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Tynian: A detriment
Mon Oct 29 19:49:27 2001
To: all
To recap: Last Tuesday, Mael died. Maldobar got corpse. Mael was
working on a quest. Maldobar warned Mael that he would grab corpses, if
there were any. Sound familiar? If not, see my five part mini-series,
titled 'Tuesday's events'.

We've got Mael and his sympathizers, who condemn Maldobar both as a
character and as a player, for grabbing Mael's corpse. A detriment to the
game, I believe I have heard. "Maldobar's the reason this mud has gone
downhill!," they cry. We've got Maldobar and his sympathizes, that point
out that Mael was warned that corpses would be looted, and accuse Mael of
a lack of skill, and besides, Maldobar was just playing his role as an
evil. "Mael wouldn't have returned the corpse had Maldobar died!," they

It's time to move on.

Wherever you stand on the issue, it's unlikely that you'll change your
position. Mael did die, Maldobar did loot the corpse. People are being
really nasty to each other. I say, enough with the taunts, and enough
with the insults. They aren't getting anyone anywhere. You wanna cite
"detriment to the game?" Let's point to the week of bitter rehashing.
What's done is done.

People play for different reasons. TFC is not just about the PKing. TFC
is not just about the role-playing. It's not just a social environment.
It is all of of these things, and the goal is to have fun. Be respectful
of this.


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