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Corri and the Weaver's Mirror

2/4/01 PM

Corri arrives from the north.
Corri knocks softly at the doorframe.

Cordir smiles quietly.

Corri smiles in return, moving into the temple.
Corri says (in common), 'good morning, Lady'.

Corri brushes her curls back in the star-like light.

Cordir smiles quietly.
Cordir says, 'Its good to see you, Corri'.

Corri grins quickly.
Corri says (in common), 'and good to be seen!'.

Cordir says, 'You've been well missed.'.

Corri says (in common), 'everything seems so perfectly alive'.

Corri's eyes sparkle with a fresh energy.

Corri says (in common), 'and yourself, how do you fare?'.

Cordir says, 'Other than the current idiocy with Maldobar and Pacho...'.

Corri looks around for someplace to settle for the

Cordir says, 'I am doing quite well.'.

Corri motions with her hand, indicating she knows nothing of the goings on
of the two...

Corri smiles crookedly, her eyes settling to the west.

Cordir smiles quietly.

Corri wanders over and curls up against the jade archway.

Corri says (in common), 'what idiocy is this, and how does it concern you?'.

Cordir says, 'Maldobar and Pacho are mocking me on Gossip.'.

Corri frowns slightly.

Cordir shrugs slightly.

Corri says (in common), 'that certainly explains it'.

Cordir says, 'I expect nothing less from them.'.

Corri says (in common), 'perhaps..... '.
Corri says (in common), 'but of all the targets, it seems a poor pick'.

Cordir shrugs slightly.
Cordir says, 'I'm not well liked.'.

Corri shrugs, and leaves it be.
Corri says (in common), 'will you tell me?'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Corri says (in common), 'the why of it..'.

Cordir says, 'Tell you what?'.
Cordir says, 'Why I am not liked?'.

Corri says (in common), 'I would not have thought that.'.
Corri nods to your understanding.

You ponder the question.
Cordir says, 'First, I was excommunicated.'.
Cordir says, 'The Nashites don't much like that.'.

Corri grins, bemused, and nods.

Cordir says, 'Secondly... I am a woman.'.

Corri plays absently with the end of her sleeve.

Cordir says, 'Men such as Maldobar don't like women in positions of power.'.

Cordir shrugs slightly.
Cordir says, 'Pacho has never liked me.'.

Corri says (in common), 'or atleast, only in one position of power.'.
Corri grins fleetingly to herself.

Cordir smiles wryly.

Cordir says, 'They enjoy insulting my time line.'.
Cordir says, 'Saying its biased.'.

Corri says (in common), 'not enough people to hunt, and they are bored,

Cordir says, 'There is a note ON the time line page that acknowledges its
bias - I don't report the actions of Anathema'.

You nod in recognition to her.

Corri chuckles ruefully, and watches the flames in the hearth.

Corri says (in common), 'does your following still thrive?'.

Cordir says, 'it has in the last week or so.'.
Cordir says, 'It is starting to grow once more.'.

Corri says (in common), 'cycles...'.

Cordir says, 'I was absent for a time'.
Cordir says, '(no net access)'.

Corri nods easily.

Cordir says, 'But that has shifted.'.

Corri glances again at the flame, and is taken in by the images they flicker
at her.

Corri blinks, losing the images before their completion.

Corri smiles, acknowledging her lapse of attention to the conversation at

Corri says (in common), 'are you content, with your role?'.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Aye.'.

Corri says (in common), 'with where you are within the realm'.
Corri nods again.

Cordir says, 'It has shifted and changed, a great deal.'.

Corri says (in common), 'since how long ago...what time frame do you speak

Boromir has entered the game.
You smile at him.

Boromir grins happily.

Cordir says, 'Boromir, welcome back'.

Corri waits patiently, used to the phase in phase out nature of immortlas.

Boromir bows before Cordir.

Cordir says, 'forgive me, Corri.'.

Boromir smirks.
Boromir grins happily.

Cordir says, 'There is quite a banter going on.'.

Boromir ruffles Corri's hair playfully.
Corri ruffles Boromir's hair playfully.

Corri smiles crookedly.

Boromir says (in common), 'Hi Corri : )'.

Corri licks boromir from chin to hairline.

Boromir winks at Corri.

Cordir says, 'I was gone from about November through January'.

Someone ruffles Corri's hair playfully.

Cordir says, 'And have been back for most of January.'.

Corri says (in common), 'no worries at all, Lady. IAWK'.
Corri startles, jumping up from her seat.

Corri says (in common), 'who joins us here?'.

Corri casts her eyes around, searching for a glimmer of air to mark a

Boromir ftells, 'whoelse is here? '.

Cordir ftells, 'Corri'.
Boromir ftells, 'aside from her :) '.

Corri yawrls softly, always hating to not be in the know...and not bothering
to hide it this day, even a whit.

Corri looks at Boromir.

Boromir just chuckles ..
Boromir winks at Corri.

Corri smiles crookedly.

Corri gives in to the whim, and tucks the silver lock of hair escaped from
its braiding back behind boromir's ear.
Corri winks.
Corri curls back up against the western archway.

Arga arrives from the north.

Corri ruffles Arga's hair playfully.
Corri looks at Arga.
Arga blushes.

Corri smiles crookedly.
Corri studies you again.
Corri looks at Arga.
Arga blushes.

Corri says (in common), 'welcome and hello'.

Cordir smiles quietly.

Arga says (in common), 'hi'.

Cordir says, 'Welcome'.

Arga says (in common), 'thank you'.

Boromir says (in common), 'Hi Arga :)'.

Arga says (in common), 'hello, Someone'.

Boromir grins happily.

Corri yawrls softly.

Boromir says (in common), 'just little ole me '.
Boromir smiles happily.

Within The Tapestry of Fate
[Exits: north up]
Stepping through the spider-web, you find yourself standing beneath
stars... no, not stars, but strands of light, their incandescent glow
back the darkness that would otherwise overcome you.

You stand on a circular cathedra of dusky marble striated with silvery
gray. Four titanic, equidistantly spaced archways of albescent jade yearn
upward towards the lights above you. Sable fires seethe within three of
them, a spider-web filling the fourth. In the center of the rostrum stands
intricately carved wooden loom. It is cool here, like the first misty chill
twilight, and you shiver slightly, hair prickling on the back of your neck
you realize: Perhaps this is no place for a mortal to be.
The Loom of the Weaver is here, coruscating with an unearthly radiance.
Arga is here.
(Light Cyan Aura) Boromir is here.
Corri is here.

whois arga
1 player.
Aar [ Sh:10 ] Arga Arga Arga Arga

Arga snickers with Boromir about their shared secret.

Corri looks at Boromir.

Arga says (in common), 'what?! gossip shut off?'.
Arga gasps in astonishment.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'amazing. And I didn't even have to silence anyone.'.

Boromir grins happily and rolls his eyes.

Corri reaches out to finger the writhing tattoo which boromir wears with

Cordir says, 'the argument about my time line is .... silly. Its like
complaining that the sun is bright. The sun has always been bright. It will
not cease to be bright.'.

Arga says (in common), 'in Arizona, the sun IS bright'.

Cordir says, 'It is not an issue of fairness, how bright it is.'.

Corri smiles softly to Cordir, a mildly puzzled look.

Arga nods.

Corri rests.

Cordir says, 'It simply ... is... what it is.' She shrugs slightly.

Corri smiles absently to herself again, glancing back at the flames.

The ebon fires flicker.

Corri says (in common), 'I admit, Lady'.
Corri glances back at the Lady with a grin.

Cordir says, 'Yes? What confession, Corri?'.

Corri says (in common), 'the first image grabs my attention quite strongly

l flame2
The universe at its inception stretches before you, the work of the High
the Maker, the Enchanter and the Destroyer. Then, lesser deities manifest,
each with their own purview. Next, one of the many forces of nature takes on
an Aspect, that of Servants to the Three High Ones. A vital part of
they diligently tend the sphere granted them: The Tapestry of Fate, creating
a Pattern that helps push back the Void that surrounds the Realm.
Birth, Life, Death.
Maiden, Mother, Crone.
Wyrm, Weaver, Wyld.

Cordir nods.

Corri says (in common), 'and as it continues, it lose the connection and
drift back away'.

l flame3
The newly made deities war among themselves. Unnoticed by the bickering
Immortals, an Adversary secretly rises in power. At the High Ones' order,
Servants of Fate search for one individual to be the keystone of Their plan.
The man is found and the scroll placed in his path. As intended, the scroll
is torn, the universe destroyed, and a codex thrown into the Place Between
Void and the Pattern. A serene voice murmurs in your mind: *Nash. Fated to
destroy the world, in Their plan to eradicate the Adversary. But the plan
failed, for we and the Adversary were swept along with the Book into the
and lost for time beyond comprehension. Nashites within the Chosen give Him
respect as one who meets their destiny, acts upon it, and triumphs, and
Him by following that example and aiding others to do the same. But not all
who serve Me serve Him as well.*

Corri says (in common), 'but i can look at that first flame again and again,
and be content'.
Corri smiles quietly, a soft and private smile.

Corri curls back up against the jade archway.

Cordir says, 'The other flames are simply there to share more, for those of
an inquisitive mind. But the first flame is the one that captures My eyes
most of all, as well.'.

Corri laughs good-naturedly, but startles at your second words and nods.

Boromir idly floats in the corner ... lost in thought.

Corri says (in common), 'and you, Mister Boromir..'.
Corri grins fleetingly.

Boromir says (in common), 'hmmm? '.

Corri says (in common), 'which flame draws yoru eyes?'. She motions to the

Boromir says with a smile, 'each one in its own time.'

Corri nods, smiling warmly.

Cordir says, 'Corri, which Threads call to you? Look at the Tapestry. Which
calls your eyes'.

Corri nods in thanks, looking...
Corri is lost in the threads, searching. ... ....

Cordir says, 'let me know if you recognize any of those pictured in the

Arga snickers softly.
Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Cordir says, 'What amuses you, Arga?'.

Arga says (in common), 'my youth '.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.
Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Arga eats raw worms with rice.
Arga says (in common), 'i see beings i have only heard fleetly stories

Boromir raises an eyebrow.
Boromir smiles happily.

Cordir says, 'within the Threads in the Tapestry?'.

Arga nods.

Boromir seems lost in thought again.

Cordir says, 'Many have, indeed, left the Realm.'.

Cordir says, 'Typhon,... Madman.... Palin, my Apprentice....'.

Boromir perks at the mentoin of Palin.

Cordir says, 'Talmud, My Theologian - though he visits on occaision.... '.

Boromir sighs loudly.

Cordir says, 'Abender the Stormreaver... Jahiliya, my Sister...'.

Boromir sighs loudly.

Cordir says, 'my daughter and husband, Mireya & Deamhan...'.

Cordir smiles sadly, and murmurs, 'Many are not often seen. Lord
Foolkiller... Trakker...'.

Boromir says (in common), 'Lord Foolkiller'.
Boromir sighs loudly.

Cordir says, 'But the Threads change. The Pattern itself shifts. And in
time, other Threads come to prominance.And others fade into the background
of the weaving.'.

Arga nods.

Boromir nods slowly .. thinking of his former Liege Lord Foolkiller.

Cordir says, 'He is content where he is, Boromir...'.

Boromir nods.

Cordir gets Foolkiller's Mess from (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the
Cordir says, 'And not forgotten'.

She grins mischievously.
Cordir puts Foolkiller's Mess in (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant of the

Boromir smiles slowly.

Cordir juggles the Library of Cosmic Truths.
Cordir gets the mighty axe Foolslicer from bag made from Borlan hide.

Boromir sighs loudly.

Cordir puts the mighty axe Foolslicer in (Tattooed) (Writhing) The Covenant
of the Chosen.
Cordir says, 'now THAT I have been tempted to use as recently as this

Boromir chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir smiles ruefully.

Boromir laughs, saying, 'and it wasnt me for once!'.

Arga chuckles, evidently amused.
Boromir laughs.

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Indeed, it was not. Though, that's usually Punslicer. No
matter how you cut it... its always cheesy!'.
Cordir pokes him in the ribs.

Boromir says (in common), '*sigh* yes .. just more punishement for poor ole
me '.
Boromir grins happily.

Cordir nibbles a still-warm freshly baked cookie.
Cordir taunts Boromir with the cookie.

Boromir laughs.

Boromir ftells, 'I have chocolae cake .. with thick creany frosting *waves
fork* '.
Cordir ftells, 'don't like cake.'.

Arga eats raw worms with rice.
Arga licks her lips and smiles.

Cordir says, 'Boromir knows that I make cookies for my RL sweetie every day
or two and keeps demanding that I mail him some.'.

Boromir says (in common), 'more like every hour :) '.

Boromir ftells, 'its ok .. I was waving the frosting ;) '.

Cordir says, 'I think I'd rather eat cookies than worms and rice.'.

Boromir rolls his eyes.

Arga says (in common), 'the food vendor only offers certain items'.
Arga sniffs sadly.

Cordir nods and says, 'that does make it more challenging.'.

Corri says (in common), 'gold and silver,...midnight..sarcastic gray..fiery
Corri's eyes focus again.

Cordir says, 'do you recognize them?'.

l silver
Lightly touching a finger to the silver strand within the Pattern, you see a
moonlit elven garden, curtained off from the rest of the Realm by a delicate
wall of spider-webs. As you scan the area a second time, a preternaturally
still figure gradually becomes visible: a vampire, standing gracefully tall,
looking up at the night sky. He turns, and a slow, sensual smile lights up
his face. "Love? I hadn't expected you this ear-- You're not her." The smile
disappears instantly, to be replaced by chilling menace. "Who are you? What
are you doing looking among my Lady's private things? You are _not_ welcome
here." He makes an abrupt, angry gesture. There is a sudden flash of
darkness, and your eyes sting; you see nothing more of the garden or the

Corri chuckles softly, shaking her head.
Corri says (in common), 'not those...though perhaps i see..jahiliya?'.

Cordir says, 'Gold... my kin-sib, Jahiliya... Silver... my husband,

Corri says (in common), 'and silver..'.

Corri looks awk.
Corri nods.

Cordir says, 'Midnight... my Ordained Shadow... Nyx... Sarcastic Grey -
Ptarchyzk... Fiery Red - my Apprentice, Palin D'henoke'.

Boromir smirks.

Corri's eyes suddenly flash fearful at Nyx's name.

Cordir frowns, asking, 'Why fear, of Nyx?'.

Corri smiles tightly.

Cordir says, 'I know for a fact he has not drawn blood since his rebirth'.

Corri says (in common), 'he reminds me of why i often avoid you..'.

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.
Cordir says, 'and why is that, Corri?'.

Boromir perks up at that comment.

Corri says (in common), 'and his rebirth would in fact be the event which
caused me to avoid this place for...'.
Corri frowns and says, '50 years? 100? I lose track so easily'.

Boromir says (in common), 'closer to 400 :) '.

Corri says (in common), 'it displeases me greatly that I am drawn by that

Boromir says (in common), 'like the bird and the snake ;) '.

Cordir asks quietly, 'And what about My Shadow causes you such pain, Corri?

Corri says (in common), 'though i understand ptarchyzk, and deamhan's.'.

Cordir says, 'I do not often invite folk in...'.
Cordir opens the Pattern-Web.

Boromir ftells, 'he probably chased her around or something'.

Cordir says, 'Come up to my garden.'.

A Moonlit Garden
Area: Temple Area
[Exits: down]

Cordir ftells, 'everyone is invited.'.

Corri arrives from below.

Arga arrives from below.

Corri comes in slowly, eyeing everying around suspiciously.

Boromir arrives from below.
Boromir bows before Cordir.
Cordir beams a smile at Boromir.

Corri is indeed, afraid to move too far into the garden.

Boromir floats over to the corner and settles in.

Corri's eyes take in the pool, the webs, the leaves and air.

Corri shifts uncomfortably as she senses the garden is not .. real? ...

Boromir gestures ... a pillow appears behind his back and he reclines.

Boromir grins happily.

Cordir says, 'it is as real as I wish it to be, Corri. This is My place.'.

Corri moves further into the garden, settled slightly by boromir's manner.

Cordir says, 'Crafted out of heart and time, hope and love.'.

Corri nods tightly.

Cordir says, 'once upon a time.. it was part of the Elven Homestead.
However... I made it Mine.'.

Boromir yawns and actually looks sleepy.

Cordir says, 'Shifting it through time and the Pattern.'.

Cordir gestures at the web curtains and says, 'Seperating it from the rest
of the Realm.'.

Corri looks around with a further interest, remaining where she is.
Corri looks to the silver ash, enchanted.

Boromir gets more comfortable in the tree roots and seems to doze.

Corri is startled by boromir's movements, and breaks the entrancement long
enough to finish looking around.

Boromir creates another pillow for his head and really gets comfortable.

Cordir gestures slightly.
Spiders creep out of the webs, and begin weaving a silvery blanket covering

Boromir smiles sleepily
Boromir yawns.
Boromir says sleeplily ... wake me if anything exciting happens

Cordir says, 'Does this place make you more comfortable, Corri? The temple
seemed to be disturbing you.'.

Corri is drawn to the north of the space, reaching out to feel the silver
ash, to see if its solid.
Corri looks up, startled...

Cordir says, 'It is real. As real as I wish it to be.'.

Corri says (in common), 'that i identified at all with Nyx disturbs me
greatly, Lady.'.

Cordir says, 'Why? He is a gentleman of honor and dignity. A bearer of

Corri says (in common), 'and that it reminded me of why I so long avoided
you also disturbs me greatly. Time had...dimmed my fear.'.

Corri nods agreement.
Corri says (in common), 'He is indeed all these things.'.

Cordir says, 'Why fear? What on earth or heaven have you to fear from My
Shadow or I?'.
She frowns, puzzled.

Corri says (in common), 'do you remember his rebirth?'.

Cordir says, 'Which one?'.
Cordir says, 'He has lived thrice.'.

Corri frowns.
Corri says (in common), 'the one I was present for..I do not know which it

Cordir ponders the question.

Corri says (in common), 'i have never been more chilled or more fearful..'.
Corri smiles wryly.

Cordir says, 'There is much about the Triat in Nyx, and that can be deeply

Corri says (in common), 'I tend to not feel is the dryad in me.
feckless and reckless.'.

You tell Arga, 'Anytime you need the door opened, just let me know. = ) '.
You tell Arga, 'We're both long winded.. = ) '.

Corri tries to recall the details, the images, from beyond the emotions
which remained with her fo the event.

Boromir stirs ..sits up.. wrapping the silver web around like an afghan ..

Corri says (in common), 'there was darkness. He was taken into nothingness'.

Cordir nods and says, 'Aye.'.

Arga tells you (in common), 'nod... finding challenging to take all this

Cordir says, 'The Triat took him, took his Name. He was Night. He became

Corri jolts slightly, nodding.
Corri says (in common), 'you took him away from himself'.

Cordir shakes her head in the negative. 'Simply ... an identification. Which
he gave up by choice.'.

Corri stands against the ash, its comforting bark at her back.

Cordir says, 'It ... honed him. As the fire burns away impurities within
steel. So did becoming Nyx and shedding Night hone he would would be My

Corri says (in common), 'you took away his Name, his Self, everything he
was.. yes, his ordainment..'.

Cordir says, 'No, simply his Name. He has grown through each of his
lifetimes. To be honest, his greatest foe is not the Triat's tamperings in
his life, but rather that of the Guil.... er... never mind.'.
Cordir blushes slightly and coughs.
Cordir says, 'That is his pattern. And not for casual talk.'.

Boromir ftells, 'the guild of theives ... a harsh guild'.

Corri says (in common), 'the impurities in the steel'.

Cordir nods once, silently.

Corri says (in common), 'and what remained was the pure essense of him,

Cordir says, 'his third rebirth, yes. Not the second, which you name.'.

Corri says (in common), 'so oit took you three tries to burn away his Self,

Cordir smiles sadly.
Cordir says, 'Corri, you seem hellbent upon misinterpretation.'.

Corri says (in common), 'a rebirth does not burn out pieces of identity!'.

Cordir says, 'Are you still the feckless girl that you were when you first
emerged from your tree? or has the experiences of your life changed you?
Caused you to grow, through pain and joy?'.
She arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Corri says (in common), 'I have Never Had a Tree. I am rooted in my Self,
and my self will never be taken away from me as my tree was never part of

Cordir says, 'The Triat demanded his name as Night, yes. However, it did not
change _who he was_... it gave him a direction.'.

Boromir ftells, 'corri can talk in a manner taht makes a pretzel look like a
straight line :) '.
Boromir ftells, 'I should have said someting .. I have talked with her
before : )'.

Corri says (in common), 'I will root in only that which I cannot have
stolen, to Never have that again'.

Cordir says, 'His second rebirth, was at MORTAL hands.... NOT those of the

Corri says (in common), 'and Nyx...and his Lady...'.

Cordir says, 'And yes, in that, he lost much.. His mind was hurt.'.

Corri returns to herself, finding her hands clenched tightly.

Boromir stretches .. and stands up .. refreshed.
Boromir grins happily.

Cordir says, 'Each decision in life, Corri, changes and shapes one. Certain
moments can be a rebirth. Boromir... are you still the same _identical_ man
who served Lord Foolkiller?'.

Corri says (in common), 'rebirth I understand....remolding I understand..'.

Boromir pauses for a moment

Cordir says, 'or did you change when I set that Ward upon your flesh?'.

Boromir says (in common), 'No I am not completely the same. I am ... more
... hmmmm passive as it were ...more prone to think and then act'.

Corri says (in common), 'but burning away your identity in that
Corri looks haunted.

Cordir sighs, exasperated.

Boromir laughs.

Corri says (in common), 'I would not survive what made Nyx .. stronger.?'.

Boromir says (in common), 'not all would'.

Cordir says, 'Nyx did not loose himself... his identity.... he lost a NAME.
That is all.'.

Boromir says (in common), 'a name is a sequnce of sounds .. that is all he
lost .. for he is whom he is .. .under any name'.

Corri pulls away from herself slightly.
Corri says (in common), ' you have a memory of that event that you
can show me again the events'.

Cordir says, 'Nyx's rebirth?'.

Corri says (in common), 'did any write of it, or record it..'.

Cordir says, 'I will not pull that image from the Pattern. It is far too a
private thing.'.

Corri says (in common), 'the one I speak of...'.

Boromir falls silent .. idly tracing the pattern.

Corri says (in common), 'the one I was present for'.

Cordir says, 'I am uncomfortable even speaking of it. The Shadow is a deeply
private man.'.

Corri wodners if we are speaking of the same event...

Boromir nods in recognition to Cordir.

Corri says (in common), 'perhaps i misunderstand..since i was present i
assumed it was not private?'.

Cordir smiles quietly. 'I think you speak of his _rememberance_ of those
events. Not the event itself.'.

Corri says (in common), 'i do not know - i freely admit my mind remembers
Very little of the event, and Very much of the reactions it stirred in me. i
hoped to see again what I saw, to view it with less of ..shall we say... my
own personal issues involved.'.

Arga blinks.

Corri says (in common), 'the impression i was coldly left with was that his
Name was a symbol and a truth of him Self.'.

Cordir says, '(speaking ooc - I'm not sure what specific RP you're
Cordir says, '(I vaguely remembering Nyx sharing in rememberance that time,
but I don't think I have a log.''.

Corri says (in common), '(nod - i'm sure it was that was
at a 'story time' style session - many were present.. perhaps cirth would
remember more...I warned him to be careful, afterwards, in a letter.'.

Corri says (in common), 'he gave up who he was, Lady....'.
Corri now looks puzzled, wondering if she was wrong...
Corri fingers the bark, unconsciously nervous.

Cordir says, '(a moment, scanning)'.

Corri says (in common), '(fk might remember something about it..he has a
good memory, and we spoke ooc about corri's reaction, tho he was not

Cordir has half a billion files with NYX in them.

Corri snickers.

Arga shuffles toward... what door?!

Boromir thinks its nyx on a quick find :)

Cordir opens the pattern-pool.
Arga curtseys gracefully for Cordir.
Arga leaves down.

Arga tells you (in common), 'thank you'.

A misty image appears: Corri hands Palmer a pair of fang sheaths.

Corri smiles crookedly.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Corri says (in common), 'I always made him wear those...'.
Corri smiles, bittersweet.
Corri says (in common), 'perhaps, Lady, it is not necessary to find the
exact thread. I am a half dryad. and so, born without a tree.'.

Cordir is really annoyed, now, because she cannot find Nyx's written

Arga tells you (in common), '(almost sorta OOC) allowed me to 'see more of
what TFC is 'really' all about'.
You tell Arga, '*smile* I'm glad that you enjoyed.'.

Corri says (in common), 'you must know what kind of a void that was for me'.

Boromir thinks she should under history :)

Corri says (in common), 'dryads are rooted in their tree, they are completed
by them. I was not complete, not rooted.'.

Cordir nods.

Corri says (in common), 'I learned, after a painful long time.. to sink
those roots into myself. it is the only thing i have which can never be
taken from me. never leave me in that state again, without my tree.'.
Corri brushes the image of the tattooed branches on her arm.
Corri says (in common), 'this is a Large part of why i've never joined a
following, never mated. That would be casting roots into something other
than myself. This is my... issue... that i have recognized...i'll thank you
to both kindly not speak of the shortcoming. I know it a weakness....but it
is how i have constructed myself.'.

Boromir has heard nothing.

Corri says (in common), 'when i heard nyx's spoke directly to
this fear, this weakness, this truth of Self and how i survive...
reaction. '.

Cordir holds up her hands.
The lady closes her eyes, and a Thread of Midnight appears between her

Corri lapses into quiet, and eyes the thread.

A vision sweeps you away to another place and time.
I aided Lady Daliah's cause as best I could for many years as a thief,
and then, suddenly, all changed. As I leapt into the swirling vortex that
hovered over the Altar of S'mierc, in an attempt to cross the realm as I
had so many times before, I was grabbed by something. It was dark, and
powerful, and it swept me away. It was not the vortex I entered that day.
I still do not know what it was, save that it was terrifying. A void
surrounded me, so complete that I could see nothing, hear nothing, feel
nothing, not even my own self. I had no way of knowing how long I floated
there. In such a place an instant could feel as eternity, but eventually
something, an Other, touched my mind. To escape that place, I had to make
a sacrifice. The Other wanted something of mine, of me. I argued that I
had nothing to give, but then It made me see that I did... my name. For
such a thing, It would grant me freedom. At first I refused, and in
response It simply left me. When It returned, I still refused. The third
time It came to me, I agreed. My thoughts were torn and I knew pain, then
the world solidified and I found myself curled up in a ball at the base of
the Altar.

I was home...
I was alone.

My parents were gone. They had left nearly a century before, after I
vanished from the realm. My goddess was gone. None knew where she had
traveled. My world was gone. In my absence, cities had emerged, forests
had grown, and deserts had spread. My name was gone.
I was alone...

I took a new name, Nyx, and began to travel. I was drifting, lost, in
hopes of finding a place in this realm I did not know. I found little
joy, even in my explorations. I had no purpose. I had no meaning. And
then I was Found. One I had known prior to being pulled from the realms
had become immortal, and He saw me. His name was Thaygar, and He asked me
to join His following, and to become a member of the Ebon Hand. I did so,
and I again found purpose...

Corri nods, the hair on her neck standing.
Corri whispers 'this was his tale...'

Cordir nods.

Boromir ftells, 'one without strong roots .. would have not survived'.
Boromir sits down and thinks deeply.
Boromir says (in common), 'that is familar to me '.

Corri says (in common), 'respectfully....the other wanted something. he has
nothing to give...he could sense nothing..'.

Cordir says, 'because he did not consider himself of value. He was thinking
materially - as a thief - posessions, objects...'.

Corri shivers tightly at the idea of being bound into nothing.

Cordir says, 'Rather than the value of himself as a person... His name had
value - but his name was not his identity. He knew himself after offering up
his name. Corri, have you ever been to N'Kai the Black?'.

Corri says (in common), 'but then later...he was lost, without purpose,
without meaning.. all fo the items which gave him identity, all fo the
meanings, and purposes.. i am not certain, Lady'.

Cordir says, 'Because he was lost in time... Not in ESSENCE'.

Boromir nods in recognition to Cordir.

Cordir says, 'He felt lost, because he had no roots. No connection to
others. No sense of place. But Thaygar gave that to him... And he was
'reborn'.... with a sense of purpose.'.

Boromir says (in common), 'no sense to time'.

Corri speaks humbly.
Corri says (in common), 'i should be rooted in my tree, Lady'.

Boromir says (in common), 'and a strong sense of self ;)'.

Corri says (in common), 'if you take away my roots, I am gone again, ripped
apart. for him....he survived. for was a rebirth'.

Boromir says (in common), 'Corri ... you would survie .. for that is the way
you are'.

Corri says (in common), 'for me, I do not think I would have the strength to
recover. Stillbirth, ladly.'.
Corri looks at Boromir with fearful eyes, as you've never seen reflected in
that pale blue.

Boromir ruffles Corri's hair playfully.
Boromir says (in common), 'you would survive. To not fear is to be lost ..
and the fear gives you the strength to survive'.

Corri says (in common), 'I left that room cold, and shaken.'.

Cordir says, 'You would survive, as you do not believe that you would,
because you HAVE set down roots, though you have fooled yourself

Boromir says (in common), 'as would anyone'.

Cordir says, 'You have set down roots in the hearts of friends... and in
time... and in interactions with others. You are rooted in the hearts of
such as Cirth, Palmar, and many, many others.'.

Corri shakes her head pleadingly.

Boromir says (in common), 'do not doubt the strength with in'.
Boromir beams a smile at Corri.

Cordir says, 'you have never DARED to give your heart to others..'.

Corri says (in common), 'in myself lady, i will never leave myself, i will
never be without my roots, my tree, again. In myself lady...myself.'.

Boromir says (in common), 'Nyx never left himself ... '.

Corri's breath comes quickly, hunted.

Cordir looks at Corri with gentle pity in Her gaze.
Cordir says softly, 'Do you truly believe that you have no roots in Cirth?'

Corri continues to shake her head, tears welling in her eyes.....

Boromir sighs loudly.

Corri whispers "Don't ask me that..'

Boromir offers a handkerchef to Corri.

Cordir says, 'For I think it would hurt him to the core if you were truly
gone from the Realm. You may not have roots in him... But he has them within
you. I believe, utterly, that Cirth loves you.'.

Corri speaks even more quietly "He is my Cirth."

Corri squares her jaw and looks up, meeting your gaze.
Corri says (in common), 'I was right to fear you, Lady.'.

Boromir says (in common), 'there is the roots of your life '.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Boromir hooks his thumbs into his weapons belt .. watching

Cordir says quietly, 'Perhaps, Corri. Perhaps, you should fear Me.'.

Corri looks away.

Cordir says, 'Perhaps you should hide from me. And the knowledge of what you
truly are.'.

Corri says (in common), 'I have always loved Cirth.'.

Boromir says (in common), 'a fear ... of finding yourself? '.

Cordir nods, and murmurs, 'I know, little one. And he has loved you.'

Boromir says (in common), 'a fear of finding you are not the weak person you
think you are? '.

Corri says, falsely defiant "and Palmer as well"

Cordir nods.
Cordir says, 'Aye, and Palmer loved you, too.'.

Boromir ftells, 'corri talks in such a way to make a pretzel a straight line
:) '.
Boromir ftells, 'and I do like her ;) '.

Cordir says, 'And others, too...'.

Cordir says, 'But have you ever dared truly give back to them what they
offered you so openly?'.
She arches an eyebrow inquisitively.
Cordir says, 'Or did you simply ... hide? Hurting yourself by being afraid
to risk... and hurting them, leaving them incomplete?'.

Corri raises her chin proudly, but cannot answer.
Corri's chin tightens again, fighting emotion.
Corri says (in common), 'it wouldn't work me.'.

Boromir raises an eyebrow.

Corri says (in common), 'for me, that is'.

Boromir wonders.

Corri says (in common), 'will you leave me even that?'.
Corri says again, desperately 'It wouldn't have worked for me'.

Boromir idly fingers the ring on his hand.

Cordir gestures once more, and the pale, still image of the Scribe of the
Kindred and the Chosen appears.

The Scribe whispers, 'Another season turns, by Demeters touch'
The Scribe whispers, 'And the tides of change, changes nothing much'
The Scribe whispers, 'Life springs to life and dies, while I stand idle by'
The Scribe whispers, 'It wither as it may - not I, it's far too late to die'
The Scribe whispers, 'Another season turns, by Demeters hand'
The Scribe whispers, 'As many others have, since you left our land'
The Scribe whispers, 'The gift of you remains, so let your wandering spirit
The Scribe whispers, 'And wander as you may - not I, I'm here when you

Cordir gestures, and Cirth's image fades.

Corri takes a deep breath, a tear appearing again.

Boromir sits down and thinks deeply.

Cordir places one fingertip beneath Corri's chin, raising her eyes to meet
the Lady's Gaze.
Cordir whispers softly, 'Coward.'

Corri clutches at the tree behind her for comfort.

Cordir releases Corri and takes a step back, turning away.

Corri retreats back to her proud chin, unconvincing even to herself.
Corri faces contorts as she fights noisy tears, though a few escape and roll
away, tightly checked.

Cordir pauses a moment in thought.
Cordir says, 'Yes, I think you were right to fear Me, Corri. For I am
nothing if not a mirror.'.

Boromir says quietly .. Corri .. is this what is its you have feared .. all
these years ?

Cordir says, 'And I force others to see themselves.'.

Corri wipes them from her neck and sinks down at the base of the tree,
wrapping her arms around her knees.

Plato arrives from below.
Plato bows deeply.
Cordir smiles at Plato.

Boromir ftells, 'I do it and the mirror starts laughing '.

Plato bows before Corri.

l corri
You look upon her bared back, finding yourself blinking several times.
Peering closer, you see and aged and well-weathered tree etched
across her back. Branches are drawn down each arm,
the scattering of leaves flowing wistfully across her skin.
The roots are carefully traced down her legs,
tumbling from her hips and snaking to the soles of her feet.
Carried upon her form, a majestic Ash stands proudly
inked in black, earthy brown and shades of muted green.
* * *
You also notice a few small green buds at the ends of the branches,
peeking out from under her coppery curls.
Corri won't win any beauty contests.
Corri is in perfect health.

Corri is using:
<used as light> (Glowing) a war banner
<worn on finger> (Magical) the flickering glass ring
<worn on finger> (Magical) the antique glass ring
<worn around neck> (Magical) the odd azurite amulet
<worn around neck> (Magical) the odd turquoise amulet
<worn on body> (Magical) a suit of leather
<worn on head> a jaunty straw hat
<worn on legs> (Magical) a pair of reinforced leather leggings
<worn on feet> (Magical) a pair of animal hide knee-high boots
<worn on hands> (Magical) a pair of studded leather gloves
<worn on arms> (Magical) a pair of reinforced leather sleeves
<worn about body> (Magical) a fur robe
<worn about waist> (Magical) a reinforced leather belt
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the odd star rose quartz bracelet
<worn around wrist> (Magical) the iridescent jade bracelet
<wielded> (Magical) (Humming) a hand-held crossbow
<wielded off-hand> the Sword of Donjar
<worn with pride> (Red Aura) a black spider silk baldric
<worn with pride> a chipped tusk of boar

Plato giggles.

Corri doesn't even register your arrival, or presence.
Corri sniffs noisily, staring blankly past her knees.

Plato looks at Corri.

Boromir says quietly .. corri ...
Boromir says quietly .. corri? ...

Corri looks over to you.

Plato blushes.

Boromir says quietly .. is this what you have .... avoided all these years?

Boromir settles down near Corri.

Corri looks away again, speaking softly.

Boromir says quietly hmmmm ? ...

Corri says (in common), 'do you know what it is to be born a dryad with no

Cordir pauses a moment and thinks.
Cordir says, 'Do you know what it is to be born without a soul of your

Boromir says (in common), 'no ... but you know what it is .. and have
Boromir says (in common), 'a soul? ... or .... a tree ? '.

Plato nods in recognition to Cordir.

Cordir says, 'Do you know what it is to die, be born into undeath, and watch
those around you grow old and die... watch your loved
ones fade? Corri... we all have our personal soulkillers...'.

Boromir sighs loudly.

Cordir says, 'We ALL fear contact... bindings....

Boromir fingers the ring on his left hand .,,and seems lost to the world.

Cordir says, 'By the Three, I was assaulted and empregnated by my
step-father... did that mean I could not learn to trust and love? NO. It
took me a thousand years... but I learned. Some of us love, and loose that
love, to Time, to Death, to the Pattern...'.

Corri almost whimpers, wishing she could believe herself..."i am my own completeness is with me".

Cordir says, 'Boromir's wife disappeared hundreds of years ago.'.

Boromir looks up startled
Boromir stands up ..

Cordir says, 'You do not see him sniveling and broken beneath a tree. He is
one of My strongest.. Offering his strength to others.'.

Boromir turns away for a moment ..

Cordir says, 'I have no mercy or pity for you, Corri'.

Boromir then turns back around again
Plato pats Boromir on his back.

Cordir says, 'You HURT others and yourself.'.

Corri nods coldly.
Corri says (in common), 'nor would I expect it of you, Lady.'.

Cordir says, 'And you do so out of cowardice, and nothing more than
Cordir shrugs slightly.
Cordir says, 'There are times, in speaking to My beloved Scribe... That I
have seen the sorrow in his eyes.'.

Corri squares her proud chin again, defensively.

Cordir says, 'And ached for him. Ached that he loved so selfish a woman.'.

Boromir looks at Cordir ,,, then at Corri ..
Boromir says nothing.

### Palmer has connected.

Corri knew she needed that defense... but flinches anyhow.

Boromir says almost to himself .. tis better to have loved and lost ,,, than
to never have loved at all and be alone.

Corri says (in common), 'are you finished, Lady.... '.

Cordir says, 'For now.'.

Corri says (in common), 'have I seen enough, or is there more Truth you
would inflict on me.'.

Corri winces visibly as Palmer arrives in the realm.

Boromir shahes his head slowly.

Cordir captures Corri's gaze with Her own once more, but remains silent,
allowing the dryad to see there what she will.

Corri says (in common), 'as you have no mercy or pity ....'.
Corri falls silent.
Corri sees in the mirror more....

Corri says (in common), 'atleast not all is bleak'.
Corri smiles reflexively, bittersweet.

Cordir opens the pattern-pool.

Corri says (in common), 'perhaps i'll be human yet.'.

Corri stands.

Boromir sighs loudly.
Boromir bows before Corri.

Corri bows respectfully.

Plato bows before Corri.

Corri arranges the remains of her constructed self around her.
Corri says (in common), 'Lady.'.

Boromir smiles sadly.

Corri bows.

Cordir says, 'This is a place built by and fore Love, Corri.'.

Corri leaves down.
Corri arrives from below.
Corri pokes her head back up, hoping to hear the rest.

Cordir says, 'I think its best that you depart it, since you deny and
renounce any such vulnerability.'.

Corri's eyes narrow bitterly.

Cordir turns her back on the Dryad.

Boromir ruffles Corri's hair playfully.

Corri says (in common), 'of course - I wouldn't want to impose on that love,
or expect it to reach out in kindness.'.
Corri leaves down.

Cordir snarls, 'Greedy little bitch!'

Boromir says (in common), 'yes,.. but it has to be returned '.
Boromir sighs loudly.

Cordir nods in recognition to Boromir.
Cordir says, 'Aye. Else it is slavery'.

Boromir nods.

Cordir says, 'Love renews and builds...'.

Boromir says (in common), 'a matter of contraol'.

Cordir nods and says, 'A tool. A manipulation'.
Cordir visibly tries to calm herself.

Boromir says (in common), 'a single tree falls before the storm ... a forest
stands forever'.

Cordir nods in recognition to Boromir.

Cordir bows her head, allowing the curtain of her hair to shield her face.
Cordir whispers, 'I miss him... so very, very much.'

Boromir smiles at Cordir.
Boromir comforts Cordir.
Cordir smiles tremulously at Boromir.
Boromir smiles back at cordir.

(End Scene)

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