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here's a copy of the entire book in the room of records as seen on this date :)
Room of Records
[Exits: east]
This simple room has many plaques hung on its walls. With just a quick 
glance you recognize names and events that have made history and inspired 
many to even greater deeds so that their names would also be inscribed 
here. It's possible, given valiant effort, great deeds, and a (in)famous 
reputation, that your name might be added here. 

A book on a lectern provides an index to all the different plaques.

l book
Blowing off the dust, you can make out some writing:

                         TFC Plaque Directory

     Plaque1:  Tynian                   Plaque2:  IvoryTiger
     Plaque3:  Maurice                  Plaque4:  Madman
     Plaque5:  The Great Quest          Plaque6:  TFC Explorers
     Plaque7:  TFC Bravery Medal        Plaque8:  Grimdale's Gold
     Plaque9:  The Demon Debacle        Plaque10: The Executioner's Demise
     Plaque11: 36 Hours of Insanity     Plaque12: 1500 for a Practice Sword?
     Plaque13: Do you dare?             Plaque14: In Search of a Scooby Snack
     Plaque15: Ozymandius' Battle Royal Plaque16: Toonse's Epic Adventure
     Plaque17: Scavenger Masters        Plaque18: Syrinx's Honor
     Plaque19: Welverin's Quest         Plaque20: The Quest Master
     Plaque21: To the Testers           Plaque22: 1998 Scavenger Hunt
     Plaque23: Coins and Slayers        Plaque24: Could this be you?

A note in the margin tells you that to read a plaque, you should "LOOK 
PLAQUE1" or "LOOK PLAQUE2" or whatever is appropriate for the one you 
wish to see.

l plaque1
*                                                                            *
                         Tynian (The Life Giver)

    Not much is known of his mortal life except that he was once the 
    travelling companion of Maurice when Maurice still championed good.  
    He was always known for being generous and valiant in battle as a 
    mortal, and wise and industrious as an immortal when the gods of his 
    home dimension recognized his talents and made him immortal.  For 
    those who have not heard of his latest exploits, they need merely 
    look around them, for all around you is The Life Giver.

*                                                                            *

l plaque2
*                                                                            *
               IvoryTiger (The Cat Lord, The Master of Magic)

    IvoryTiger is an enigma.  Some say he prowled the lands of limbo for 
    centuries before settling here, others say he merely lets us exist here 
    in his lair, most (especially wizards) are just happy he's here. He is 
    the Master of Magic, the source of mana from which all who cast magic 
    get their power.  The next time you are saved by a mage casting a spell 
    at just the right time, or healed by a cleric, remember the Cat Lord, 
    for without him, it would not have happened.

*                                                                            *

l plaque3
*                                                                            *
             Maurice (The Scrambler, The Lost One, Shadowfiend)

  One time travelling companion of Tynian the Life Giver, Maurice started 
  as a paladin fighting for the cause of good.  Not many care to speculate 
  what went wrong.  Some say he visited a strange dimension known as The 
  70's where he ran into an immortal by the name of Timothy Leary. Whatever 
  happened, his former glory as a champion of good now haunts him.  He often 
  roams the planes of this dimension plucking hapless adventurers who are 
  recalling, and casting them back to the prime material plane, not always 
  into friendly areas.  None know why he serves opposite of Tynian in this 
  dimension, but rumors have it that he is creating new lands where he might 
  regain his paladinhood, or perhaps just designed to torture adventurers 
  so he can feed on their pain.

*                                                                            *

l plaque4
*                                                                            *
             Madman (Insanity Personified, Nightmare Unleashed)

  A long time ago, in a land called Generic, Madman was formed by the gods 
  Angel of Death and Bloodangel. When Generic was destroyed in cataclysmic 
  fury, he was thrust into the void, where upon Tynian found him and turned
  him into a bird. Braving the strange new worlds of TFC, he progressed and 
  soon was awarded immortality. Thereafter, he led his followers through 
  the mornings of Madness. Time passed and he began creating realms, 
  kingdoms, and cities, toiling in earnest to create these challenges. 
  Nowadays if you see him, he is probably plotting a fiendish quest, or a 
  new land (one which would scare the average mortal to death and challenge 
  the superb player's skills in every way)...or he may just be out looking 
  for food for his pets, the demons.

*                                                                            *

l plaque5
*                                                                            *
                              The Great Quest

 Tynian looked down at the mortal plane one day and thought, "I shall create 
 a Quest". Not just any quest, but a one never seen before in all the world. 
 Concocting a fiendish challenge with the help of Madman and IvoryTiger, he 
 challenged the mortals to take up his quest for a great prize. 6 mortals 
 embarked on the test of time, all 10 hours of it, and giving it their all 
 they went from one end of the world to the other through every trick and 
 tactic they had ever devised in their lives, seeking to defeat Tynian and 
 claim the quest prize. They came up slightly short, but their tenacity and 
 selflessness in taking up the challenge was recognized, and Tynian bestowed 
 gifts upon the questors...if you happen to spy one of these mortals - Jerald, 
 Syrinx, WlAg, Nalya, Anwar, and Cerebus - carrying around the Sceptre of MUD 
 Knowledge, ask them the story of "The Great Quest"...then sit back as you are
 in for QUITE a tale...

*                                                                            *

l plaque6
*                                                                            *
                         The TFC Explorer's Society

Entry into the select band of mortals who make up the society's membership
is achieved in three ways. First, when a new area is installed on the MUD,
the first player to find the area and a given item within it wins the
quest and automatic entry into the ranks of the society. The second method
relates to deeds done. If a player has shown themselves as exceptional in
word, deed, or action in their handling of the challenges faced on the
MUD, they may be admitted to the society in a special ceremony. The third
method is to discover a hidden game feature in a special quest to find
that feature. Members of the society are recognized by the medal they are
expected to wear at ALL times. 

                              The Membership

        Galvin           Ramza           Quartus           Modrid            
        Count            Siobhan         Lancelot          Zentar            
        Trencher         Syrinx          Hedonist          Gygnor          
        Ozymandius       Ryu             MissFit           Rishana
        Nina             Jaator          Eriq              Kaern
        Daelin           Jonah           Darker            Kahlan
        Beelzebub        Dalaran         Furnock           Noctus
        Kaltar           Tylorn

*                                                                            *

l plaque7
*                                                                            *
                          The TFC Medal of Bravery

 The Medal is given to Explorer Society Members who find additional new areas
 that open, or who distinguish themselves as exceptionally brave or daring in
 completing a quest, rescue, or other notable act.

                               The Recipients

                Kaern              Syrinx            Gygnor

*                                                                            *

l plaque8
*                                                                            *
                        The Search for Grimdale's Gold

   Legend had it that Grimdale, ancient king of the dwarves, had a hidden 
   store of gold...the only clue being the key which he held in his hand 
   and would not speak about. Madman was amused and announced a Quest to
   the mortals of the world: "Find what the key opens, and great honors 
   will be yours!" Brave adventurers came by the dozens to seek the gold,
   and many died or gave up the quest. But one strove onward to seek fame
   and glory...battling the spirits and Grimdale himself, he took posession
   of the key. Puzzling over its secrets, he fought battles, risked sure
   death by drowning in the flooded tunnels, risked life and limb on all
   manner of tortures, until at long last he stumbled upon the door the 
   key opened... This brave soul was Cerebus...ask him what drowning feels
   like sometime, and perhaps he will tell you the story of his quest for
   Grimdale's Gold during which he experienced it for himself.

*                                                                            *

l plaque9
You see a plaque titled "Ozymandius' Demon Debacle"...several small panels are
arranged to tell the story.

   Panel1: The Challenge                Panel6: Flir's Amazing Kick
   Panel2: Grymm's Gambit               Panel7: Pixel Finds a Demon
   Panel3: The Demons Unleashed         Panel8: Alexander and Dirkstrom
   Panel4: Erond Slays a Demon          Panel9: Victory! Celebration!
   Panel5: Trapped in the Temple        Panel10: A Final Warning...
l panel1
As boredom began to torture our Greater God, Madman, he decided to
alleviate it by harassing the foolish mortals below. Intent on proclaiming
doom and raining destruction upon the mortals, Madman offered to make 
a bet with the mortals. The bet was this, a quest for 15 items within
a 30 minute time (according to the human time keeping methods). If any
failed to complete the quest, the bet would be won my the  Master of 
Insanity, and the fate of the world would be lost. For Madman would
unleash 3 demons on the world, commanding them to destroy everything in
their paths. Only one mortal was brave, or foolish, enough to accept this
bet with Madman, Ozymandius. The fate of the known world now rested on 
the shoulders of this minotaur. 

l panel2
As time progressed,  Ozymandius was nearing completion of the quest, despite
the hinderances of Grymm along the way, who was trying to kill Ozymandius
that he may obtain the items and win the bet. However, a lack of items
and an utter lack of time sentenced the world to death by the hands of
the demons. Ozymandius had lost, and thereby doomed everyone.

l panel3
After news of three demons terrorizing the nearby forest of Hahn Dor and 
Hovelton, the city of the Halflings, many mortals ran for their lives,
and quit. Still a few brave (or oblivious) souls remained. The demons
began their tirade throughout the land, unopposed, until a Paladin of
Ath named Erond came back from a long sojourn to face the demons.

l panel4
In a  quick and well fought battle, Erond laid waste to the fire demon,
leaving only two demons, the shadow and storm demon. Now it was the 
demons' turn to avenge their fallen brother by claiming the lives of
some mortals. Their first victim was Taraseeva, who fell in a glorious
yet futile battle. Jimi, a young mage of the Dark Mist, was the next to
feel the wrath Ozymandius had unleashed. Next, Tokugawa, then Taraseeva
again. At this point, it appeared the demons had won. Madman was insanely

l panel5
Then along came Alexander, Hero and Slayer of all Evil. Tel's faithful
cleric, learning of the demons' massacre of innocents, vowed to rid
the world of the demons and save the world, as every good hero should
do. Tuning into the local gossip, Alexander heard there was a demon 
hunting another minotaur known only by Mars. Mars had reported being
hold up in the temple of Midgaard, while the shadow demon waited for
him to leave. Once Alexander arrived to the temple he ordered those
there to follow him, so that the demon would fall. A small group of
brave souls lead by Alexander, consisting of Mars and the Paladin of
Jaxxon, Dirkstrom, then went out to face the demon. 

l panel6
In a short battle, Alexander quickly vanquished the foe, while Mars
took the brunt of the attack, and a young evil warrior named Flir
landed the final kick which killed the demon, and startled the young

l panel7
Leaving Mars behind to recruit a shaman to bag the demon corpse, 
our hero, Alexander and the faithful paladin Dirkstrom, headed off
to find the last demon before it killed again. Frustrated by their
fruitless searching our heros began to ask the local gossips for
any demon sightings. Then the haughty demon decided to taunt Alexander,
issuing a challenge to the student of Lazarus. However, before 
Alexander had decided to accept, the demon had found another mortal
to attack. A former follower of Tel, now among  Psykill's fold, Pixel
an alert and crafty thief had stumbled upon the last demon. Pixel,
with the quickness of a true thief, fled and lured the storm demon
into the Adventurer's Guild where Alexander and Dirkstrom would meet it.

l panel8
In the Guild, a band of mercenaries and evils formed to try to dispel
the demon from the guild, unknowing of Alexander and Dirkstroms vow
to rid the guild of the demons. Upon arrival, Alexander, under the shadow
of Madman himself who was to oversee this final battle, attacked the
demon. Dirkstrom attacked with the valiance of a paladin, yet had little
effect on the demon. Then the mercenaries led by the Mistling Aarakocran
Sly and Mars joined in the attack. As Alexander pummeled the demon, the
others fought bravely by his side. The power of Tel was felt by the 
demon as dispel evils melted his flesh, leaving a smoldering corpse
on the ground. This rag-tag group of adventures who refused to flee, 
quit, or hide in the guild had saved the world.

l panel9
So on this day, we lift up our heros. For today they stood above the rest 
and killed the demons:

Erond: Paladin of Ath, Bane of Evil, Destroyer of Wrong, and Upholder of Truth
Dirkstrom: Paladin of Jaxxon, Faithful Right Hand, Obliterator of Darkness
Mars: The Fortess, for his eagerness and refusal to back down
Flir: The Little Ogre, for his fate dealing kick 
Sly: The Multi-Talented Bird of Evil, the Spam King, the Maker-of-Bags
Pixel: The Dragonlord's Thief, First Rate Tracker,
Alexander: The Hero, Slayer of all Evil, Cleric of Tel 

l panel10
And to all those who died, or aided in the defeat of the demons, we 
remember you too. Today, the world has been saved. Madman's evils have 
been temporarily thwarted, and the mortals can rest at ease...until...

l plaque10
*                                                                            *
                         The Executioner's Demise

   Many brave adventurers have passed through the streets of Midgaard, and 
   all are in awe over the size and power of the Executioner.  Many have 
   tried to attack him.  Some have been caught off-guard by his slash.  But 
   none can deny his awesome power, for he can destroy with minimal effort 
   on his part.

   Throughout the history of Midgaard are tales of groups killing the 
   executioner. But most of these 'tales' have not been documented as 
   historical fact. This one was an exception.  They joined their forces, 
   after finding the executioner guilty of crimes against humanity, in a 
   HUGE battle that was long and difficult.  Many of the spellcasters in 
   the group had exhausted their mana.  But alas, the Executioner met his 
   demise!  Hail the mighty Group:

                      Kim                        Jerald
                      Erond          Nalya       Syrinx
                      Agape          Scooby      Alexander
*                                                                            *

l plaque11
*                                                                            *
                             36 Hours of Insanity

Pondering existence, and finding its insanity factor lower than normal, Madman
decided something must be done. A scavenger hunt was needed...but not like any
before it. No, this one would be truly crazed. Items from every corner of the 
world...rarities, commons, bags, steaks...anything a mortal could get. Prizes 
ranging from personalized items and XP to some weapons forged and enchanted by
the gods. Competion in categories so all could play - category 1 for players
at level 11 or higher, category 2 for players from level 1 to 10. Blue Light
Special Bonuses to spice things up as well as balance the competition. A list 
nearing 300 items was created, and the challenge went forth. 36 hours and many
dozens of Blue Light Special Bonuses later, time ran out and the quest was now
history, the players happy, and Madman was glad to see the world had regained 
the level of craziness which makes it all so much fun. 

                                 The Winners
             Category 1                               Category 2 

   1st: Syrinx                          1st: Smolder, Gimli, and Darkwolf
   2nd: Farik, Daark, and Grymm         2nd: Ninja 
   3rd: Ozymandius                      3rd: Aragon

*                                                                            *

l plaque12

 *                                                                            *
                          1500 For A Practice Sword?

     One day Madman was asked to give a quest that ALL could participate 
     in...and so in his infinite insanity, he devised a 3 tiered quest. 
     Levels 1-10, Levels 11-20, and Levels 21+ would compete independant 
     of each other in a scavenger hunt, the prize being entry into the 
     hall of records on a plaque... You are probably wondering what that 
     has to do with the plaque title...well, it seems one item in one of 
     the categories was to find a practice sword. And in desperation, one 
     player begged and begged a newbie for their sword, going so far as 
     to start offering large amounts of cash for it... Quite the amusing 
     riot if you had been there.

                           These Were the Winners

        Level 1-10 with 6 out of 10 items : Elrandir and Tigris
        Level 11-20 with 7 out of 10 items: Farik and Swift
        Level 21+ with 5 out of 10 items  : Count, Saran, and Znarx

*                                                                            *

l plaque13
The plaque explodes into tiny fragments! Boy, have you done it now!

A spirit mumbles, "kjdagftu!"

You feel UNLUCKY! 

l plaque14
*                                                                            *
                        In Search of a Scooby Snack
                        The Quest of the Alignment

The challenge was laid down upon the world to solve a use your
MUD knowledge and abilities along with those with like alignment to see who
could earn the quest victory. Scooby, leading the forces of the neutrals,
and as the sole surviving member of their team, rallied forth to claim the
prize and finally won a quest shocking the gods and causing the mortals to
shower him with gratz's...

To those that partook in the quest, this plaque also honors you...perhaps
next time, though, you might be considerate and not spam me while I am 
trying to score an opponent's results.

*                                                                            *

l plaque15
*                                                                            *
                          Ozymandius' Battle Royal

    Ozymandius made a bet one day with the God of Creation and Torture...a 
    god enchant if he could kill the Elven Weapon's Master. Madman cackled 
    with glee and gladly accepted the bet, giving Ozymandius 10 days to 
    complete the task with any help he cared to muster, save that from any 
    immortal. Ozymandius went about plotting his tactics and working on the 
    way to beat the God of Evil at his own game. Bringing together a skilled 
    crew of veteran TFC mudders, Ozymandius lead them into battle. Szordrin 
    struck with a backstab, and then Erond rescued him to take the brunt of 
    the battle. Clue, Daris, Elrandir, Rigel, Drazuk, and Scooby pounded the 
    battlemaster with magic while Erond, Szordrin, and Ozymandius hit him 
    with mortal weapons. Talen and Typhon cast spells of protection on Erond,
    trying to preserve his life, and Erond himself called upon the great god 
    Tynian twice to protect him from spells of "dispel good." The war waged 
    with Marisa and Dawson cheering on the mortal combatants...until Erond 
    was cut down. Erond...paladin...dead, and suddenly a filling steak for 
    Dawson to snack on while he watched. With renewed vigor and now spurned 
    on by revenge, the combatants fell heavy on the battlemaster until at 
    the climatic moment Scooby launched a lightning bolt and incinerated the 
    battlemaster where he stood. Stunned by the telling of the battle, Madman 
    granted Ozymandius his enchant...and congratulated him on his victory. 
    But he also warned him that the next quest, should there be one, won't 
    be quite as...err...easy! *grin*

*                                                                            *

l plaque16
 *                                                                            *
                           Toonse's Epic Adventure

   In historical record, few times has an adventure so bold been attempted 
   as what displayed on this multi-sectional plaque.

                  Section1 : The Adventure Begins
                  Section2 : Toonse's Misfortune
                  Section3 : The Execution of the Executioner
                  Section4 : Demise of the Elven Guildmasters
                  Section5 : Death to the Grand Mistress
                  Section6 : Poor Nevyn's Fate
                  Section7 : Ode to the Brave

*                                                                            *

l section1
*                                                                            *

                            The Adventure Begins

   It all started when Roland and Toonse went to Dragon tower to retrieve 
   2 corpses. They met heavy resistance and were repelled, prompting the
   gathering of a party such that the mud has never seen before, even more 
   powerful than the legendary party of heros that killed the executioner a 
   ways back. The group that was formed went to dragon tower expecting a 
   large fight to get back lost weapons and corpses, were disappointed when 
   barely any fighting took place. The initial purpose achieved relative 
   ease, they set out for tougher targets. In their heady state, they picked 
   the dreaded executioner.  
*                                                                            *

l section2
*                                                                            *

                             Toonse's Misfortune

    The executioner took two separate tries to kill because of a strange 
    occurance. Toonse happened to have a (THIEF) flag at this particular 
    time, and had walked past the executioner many times without being 
    attacked. However, upon reaching the fountain in Midgaard, Toonse 
    quickly discovered that the executioner did indeed want him dead. This 
    prompted a quick spontaneous fight that left Toonse healing in recall.  

*                                                                            *

l section3
*                                                                            *

                    The Execution of the Executioner

   The party, after Toonse recovered, regrouped in recall and went out to 
   deal with the executioner. The executioner initially held the upper hand 
   and killed one unfortunate member of the party, Ash. This spurned the 
   party to redouble their efforts, inflicting so much damage that he 
   subsequently fled back to Midgaard. Toonse lead the party quickly back 
   to Midgaard, where they prepared themselves mentally and physically, 
   and then proceeded to quite easily kill the executioner, who was already 

   Bards will long sing tales of Typhons heroic effects, as his soul rift was
   frequently observed to be DEMOLISHING the executioner. His incredible 
   damage, combined with the rest of the parties heroic hits, subdued the 
   executioner, as he lay there bleeding, Roland cast a mighty dispell evil 
   that sent the executioner from this world into the next.

*                                                                            *

l section4
*                                                                            *

                      Demise of the Elven Guildmasters

   The party rejoiced and mumbled among themselves about finding more 
   difficult targets. This concluded with the party going to elf village, 
   and killing every guildmaster known to those bloody annoying little 
   elves. By this time, the party had shrunk, as Ash, Welverin, and Rudolf 
   dropped from the party to pursue more sane tasks. After easily 
   dispatching all of the guildmasters without a single death, the party  
   decided to go to the High Tower of Sorcery and fight the Grand Mistress, 
   who was thought to have never been killed (at least in not in recorded 

*                                                                            *

l section5
 *                                                                            *

                          Death to the Grand Mistress

   Along the route to the High Tower, Rudolf rejoined the group, and
   his addition lead to the easy slaughter of the three masters of magic.
   The party then steeled themselves for their hardest fight of the 
   night, and proceeded to valiantly defeat the Grand Mistress of Magic. 
   This event was considered so catacalysmic that even the mighty Mayor 
   of Midgaard stopped by to watch the fight, taking a break from his 
   hunting for Europe who had hailstormed him earlier. Near the end, he 
   decided to help the group, and he struck the killing blow right after 
   one of Toonse's DEMOLISH'es, thus killing her where she stood.

*                                                                            *

l section6
 *                                                                            *

                              Poor Nevyn's Fate

   After much rejoicing, the party lost many members, due to tiredness, and
   other factors. Remaining was a small, but powerful, group of 6 who were 
   determined to keep up the valiant fights.  Wondering who to take next, 
   the party went in search of Nevyn, another mob who has never been 
   heard to have been killed. Nevyn heard of the parties exploits, and 
   hid in the forest near Og, however Ivan dug out his hiding place and 
   called the party over. Happy to have a new target, the party 
   gleefully attacked Nevyn, defeating him. There was an unfortunate 
   accident, on account of Toonse failing to get a rescue in, and Jaator, 
   who had been dispelling magic all night, was fatally wounded by 
   Nevyn.  After seeing Jaator fall, the party redoubled their efforts 
   and Nevyn fell in a bloody heap, dead.

*                                                                            *

l section7
*                                                                            *

                               Ode to the Brave
    Thus ended the epic killing spree, as by this time it was well into 
    morning, the entire party had fought tirelessly without sleep for 
    many days and decided to call an end to the adventure, revelling in the 
    glory and the fun it had been. Herein is the list of who partook in the 
    adventure...and forgive the poor scribe who wrote this should any errors 
    or ommissions have been made.

                        Toonse's Party of Adventurers

               Roland        Welverin       Rudolf       Jaator
               Einskaldir    Kell           Cara         Venthor
               Vertigo       Croac          Ivan         Europe
                             Ash            Typhon

*                                                                            *

l plaque17
*                                                                            *
                             The Scavenger Masters

    One day while the gods were lounging on high, a call came up from the 
    lowly mortals for a quest. So Madman asked what kind, and the vote was 
    for a Scavenger Hunt. And the quest was on! Teams were formed from the 
    followers of each diety, with the neutrals forming a team of their own. 
    A list was posted of 20 items scattered all over the mud and a time 
    limit set. When the dust settled, the followers of Syla listed below 
    were declared the victors, having turned in 13 of the 20 items, 4 more 
    than their nearest competitor. To them, we bestow the title of 
    "Scavenger Master."
                   Khore   Crazyhorse    Triston    Backlash

*                                                                            *

l plaque18
*                                                                            *
                                Syrinx's Honor

     This plaque honors the first to have achieved the pinnacle of mortal 
     success: Triple Multi-Classed, Level 30 in each. He did it on 5/29/96
     after 1550 playing hours as a Thief/Warrior/Mage. 

*                                                                            *

l plaque19
*                                                                            *
                             Welverin's Quest

  One day, the High Lord of Evil challenged Welverin to a quest - to seek, 
  find, and engage in combat with Scar. Scar who was forged in the Demon 
  Realm and who scowled on the world far across the sea. Scar who hated 
  all things good. Scar, spawn of evil, worse than demons, center of hate.
  Welverin accepted the quest, and with the help of Asia and Kaern, sought 
  out Scar. Kaern took the lead and found him on the Cliffs of Aran where a 
  battle raged. The melee the 3 faced forced them off the cliff top and 
  they sought refuge in the rubble below, huddled together plotting another 
  run. The next battle was another found Welverin struck down 
  dead...Asia and Kaern huddling on the rocks awaiting his reincarnation. 
  Welverin, born again, sought the services of Foolkiller and convinced him 
  to join the quest. He accepted, and the 4 plotted on the boulders below 
  the cliffs. Once again Kaern took the lead and lead them to where Scar 
  stood on the cliffs, scowling at the sea. Scar laughed as they attacked 
  again, fearing naught as he had won twice before. But this time it was 
  different. Scar fought their onslaught, demolishing to the last, but the 
  army of 4 wore him down and vanquished their foe. 

  This plaque has been erected to their honor and the memory of the quest.
  They fought well...learned their lessons...worked together...and in the 
  end, won, displaying all the attributes of Master Players of the MUD.

*                                                                            *

l plaque20
*                                                                            *
                              The Quest Master

  On 6/1/97, the Quest Master was run, to see who was the best quester in
  all of TFC. Clues were scattered, and the race was run. No one found all
  10 and climbed to the penultimate mark, but a winner was declared from 
  those who did pass the qualifying mark. The winner was:

          Faust, of the Black Conclave, with 8 clues collected.

  To all who participated, congratulations. To those that got at least 6,
  bravo. To the 2 others who got seven, condolences at being so close but
  yet so far...

*                                                                            *

l plaque21
*                                                                            *
                                To the Testers

  The TFC Implementation Team would like to thank all the testers who worked 
  dilligently to bring 3.x through the beta to live. Without their efforts,
  the pain and torment to all of us would have been utter hell... We would
  like to recognize the top testers by the name they used on the 
  they may they always be remembered for the service they have done:

                 Keevus        Nyx          Bugstomper       Maze 

                        Dal       Kaern/Kaeru       Sodan

*                                                                            *

l plaque22
*                                                                            *
                            1998 Scavenger Hunt

   A scavenger hunt was designed to test the mud knowledge and abilities of
   all who cared to enter it. 237 items were in the list, and for some 30
   hours the questers hunted for them. In the end, one team stood supreme
   above all others...but all the participants quested with honor and deserve
   recognition. Let it be known that those here named took up the challenge.

   Taws, the only solo quester, found 31 items.
   The team of Qball, Flange, Iggwilv, and Jellyhead brought in 34 items.
   The team of Granger, Clue, and Aslan brought in 44 items.
   The team of Kaern and Corri brought in 90 items. All the more amazing was
       that at the halfway point with 64 items, Kaern was pk'd and they had
       to start over. From that set back to third place is quite a feat.
   The team of StoutHBound, Jonah, Tovar, Gaul, and Stratos came in with
       103 items. They tried for some bonus points as well with some amusing
       "tricks", but though amusing, they still had 103 and second place.
   The team of Grismal, GaNn, Smurf, Natilena, Hornblower, and Lynain hauled
       in 185 items to the astonishment of everyone. By a huge margin, they
       took top honors, and were proclaimed the champion team of 1998.
*                                                                            *

l plaque23
*                                                                            *
                              Coins and Slayers

Seeking to challenge the mortals, Tynian released 5 very powerful weapons
into the world, each seeking the blood of a different mortal, as well as
several special coins.  The Slayers sought to taste the blood of Tylorn,
Tyr, Mael, Athorne, and Gavin.  The mortals organized into five teams, in
order to either collect all of the Slayers, kill someone on each of the
other teams, or to collect as many of the special coins as possible, for
they knew that by completing one of these tasks, their team would win the
contest that was set before them. 

The first team was led by Orpik, and consisted of Craige, Maldobar, Tylorn,
Rykken, and Pacho.  The second team was led by Tirant, and consisted of
Tyr, Nemick, and Marco.  The third team was led by Adso, and consisted
of Teluin, Mael, Lins, and Dracos.  The fourth team was led by Skeeve,
and consisted of Athorne, Sethvir, Wistom, Marisa, and Doc.  The last
team was led by Gavin, and consisted of Alderson, Titan, and Kaltar.

Adso's team completed the challenge by gathering all five of the deadly
Slayers.  Although the Slayer named after Adso's team member Mael had been
destroyed, the other four Slayers have been seen in the world since the
great contest ended.  Are they still out there, hungry for the blood of
their targets...? 

*                                                                            *

l plaque24
*                                                                            *
                          The Next to be Honored?

It's possible, given valiant effort, great deeds, and a (in)famous reputation,
that your name or story might be added here. 

*                                                                            *

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