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Democritus: A revalation of Nash.
Mon Feb 19 21:45:31 2001
To: all
Hello, I am Democritus, a young dwarf from dwarvenhold. I was
born a mutant, and was scorned all of my life for this.
Perhaps this is the reason why Nash chose me to relay his message
to all of you.

He came to me in the middle of a fight. At first I thought he was a
claver and swung my rapier across his neck. Much to his amusement it
went right through him as though he were a ghost.

"Who are you?" I asked, beginning to fear for my life.

"I am Nash. I am the creator of your world." he said.

"Bah! Nash doesn't exist!" I replied, as i was sure he didn't.

From here he proceeded to explain to me of his existence and
origin. They were much different then the lies currently said
about him. He left, he said, when some young man named
Sirak discovered his existence through an incantation. The
young man was so possessed with his lust for power, he
began to create myth's of this deity he had found, and worse
in his arrogance, proclaimed to be his son. Nash realized
that at this point he had one of two options. He could destroy
the world, or let it remain, and leave it.

"But why not stay?" I asked him. "Surely you could have slay'n
this fool boy who claimed your name."

"Can you kill an idea? Can you kill a lie so easilly? I could
wipe everyone's memory clear of my existence, but if i do
this, I might as well recreate the world again.
No. I had to choose the latter Democritus. I could not stay
to watch myself so blasphemed, but i would not destroy that
which i created either."

"Then...why have you returned? To what purpose?" I asked.

"I found I made a grave error." he told me. "I thought that
this false faith would grow into myth perhaps, leaving it's thread
in the pattern as all other faith's have. But it has not. It has become
a cyst upon this world."

"So what do you want of me? I already kill these false followers of yours
when I get the opportunity."

"I am leaving this world again. Perhaps it will die. I do not care any longer.
I simply need a messenger. Most will not believe your message, but that is
nothing. The seeds of doubt must grow in order to kill the tree of faith.
You can kill off these fools, but can you kill off their beliefs? No."

"And that is all? You want me to deliver this...message for you?"
At this he grinned the most evil grin I have ever witnessed. It reminded me
of the Nash I had been told about as a child.

"Oh no Democritus. Kill as many of these blasphemers as you possibly can."

With this he winked, and was gone. The next thing I remember I was
waking up off of the ground, in a puddle of blood that was left by
the severed head of a Patrolguard. Apparantly Nash had a sense of humor.
And so I deliver his message with due haste. Think what you will.
This is what I saw. This is what I now know.

Democritus, the Mutant Cannibal.

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