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Aslan Discusses the Circle

I would like to take this time to explain a bit of what I know of the Circle of Faces.

They are split in four orders of which each must choose when you petition to join.

Inyo are those that are expected to help and teach all. They must never initiate attacks, and are expected to carry out full rp protocol (Akla Aiser Tal etc)

Saya are those that are expected to help and teach. They may choose who they assist, and they may carry out justifications against those who have attacked or slain them. The rp protocol is encouraged.

Ayala are those that may be free with their swords, but are more likely to 'joke around' They are expected to be at least somewhat civil. rp protocol is optional

Kahn are those that devote themselves to hunting. They may be as free with they words as they are with their swords. rp protocol is generally used only in -VERY- formal situations or when it gains them an advantage.

Nakka has taken a stance that his followers may assist/kill/etc whomever they chose, with the exception that they may not attack or slay those they must address as 'Tal' for in Nakka's eyes, they have 'a great spirit'. This is part of the Shaman's quest, is that one earns 'Tal' in their title. (Tal are generally members of the Circle and those that Nakka has allowed 'Tal' in their titles).

Hopefully, this helps us to understand Nakka's followers... If you have any questions, drop me a line, and I'll try my best to answer...

Aslan Tsarran, Chosen of Fate, pines for her fiancé's return

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