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The Dead Speaks

[ 27] Molo: Re: Mandrake: Good and Evils
Thu Sep 6 17:57:36 2001
To: all

Did I just hear you call me a whiner? You are pushing it Mandrake and "it" doesn't like to be pushed.

Historically, TFC has always been about Good vs. Evil. This is not a new concept. When I was a mortal, it was against the rules and a punishable offense for me to even be in group with a blue.

The fact that some blues side with these 'so-called' evils of today just demonstrates the fact that there were no good followings left, just blues who have compromised their beliefs for loot, fame, or just plain and simple lack of character seperation.

I applaud Robert's statement of purpose. He is an immortal that is worthy of respect from his friends and his enemies.

If HELP GOOD is out of date, perhaps you should typo it though I doubt a valid policy will be changed over your ideals.

As for 'things going my way', please check pkstats and deathtoll. Get out your calculator. My Conclave is more than capable of facing any two or three followings combined with ease. This isn't bragging, this is a fact.

And incidently, if I see a remark about me again in a note from you Mandrake, you will not be a happy little camper.

Molo the Arch-Lich
Master of the Black Conclave

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