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An Oath

Sat Sep 29 12:12:09 2001
To: Cordir Bliss Plato Dracos Mael Teluin

In a place near Aslans heart
[Exits: north]
You rest in a place near Aslans heart, as close to the serenity, and peace found in her heart, there is also a disturbing turbulence in the area, trying to infultrate her heart.

A gem encrusted goblet sits here, waiting to fulfill its purpose.

Aslan is resting here.
Cordir is resting here.
Bliss is resting here.
Plato is resting here.
Dracos is resting here.
Mael is resting here.
Teluin is resting here.

Aslan stands up.

Aslan curtseys gracefully for you.

Aslan says (in common) 'I have asked all of you to join me here to witness an oath'

Aslan blushes nervously.

Aslan says (in common) 'As you most likely know, Dracos, Mael, and Teluin came to my aid when I was slain in the Demon Realm.'

Aslan says (in common) 'In words, I don't think I can express my gratitudes enough, so I make a vow to each.'

Aslan takes a deep breath, the pause hinting the weight of what she has to say.

Aslan says (in common) 'Your help, during my time of weakness is something I am indepted for. Your actions in my favour will not go un-noticed. I vow that if ever you are in need, I -will- do what is in my abilities to do to help you.'

Aslan holds a knife in hand as she raises them and says (in common) 'Upon my Geasa, and my blood as a Tsarran, I will uphold the oath that I have made'

Aslan slices her palm, and lets the blood drip in the goblet.

Aslan drinks the blood from the goblet, sealing her oath.

Aslan smiles meekly and thanks you for witnessing.

Signed, Aslan Tsarran, Chosen of Fate, engaged to Talyn.

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