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Petition for Immortality (Ambassador)

Sun Sep 30 19:12:37 2001
To: Immortal

(Posted with Athorne's permission. First posted 9/25/01)

I, Athorne Battlehammer seek a position amongst the Immortals of this realm, initially as an Ambassador and eventually as a FLI if the powers so deem it.


I am a 40th level Warrior Cleric who has served his following and God faithfully and have completed, at least, 40 Mobmaster Quests as required by God Rules 10.

I have spent a great deal of time improving my skills and exploring this realm. I have been kind and generous to the Newbies of this realm to promote their success and that of TFC. I am a man of integrity and honor who abides by the spirit as well as the letter of the laws of this realm. I have never been the subject of God/Greater God/IMP discipline for any infraction of the rules or disrespect. (This is true for all of my TFC characters)

I have resided in this realm for over 558 years (1093 hours) as a servant of Tripper and, his Tigers. I have served in a position of leadership in the Tiger following, as Tripper's Ordained, and as Counselor.

I have not made this decision lightly or without great consideration of the duties and responsibilities that I shall take on if this petition is approved. I am prepared to dedicate myself to my following and TFC should I achieve the position of FLI. I have spent many hours in thought over this descision.

Am I ready?
Can I handle the weight of a following?
Will I make a good Immortal, and help the betterment of TFC?

I have decided that, I am ready and prepared to assume the responsibilities contingent on approval of this petition and that I believe I can do the job well.


Between my various characters I have spent over 3500 hours here on TFC. I began play in the Winter of 1998.

I have played, mostly as multiclass characters, Mage, Warrior, Ranger, Cleric, Thief, and Shaman.

I have considered, at length, a theme for any following I might lead and have a couple reasonably well developed thoughts on the subject. I expect to flesh these out while serving as an Ambassador and under the tutelage of
an FLI as an attendant.

I have read and fully understand the "God Rules" and fully support the aims and objectives posted there.

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