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Aslan Notes

[ 23] Aslan: Thanks!
Thu Oct 4 01:34:48 2001
To: Cordir Bliss Tripper Lins Kantor Charles

Aslan curtseys gracefully for you.

Aslan says (in common) I would like to thank you all for helping me after I died in the Caverns of Waere. Your favour stays near to my heart!'

Aslan bows deeply and says (in common) 'Until the next time we meet :)'

Aslan waves good-bye to you.

Aslan Tsarran, Chosen of Fate, engaged to Talyn

[ 24] Aslan: Geasa revised (long)
Thu Oct 4 02:41:04 2001
To: Cordir
In a place near Aslans heart
[Exit: north]

You rest in a place near Aslans heart, as close to the serenity, and peace found in her heart.

Aslan is here.
Cordir is here.

Aslan curtseys gracefully for you.

Aslan takes a deep breath, her eyes reveal a certain unease.
Aslan says (in common) Lady, there are a couple of things that I would like to address..

Aslan says (in common) I am not happy with my newfound pass-time of dying, I seem to have lost my feet, and to a point, my bearings.

Aslan says (in common) Recent events have lead me to rethink my Oaths as a Chosen of Fate, and I have come to an acceptable resolution.

Aslan says (in common) I would like to present my new geasa, for review, and input, if they are acceptable, I will, at a later date, make my vows for the Guardian

Aslan says (in common) 1) I will help those in need of it. Those to whom I am indepted, will take priority, those that have asked while Im currently helping someone else, will be asked if they can wait for a few, while I finish helping the first person. If I am unable to help, I will direct petitioners to those who can help them.

Aslan says (in common) 2) I will submit myself to Kaldreds tutelage who will try to remind me of the ways of the Realm, and I shall create a tome of lessons that I have learned. Contents of this tome will either be used in/directly for me to help those who ask. What I know and what I have been taught will help me help those who come to me for help.

Aslan side notes that she has asked Kaldred if he would take on the role of her Tutor, and that he accepted.

Aslan says (in common) 3) I will limit my inventory to 1.casing of eq for the following/to give to those in need of it/pit respectively, 2.casing of eq for newbies to re-eq with (basic lvl eq, both metal and non-metal), 3.casing of eq that has not been idd or that I want, 4.casing of potions, 5.casing of relics and other various magic items, my raft, and my drinking bladder. Those in need are those that have been recently slain, and are not considered a newbie. I have found that a number of
sub-10 players have asked for extra eq in the wake of their death which explains 2.casing. For the time being, I will also carry casings of wedding items, when once the ceremony, and the honey-moon are over, the casings will be offered to others.

Aslan Tsarran, Chosen of Fate, engaged to Talyn Napei

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