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here is bliss' original note about the dating game, followed by notes relating to it posted on later days.

Bliss: The Dating Game!
Wed Nov 7 23:20:07 2001
To: all

Hear ye, Hear ye:
I am looking for 3 eligible bachelors. They must be tall,
have a good sense of humor, be wordly and adventurous, and
romantic is always a plus.

A very attractive young woman who loves to sing and play the lute,
is interested in going out on an all-expenses paid date anywhere
in the Realm, with the winning Bachelor. She loves the color
purple and is the sweetest thing to hit this realm.

So, if you are interested in participating in the Dating Game,
please post a note to me with a list of your attributes and why
you want to participate. I will pick the 3 most interesting men to
respond and arrange for a time to play the game :)

*theme music plays*

Berrin: RE: Bliss: The Dating Game!
Thu Nov 8 18:12:29 2001
To: all
Thats pretty rascists. Why do they have to be men.
What is wrong with Ogres, Giants, Half-elves, elves, dwarves
We all know whats wrong with halfings.....
Bliss: Re: Berrin and the Dating Game
Thu Nov 8 21:02:37 2001
To: all

Pardon me for using the term "men" when I actually mean:
any male bachelor. So come on, all you male Ogres, Giants, Half-elves,
Elves, Aarakocrans, Gnomes, Minotaurs, Halflings and Humans!
Derth: RE: Bliss: The Dating Game!
Thu Nov 8 23:46:53 2001
To: all
I'd like to part in this!

So my features eh? Here i go:

Quick Witted
Simple Name (Less than 6 characters!)
I often bathe
I'm single!
People say im intellectual
I like to listen
Tall (for a Dwarf)

I can't think of anything else offhand but.. this is a good start

Derth Lin Etrech
Katana: RE: Bliss: The Dating Game
Fri Nov 9 21:56:08 2001
To: all
My attributes are :
IM tall even for a giant
i like to adventure
Im also charming or so im told

Katana Thorn shamanic Giant of Darkness
Okk: Re: The dating game!
Sat Nov 10 23:52:10 2001
To: all
I am a powerful immortal shaman.
I am a devastatingly handsome ogre with excellent charisma and a great sense of humor!
I am a Master Chef!
AND I have this bee-yoo-tee-ful PURPLE aura!

And my best quality is:

It doesn't matter to me what is on the outside, it's what's on the inside (the taste, that is) that counts *wink*

Respectfully submitted,
Okk Orthrakai

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