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Aslan Joins The Tigers

this log was created and submitted by Aslan.

The Tigers' Den
[Exits: north]

Stepping across the threshold, mental and physical defenses you did not realize you had raised... lower. Something about this place calls to your spirit, setting you at ease and giving you a sense of safety and security. Here is a place of shelter from the hazards of the Realm, where you can relax in the companionship of fellow adventurers.

This chamber is larger than it first appears, but still maintains a warm atmosphere of informality and comfort. The objects placed here were chosen with care to convey a sense of the history and continuity of those named Tigers. There is much to see - look carefully. You are welcome here, in Tripper's abode and the Home of the Tigers.
(Blue Aura) A silver tabernacle, bathed in a magical light, sits atop an altar.
(Intense Light Blue Aura) Tripper is here.

You hug him. (Tripper)

Another hole in the log. Aslan explains to Tripper why she made that abrupt tel. Much to Tripper's surprise when she told him that the one who offered was Torchbearer. (He though it was Tamar). She asks what he would like of her before she worships him. He begins by saying that he would like to ask a couple of questions. He asks if she has been given a tour of the Den by anyone. (Yes, if her memory serves her correctly, once by Jyslin, and once by Darkfang in another incarnation). He then asks if she khows about the steps, she nods the affirmative. Tripper points out step7.

Tripper says, 'look step1, step2, sept3, ..... step 7'.

l step7
Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid
with purest ebony, is one simple word: "HONOR."

You nod.

Step 1-
Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid
with purest ebony, is one simple word: "COURAGE."
Step 2-
Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid
with purest ebony, is one simple word: "INTEGRITY."
Step 3-
Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid
with purest ebony, is one simple word: "DUTY."
Step 4-
Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid
with purest ebony, is one simple word: "SERVICE."
Step 5-
Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid
with purest ebony, is one simple word: "RESPECT."
Step 6-
Finely engraved in the white stone of this step, and inlaid
with purest ebony, is one simple word: "LOYALTY."

You nod in recognition to him. (Tripper)

Tripper says, 'The top step is HONOR, what does that mean to you, in a few words?'.
You say (in common), 'Honour? Honour is something that comes from within... It is a desire/drive to embody the concepts of the 1st 6 steps...'.

Aslan gets asked for some help, so, long pause

Aslan is trying to recatch her train of though.
Tripper says, 'take your time'.
Tripper says, 'are you done with the Honor question?'.
You say (in common), 'Honour is what helps you stand proudly after a terrible day, it restrains from doing actions which might otherwise tarnish your 'reputation'...'.
Tripper nods.
You say (in common), 'Does that answer you question, or would you like me to elaborate?'.
Tripper says, 'That is excellent. Well said'.
You nod.
Tripper says, 'your .... indicated you wanted to say more, you've done well'.
Your cheeks are burning.

Cordir tells you, 'You better be logging this! = ) '.
You tell Cordir (in common), '*nod*'.

Tripper says, 'there are 3 images on the chalice. Each tells a mini-story.... what do you think image1 says?'.

Image 1-
Engraved in the metal is a clear and detailed image of a winged tiger.
This must be the legendary pet of the Goddess Lorna. Tyrix, by name, is
a huge feline standing nearly as tall as a horse. He is an attractive
creature, with gleaming white fur patterned with black stripes. Two
feathered wings, currently folded down neatly, protrude from his sides.
Oddly, there seem to be a few feathers noticeably missing from his pinions.

(long pause)

Your cheeks are burning.
Tripper raises a questioning eyebrow.
You say (in common), 'Was this her guardian?'.
Tripper says, 'her? who?'.
Tripper says, 'the rabbit?'.
You say (in common), 'Tyrix'.
Tripper nods.
Tripper says, 'look image1'.
Tripper says, 'ahhhh, my bad'.
Tripper says, 'let's try image2'.
Your cheeks are burning.
Tripper says, 'my error'.

l image2
Not daring to touch the chalice, you shift your position to better view
the second engraved image. Again, a tiger - but this time, one of Tyrix's
lesser, non-flying cousins. The beast is shown resting beneath a large
tree. Before it lies the carcass of a vicious warg, its still form showing
the evidence of brutally efficient hunting. A slight movement draws your
attention to a small rabbit, curled up by the tiger's belly. Innocent and
gentle, the rabbit seems unafraid of the massive danger the tiger could

You smile happily.
You say (in common), 'As swift and harsh the Tiger's sword may be, it is also a source of refuge, and comfort.'.
Tripper nods.
Tripper says, 'well said'.

Tripper says, 'want to try image3?'.
Tripper says, 'not a test'.

l image3
Craning to see the third and final engraving upon the chalice, you see
a tall, mature Elf, seated in the grass, leaning against a large stone.
Before him, a large sword encrusted with blue and white jewels stands,
point first, partially buried in the ground. Four white tiger cubs play
and frolic in the elf's lap, uncaring and unknowing of the dangers of the
world, utterly trusting in the elf to serve and protect them.

You ponder the question.
You tell Tripper (in common), 'There is always time to lay down the sword to appreciate those who can still grasp onto their naivity (sp?), and to nuture them.'.
Tripper nods.
Tripper says, 'And The elf is the protector of the kittens'.
Tripper says, 'well said'.
You smile happily.

Tripper says, 'If, and when, Cordir again rises to FLI status, will you wish to rejoin her?'.
You say (in common), 'That would be my wish.'.
Tripper says, 'just so we understand, up front'.
Tripper says, 'Then I offer you the refuge of the Tiger's DEN until such time as that happens.'.
Tripper says, 'in the mean time you will wear the Pin of Tigers'.

Tripper says, 'Kneel Mistress'.
Aslan kneels before Tripper.
Tripper says, 'you may worship'.
You now worship Tripper!
Tripper has accepted you into the following!
Tripper creates an oval of polished tiger-eye out of thin air!
Tripper gives you an oval of polished tiger-eye.
You smile happily.
You wear an oval of polished tiger-eye as a decoration.

Tripper ftells, 'Wear the Tiger Pin with HONOR and Courage Mistress Aslan'.
Tripper ftells, 'Rise Tiger!!!!!'.
Abe ftells, 'welcome, Aslan'.
Doza ftells, 'Hello Aslan, and Welcome to the Tigers'.
Korran ftells, 'WELCOME Aslan'.
Fenrir ftells, 'Welcome to the Tigers Aslan!'.
Sleighty ftells, 'gratz!'.
Sleighty ftells, 'welcome!'.
Korran ftells, 'Glad to have you aboard'.
Sleighty ftells, '*confetti*'.
You ftell, 'Aslan rises from her knees and wears the Pin with Pride and Honour*'.
Abe ftells, 'Please read the boards'.

Tripper hugs you.
You hug him.
Tripper smiles brightly.
Aslan's kneels feel as if she.
You poke yourself in the ribs, feeling very silly.
Tripper winks suggestively.
You say (in common), 'is going to fall over from her ecstatic state.'.
Tripper cheers you on, confident that you will win.
Tripper sweeps you into a romantic waltz.
Tripper says, 'I am glad to have you Mistress'.
You say (in common), 'I am most glad to be here'.
Tripper says, 'and Mistress Cordir approves'.
You nod in recognition to him.
You say (in common), 'I would not have asked to join, if she did not'.

Doza arrives from the north.
Doza smiles happily.
You smile at him. (Doza)
Doza cheers you on, confident that you will win.

Aslan gets her eq tweaked with a fine tooth comb by Tripper

Cordir gossips, 'Anyone with time line events to report ( other than Thingone, got that one ) '.
Cordir gossips, 'Levels, Mob Mastery quests, joining/leaving followings, mob deaths, heroic rescues?'.
You gossip (in common), 'Just joined Tigers :)'.
You gossip (in common), 'I'll send the log when I've gone through it with a fine toothed comb'.

Boromir tells you (in common), 'congratulations :) '.
You tell Boromir (in common), '*smile*'.
Boromir tells you (in common), '*smile* '.

Tripper hugs you.
You say (in common), 'Thank you, Tripper :)'.
You hug him.
Tripper says, 'welcome again Mistress'.
You smile happily.
Tripper hugs you.
You say (in common), 'THank you for welcoming me :)'.
Tripper bows deeply.
You smile happily.

Doza ftells, 'Heya Talyn'.
Korran ftells, 'heya Talyn'.
You ftell, '*smile* Hiya Honey :)'.
Talyn ftells, 'Hiya.. Only in for a sec'.
Sleighty ftells, 'hey Talyn'.
Talyn ftells, 'Aslan! Wow =)'.
You ftell, '*grin*'.
Talyn ftells, '*HUG ASLAN*'.
Tripper ftells, 'Evening talyn'.
Tripper ftells, 'we're in the DEN Talyn'.

Aslan and Talyn have a long awaited for visit with each other, both as Tigers this time!
Log of the conversation between Aslan and Torchbearer regarding the Dawn Bringers.... From a couple of days previous to her acceptance to the Tigers.
Mariel's Shrine
[Exits: north]
The feats of Mariel, the First of the Hundred, have spread far and wide
throughout the world and have endured millenia, hundreds of generations of
histories, legends, and storytelling, but the character herself has been most
celebrated here, in this simple room. Even as the Queen of Cillidellia,
Mariel does not discuss much of her personal achievements and history.
Here, it is neither grand in size nor overly adorned with precious metals and
gemstones; rather, it is what Mariel appreciates herself: a calm, soft
representation of the ancient elves and their first bold step into the perils
and joys of the world. The fact that this place exists even today, carrying
with it the incredible legacy of courage and strength of the first elves after
the Formtaking is no less than awe-inspiring.
A charmed traveller kneels on the ground, apparently in some sort of trance.

You tell Torchbearer, 'There'

Torchbearer appears before you in a column of light!
Torchbearer nods.
You smile at him.
Torchbearer lands softly on his feet.

Torchbearer says, 'First off, the Dawn Bringers are Sentry denizens'.
You nod.
You say, 'I have seen as much, and I much prefer the Sentry to the Sword, both IC and OOC'.

Torchbearer says, 'We will one day be hailed as the sole epitome of Good, and the way of Life, Light, and Truth.'.
You nod.

Torchbearer says, 'Having such a destiny, we strictly observe the spirit of Good's nature under HELP GOOD'.

GOOD: Will help any Good and may decide to help non-evils who have supported
the cause of Good. They will never willingly consort with Evil, nor help Evil
flourish, as doing so could carry a severe punishment from the gods.

Ogre-kin may become Good, but due to their inherently evil nature, they
pay a price for such an action. Non-good ogre-kin are automatically
justified to attack (and kill) Good ogre-kin (within the PK range) with
no debt or even multikill penalties, and racist guards will no longer
recognize them as a true ogre-kin.

You nod in recognition to him. (Torchbearer)

Torchbearer says, 'Ultimately, we strive to live in a way that will purify us to ascend to the Heavenly Planes of Virtue'.

Torchbearer says, 'The Priests of Dawn are appointed to defend the Dawn Bringers and their allies. If you were to become a member before 20th, this is what you would be'.
You say, 'A Priest of Dawn?'.
You ponder the question.
Torchbearer says, 'The Priests embrace five Vows, which are of utmost holy nature.'.
Torchbearer says, 'And if you understand the Path of the Sentry, and that which is most Good, you will understand perfectly the place of each Vow'.
You nod.

Torchbearer says, 'The first is the Vow of Focus -- Priests must remain single classed.'.
You nod.

Torchbearer says, 'The second, the Vow of Poverty -- Priests are restricted to weak magical equipment and below'.
You nod.

Torchbearer says, 'As a priest, it is one's duty to provide greater equipment to other followers, and to be prepared for death at any time'.

Torchbearer says, 'The third is the Vow of Pacifism -- Will only engage in combat with creatures of evil, unless in self-defense or to aid another person'.
Torchbearer says, 'When in groups, a priestess must avoid engaging combat and take her role as a dedicated healer''.

Torchbearer says, 'The fourth is the Vow of Sacrifice -- Priests must be the last to flee from any combat, and if necessary, must die to preserve'.
Torchbearer says, 'the lives of his comrades.'.
You nod.

Torchbearer says, 'And the final is the Vow of Service -- Priests may band together to spread the gospel of Virtue. When two or more priests are present in a group'.

Torchbearer says, 'the Vows of Pacifism and Sacrifice are no longer in place'.

Torchbearer says, 'It is to a priestess' advantage to seek grouping with other Priests of Dawn'.
You nod.
You say, 'I can see that..'.

Torchbearer says, 'These are my tenants, as Fate has ordained.'.
You smile at him.
Torchbearer grins happily.

You say, 'Once I know better what is best for me to do, you have left open a wonderful door that I may knock on...'.
Torchbearer says, 'Thank you for recognizing it as such.'.
Torchbearer says, 'Do take your time, it was a terrible loss'.

Torchbearer kisses your hand. How continental!
Torchbearer concentrates for a moment and begins to fly.
Torchbearer bows deeply.

You say, 'I am honoured that you offer a chance for me to become a Priestess of Dawn.. and sense that it is something that I am capable of enduring..'.
You smile at him. (Torchbearer)
Torchbearer says, 'I am glad you see it that way.'.

Torchbearer says, 'For now, I must return to the heavens.'.
Torchbearer says, 'Take care, Chosen.'.
You nod.
Torchbearer is engulfed by a shimmering aura and fades from your vision.

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