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Aslan: My Death
Tue Sep 25 09:07:27 2001
To: Cordir Tamar Tripper Torchbearer Athorne DogKicker Joeb Darkfang Azeworai Tiberius Crinos

In a place very close to Aslan's heart
[Exits: north]

Aslan gently taps a delicate emerald crystal goblet to catch everyone's attention.

Aslan says (in common) 'I have asked all of you to gather here for a very specific reason'

You smile happily.

Aslan says (in common) 'All of you, to my knowledge helped in recovering my items after I died.'

Aslan says (in common) 'I have included your deities (to my knowledge) so that they may also
know what deeds you have committed in my favour.

Aslan curtseys gracefully for the deities.

Aslan says (in common) 'I cannot express how thankfull I am to all of you'

Aslan hugs you.

Aslan says (in common) 'And I am indepted to you all!'

Aslan pauses a moment, making eye contact with all present.

Aslan says (in common) 'I make it known this day that if ever there is a need,
when you need assistance, I -WILL- do all in my abilities to help. No matter
the circumstance, I will be at your beck and call!

Aslan twists her face, trying to mentally make sure that the last expression was correct.

Aslan quickly returns her attention to those she is addressing.

Aslan says (in common) 'I, Aslan Tsarran, do swear upon my geasa, and my Tsarran blood
with you as my witness, that I shall uphold my oath!'

Aslan takes a little dagger, gently cuts her hand across her palm, letting
the blood drip into her goblet.

Aslan drinks from the goblet, sealing her oath.

Aslan curtseys gracefully, thanking you for your time!

Signed, Aslan Tsarran, Chosen of Fate, engaged to Talyn

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