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Aslan: *wave*
Sat Sep 1 11:20:11 2001
To: all
It saddens me to say that I must retire ....
It has been a pleasure meeting everyone on TFC, and I hope to see you
in the future!

I hope to be able to drop by every so often, but most likely only for a
few mins... *pout*grin*

A special *hug* and *wave* to the following :
Darkfang Elvenwolf-Tsarran, my wonderful sister, and teacher
Jyslin Tsarran, Silvery Vixen {DLoE}, for accepting me in her House
Pitt, a wise friend, and great ceremonial father *wink*
Joeb for being a wonderful friend :) *hug*
Tigrallef, Kaye, Legolas, Azeworai, Treehugger, Tyrell, and all the rest..
Everyone I might have missed...
Yes, all the pkers (CiCi, Crackle, Jazek, Ziruxvunalds) for reminding
me that 'This is only a game' *wink*

Cordir - You're a wonderful leader and Lady Mistress! Your kindness and
generocity (sp?) is second to none :) *HUG*
Tripper - Thanks for being a wonderful uncle, I enjoyed playing with
Taaut, and hanging around in the Den :)
Plato - I'm very glad and happy you made it to Demi :) *hug* Whenever I
visit, I'll be sure to leave an egg-full of cold Pepsis for you!
Okk - Thanks for putting on 'Okk Poll 2001', t'was a blast! *grin*
Whitehawk - *grin* I must admit that I've never met a deity quite like
yourself! It was great meeting you, (even if you did call me Assssss-lan)
I'll try to stay blonde... *grin*

And last, but -ABSOLUTELY- not least, this one if for
My love, my dearest, my match, and my other self
Talyn Napei
. Aslan gives her hubby a -HUGE- lioness' *HUG*

REMEMBER: 'Good-bye doesn't exist, only 'See you soon'

Aslan Tsarran, Chosen of Fate, engaged to Talyn Napei

ps If you ever feel the sudden urge, you can e-mail me at

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