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Mael: Don't count on LL private rooms
Tue Sep 25 22:16:38 2001
To: all
The short span of bridge, at least, is no longer private.
People have died to provide you this information.
Nayr: Loth-Llorien Bridge
Tue Sep 25 23:29:07 2001
To: Mael All
My apologies on your death, Mael. There was a posted idea by a newbie
that was having trouble solving the pummel quest because the
room was blocked, and asking for a change. That seemed like a
reasonable request, as there wasn't any good reason for the room to
be solitary other than being narrow. I changed the room to reflect
the wider bridge, and removed the solitary, as part of general
typo fixes. It didn't occur to me that people would use the room as
a "safe" room, especially since as of 9/1, you could be summoned out of
a solitary or private room. Had I realized it was used like that,
I would have posted something about the change.
See me, I'll give you an interesting toy to get you started again.

-Nayr the Wise, Area Coordinator
Whoz: Dishonour amongst Evils
Wed Sep 26 01:46:25 2001
To: all
Is anyone else OUTRAGED by the death of Mael, given the circumstances?
I agree with changes to the world, but taking the RL point of view,
I think Mael would have though to himself "My, this bridge is much
wider that it used to be... hell, someone else could get in here with
me. I won't rest here after all."

If the Conclave was any kind of HONOURABLE following, as they claim,
they would have returned the corpse immediately after Nayr's note.
I don't believe this did happen. But, from the following that brought
you LD kills, can we expect anything more?

Yours disappointedly,
Whoz'onE of Unity (an honourable following)
Tylorn: RE: Whoz: Dishonour amongst Evils
Wed Sep 26 12:32:21 2001
To: all
First of all there was NO dishonor in what was done to Mael unfortunately for him he just wasn't aware of a code change.
No rules were broken by the Conclave and Mael learned a valuable lesson, use "SAFE ROOMS" only as a safe room.
Secondly, the Conclave killed an enemy of theirs, why in the heck shouldn't they keep the corpse?
Because Mael wasn't aware of a code change? Give me a break. Let us all claim ignorance to code changes...
that cause us to die so that we can claim dishonor and get our corpse back? Heh I think not.
And my third and final point is this....
Had the attackers been Tigers, Coven, Fate or any other enemy of the conclave and the victim
was a conclave, more so Maldobar, Qithlorien or myself would the corpse have been returned???
No fricken way, period! Our enemies would have kept the corpse and called us whiners if we claimed dishonor in them doing so!
So Whoz quit acting like this higher than thou, holy roller and get real, the conclave did nothing anyone else wouldn't have done
And it seems to me I remember a log of Rath being pk'd while obviously LD because his LD command said basically that...
and his attackers didnt seem to care, they slayed him and shouted for joy afterwards, but that is different right?
Rath: Dishonor
Wed Sep 26 14:06:13 2001
To: all
I agree with what Tylorn said and I suppose we can excuse Whoz.He was obviously very emotional at the time he
wrote the note.However,I would like to clarify a subject he addresses.Whoz infers that the honorable thing to
would have been to return the corpse,because Mael was unaware that a change was made to the zone,and because
he thought Nayr's note was a suggestion that the corpse should be returned.Honor has nothing to do with this.What
he,and many others,were speaking of is mercy.Often times people criticize my following,declaring that we aren't
as "honorable as we once were" and absurd things like that.Quite the contrary.We are still honorable,but I think
that in the progression of time,people have automatically associated honor with "good" (I'll use blue instead
since I don't really see many "good" followings around anymore).Anyhow,in the tenets of the blue followings,most
show some sort of compassion and kindness for those they do not dub as "evil" (in actions or aura,but usually aura).
In my opinion,this has been intermixed with the sense of honor and duty that,at times,can prevail in blue followings,
and thus,the general populace views what BLUE aura folk percieve as honor to be the truth,when in reality it is
simply a mixture of kindness,compassion,mercy,and other generally useless things.I should remind you all that
honor is a difficult matter to judge on,but when you get down to it,honor encompasses duty and respect,two things
that have been remained steady in throughout the ages of our existence.And to intercept an obvious response early,
respect is strictly earned,not given away like candy at a midsummer's day fair.
My apologies on the lengthy note,but such a public affont could not go unchallenged.
-Rath, Wicked Judge of the Black Conclave
Mael: Thanks
Wed Sep 26 15:24:44 2001
To: all
Thank you to the many players, mortal and otherwise, who
have expressed sympathy through words, action, and gear.
I'll not forget.


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