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Tynian: On apostatizing
Sun Aug 5 10:01:28 2001
To: all
I've seen and heard a few comments about apostatize. While some of the
comments revolve around opinion and personal preference, some of the
things that I've heard are based on mistaken assumptions.

Here's how it is supposed to work. If it does not, you have basis to post
a bug report.

First, there are some restrictions to apostatize. In particular, it is
not possible to apostatize if you previously lost levels that you still
need to regain. This includes previous apostatizing. The mana, hit, move
loss is a fixed level, which is also regained at that same fixed level.
Also, You can only apostatize only once every 6 months. And when you join
another following, the FLI is shown how many times you have used the
command, and when it was last used.

So, apostatize cannot be used to try to gain "better" levels. It cannot
be used if you still have levels to regain. It can't be used more than
once every 6 months. And if you join a new following, the god will know
that you apostatized from a previous following, and when. If a god accepts
someone who has apostatized previously, they accept that person along
with the associated risks.

No one has apostatized more than once. Ever. The apostatize command does
the same kind of level loss that Greater God+ did prior to the command.
We will _not_ go back to Greater God+ doing these. I know I have better
things to do with my time.

Can the hp/mana/move loss be increased? Yes, although that gets tricky.
The loss rate has been the same for years. Lots of characters have levels
to regain still. So, we'd have to keep track of whether you lost
hp/mana/move prior to the rate adjustment. This is an error-prone process.

Will other changes be considered? Yes, although 'apostatize' changes does
not rank very high in my internal sense of priorities.


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