls of duplicity will find peace with the Truth of the Dawn. If
not, do not expect us to mourn for those foolish enough to thrust themselves into
the points of our righteous blades.
Teluin: Torchbearer you foul creature of the night, and your pitiful minions...
Sun Dec 16 17:31:33 2001
To: all
You dare question our true sight of Good? How dare you, you attack one who was only put on your f-just list,
because they got permission from one of your followers follower, nay, one of my friends to do so, and you _dare_ question _our_ righteous hearts?
You are but a foul being hiding yourself from your own conscience, by your self-proclamation of good,
A single Wisdom has yet to raise their blade to one of your creatures of the night, who but flee at the pure rising sun, but that shall soon be changed
You are a disease to this land, and we, the _true_ goods, are the cure.

Rath: Uh huh
Sun Dec 16 18:38:02 2001
To: all
1.Rooting out and killing all who help any forms of evil is just an overzealous
continuation of what the cookie cutter blue followings do.
-To expand,most of the blue followings today are the exact same thing,with basically
the same rules.In particular, they only attack those who attack them, or in most cases,
just the Conclave.The Dawnbringers just took it a step further,and are desposing
of the people who help evil.They are innocent in the minds of standard,boring blues,
but the Dawnbringers seek to take out evil by it's roots.Good for them.
2.Bravo for someone finally taking a stand on the line between blue and red.
-While the Dawnbringers actions are deceptive and evil,not one of the self proclaimed
blues should be surprised.They use a means to an end,just as a majority of the other
followings do.Many followings use the pk model system and the weak rules for good
and evil seperation to consolidate attacks instead of fighting evil.A reminder to all
of you.Murder is still murder.Justice is only a word people use to dress it up,to
make themselves feel better.Regardless of whether the person was a killer or not,
the taking of a life is murder.Remember that,blues,when you try and toot your self
righteous horn next time in a note.The trite line often supplied to justify the
mixing of good and evil was "determine evil by actions,not aura".That's pretty funny,
as it is just a sentence to take alignment out of the game,and into individual
perspective,which is the means to allow teamwork between good and evil.
What am I trying to say?Three things:
1.Followings with a different outlook are cool.Cookie cutter followings (I won't name names), suck
2.A step towards the age old,and I believe intended,fight of good vs evil is a POSITIVE influence
3.AURA,the intended divisor between good and evil,needs to be used more strictly,to prevent
While I'd kill every Dawnbringer where they stood,I applaud them having a back bone
and taking a stand in something that isn't popular (Aka fence sitters).This note
was mostly to defend the Dawnbringers,who are doing something unpopular but something
that needs to be done.
(PS-3rd to last line should read "(Aka killing fence sitters)" )

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