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An Angel Takes Oath

With Tynian's direct and specific permission, this log contains the events leading up to Torchbearer's promotion on the Immortal Channel.
This log was created by me, Cordir, and is from my perspective.

Torchbearer appears before you in a column of light!
Torchbearer tries to break dance, but nearly breaks his neck!

Cordir arches an eyebrow inquisitively.

Torchbearer says, 'After all the things I did to make things interesting I am but forgotten by Tynian!'.

Torchbearer cries on your shoulder.

You chuckle.
You comfort him.

Torchbearer says, 'I think you should use your seductive weaver powers to influence him on my behalf'.
Torchbearer nods.

You ponder the question.

You say, '"seductive" ??'.
You say, 'I don't think anyone has ever accused me ofthat before'.

Torchbearer grins evilly.

You ponder the question.

Torchbearer says, 'Well allow me to be the first!'.

You say, 'Yes, I think I'm entirely certain that I've never been called 'seductive' before.'.

Cordir: *ponder*

Torchbearer says, 'I saw what you did to Abe, you enslaved him!'.
Torchbearer says, 'Made him do your wicked bidding!'.

Cordir: Hey, Tynian... I'm... er... supposed... to er... seduce you into listening to TB. *scratches head*
Cordir: How the HECK I could possibly do that, I'm not entirely certain.

Plato: can I watch :)

You ponder the question.
You say, 'But I'm not wicked, either'.
You ponder the question.

Torchbearer says, 'Wicked is a relative term, really'.

You say, 'And it's definately abe that's in charge'.
You snicker softly.

Tynian: Sounds interesting.

Torchbearer says, 'I think you let him think he's in charge'.

Tynian: Okay. Let's have it.

Cordir: *ponder* Oh dear.

Tynian: Sweep me off my feet, Cordir.

Torchbearer: Come on Cordir, I believe in you!

Cordir: I didn't say I was particularly up for the idea, only that it had beeen suggested.

Torchbearer: Do your enchanting weaver dance thingie!

Cordir: Besides, isn't mud seduction illegal? *grasps at any possible straws here*

Plato: *gets his camcorder out*

Cordir: aaack!@

Tynian: You aren't going to let Torchbearer embarrass you, Cordir?

You ponder the question.
You say, 'No, none of that'.

Torchbearer chuckles, evidently amused.

Cordir: Errr... well... he already has, by suggesting that the persona of cordir is even capable of seduction.

Tynian: :)

Cordir: That's far more ( Insert name of Cordir's mortal here )'s genre.

Torchbearer: bah

Torchbearer: So Tynian, seeing as I left the realm on such good terms

Tynian: Well?

* AT TYNIAN: Cordir lifts her gown up slightly to show a shapely calf.

* AT TYNIAN: Cordir blushes crimson.

Plato: OOC I followed TB and I think he was the best god I ever followed

* AT TYNIAN: Cordir sits down and thinks a moment.

Torchbearer: I think nearly everyone would be elated to share in my presence again :)

* AT TYNIAN: You say, 'Er... umm.... '.

Tynian grins mischievously at you.

Torchbearer: (Unbeknownst to Plato, his credibility just dropped 10 fold)

* AT TYNIAN: Cordir flees, muttering, 'okay, sorry, that's as good as I can do.'

Torchbearer: hehe ;)

Cordir: There.
Cordir: I did my best, TB. I just CANNOT be sexy as this char.
Cordir: it is SOOOOO against everything Cordir is.

Torchbearer: Awww man

Plato: what credibility

Cordir: Hey, ask Tyn. I showed some leg.

Tynian: Wow.

Torchbearer: I didn't even get to see

Cordir: NO one said it was for the entire mud to watch.

Plato: I have it on tape now :0

Cordir: You said, "Tynian". So Tynian saw.

Torchbearer: woohoo!

Tynian looks at you.

Torchbearer: So, did you impress him?

Cordir: I don't think so.
Cordir: Not with my skinny little legs.

Tynian: In a matter of speaking.

Cordir: Impressed upon him that he never wanted Cordir trying to seduce anyone.
Cordir: Now, if it was a different persona.... well... heck, that's a whole other story.

Torchbearer: You mean those emaciated legs didn't give you full power over his conscious thought?

Cordir: ( Insert name of Cordir's mortal here ) can do entirely lewd things, just using one emote and a social.

Tynian: I have to admit, it's been a while since anyone has flashed leg here in my office.

Cordir: But this is Cordir. And she just can't do that.
Cordir: No, fraid not, TB.

Torchbearer: And see, Cordir wouldn't just do that for anyone, Tynian
Torchbearer: I must be extra special

Plato: *Plato pulls his pant leg up and shows Tynian his leg*

Tynian: That is what has me confused, Torchbearer.

Torchbearer: ;)

Cordir: I think diversity in the pantheon is a good thing.

Tynian: Cordir isn't acting herself.

Cordir: I don't have direct experience with TB as a Demi
Cordir: But again, diversity is good.

Torchbearer: But Plato does :)

Plato: just trying to help, Cordir leg to look better

Cordir: *hey!*

Tynian: *cough*

Cordir: *swats Plato*

Plato: hehe

Tynian: You have time for a following, Torchbearer?

Torchbearer: It will give me a reason to actually sit down and do my physics, calc, and write papers

Tynian: (like Cordir trying to seduce me)

Torchbearer: hehe

Cordir: Okay, I"m just going to go and hide now

Torchbearer: during the summer i'll be gone for about 10 weeks

Tynian smiles at you.

Torchbearer: but that is the lengthiest time i anticipate

Cordir: if this gets out, my rep as an aloof, ice-queen, non-sexual bitch will be ruined

Torchbearer: I always saw into your inner freakiness, Cordir
Torchbearer: I'm just that damn intuitive :)

Cordir: *chuckles* TB, if you only knew. = )

Tynian: *cough* Alright

Tynian: Um

Cordir: *ponder*

Cordir: I know what would be good.
Cordir: Have him be the Tiger Attendant.
Cordir: Since Tripper was his. = )
Cordir: muahahaahaha! A beautiful and entirely evil irony

Plato: I'll take him
Plato: :)

Tynian: On the other hand, he's able to make you do things that would be considered insane by most. ;-)

Cordir: Yes, but he'd be bored stiff in the Chosen.
Cordir: We're not really his kind of following.

Tynian: But how do we know?

Cordir: *ponder* Witchy intuition.

Torchbearer: uh-oh

Tynian: I've got a GREAT idea!

Cordir: Er, wait...

Cordir: that should be..

Torchbearer: Tynian's scheming, Cordir

Tynian: You've always said we needed more roleplay

Cordir: "I, the Weaver of Fate, read the Thread of his life within the Tapestry, and see that it would tangle the delicacy of the Weaving.'
Cordir: how's that?

Tynian: I bet Torchbearer is the one that could get us to the "next level."

Torchbearer: I'm leading the way with my light!

Tynian: All he needs is to hone his skills.

Cordir: I also need to depart in about 2 minutes to get ready for an interview
Cordir: If not immediately. = )

Torchbearer: After aeons of angelic purgatory for my sins as a corrupt demi!

Tynian: *laugh*

Cordir: And gosh, it wouldn't be fair to abandon TB or anything

Tynian: Well, Torchbearer, I was thinking about it.
Tynian: But, seeing as though Cordir doesn't want you....
Tynian: *shrug* Sorry, man.

Plato: meme says the little guy

Cordir: Cordir believes that FLIs and Attendants should be well matched to meet goals.
Cordir: Cordir doesn't think TB wants to start a Sentry RP based following.

Torchbearer: Well poop

Tynian: You want to be Cordir's Attendant, Plato....? Well... I suppose....

Cordir: Been there, done that

Plato: wait
Plato: I wanted Tb

Tynian: You want to be Torchbearer's Attendant? Why, that makes even less sense!

Torchbearer: Actually, that would be darned amusing ;)

Cordir: *ponder*
Cordir: May I post this conversation on the time line?

Torchbearer: NO
Torchbearer: immortal stuff is secret!

Plato: I'm going to sit in the coner and not say a word

Cordir: It simply reeks of bizarreness and humor that the general population doesn't believe Immortals have.

Tynian: snicker

Torchbearer: And that's why its fun :)

Cordir: no, really.... I'm serious.
Cordir: I'll even include my flashing Tynian my leg.
Cordir: *snicker*

The Chat Room
[Exits: none]
You are in a small, spacious hall. Well-worn overstuffed black leather
couches against the walls match the armchairs that circle the fountain
in the center of the room. Plump dark red, blue and purple cushions on
the seating and a warmly glowing sphere of light floating near the
ceiling lend a cozy element to the timeless atmosphere of this doorless
A small white fountain gushes forth here.
(Invis 71) (Intense Light Blue Aura) Torchbearer is here.

You nudge him.
You say, 'Think you could honestly stand a bunch of RP geeks?'.

Torchbearer says, 'Absolutely'.

You ponder the question.

Torchbearer says, 'But it might get a little chaotic at times'.

You say, 'There is NO insult or accusation in my next quesetion.'.
You say, 'Please understand that.'.
You say, 'But can I trust you to play fair, not use Imm info, or harm my Chosen?'.

Torchbearer says, 'No harming? Ah pooh'.
Torchbearer says, 'A fair punishment for my demi sins'.

You say, 'I have been told previously that you were not ... careful... about information.'.
You say, 'I am reasonably concerned about that.'.
You say, 'again, no insult intended.'.

Torchbearer says, 'In my immortal infancy this may have been true'.

You say, 'But the Chosen are incredibly important to me.'.

Torchbearer says, 'But certainly not as I matured'.
Torchbearer says, 'I was wrongly accussed there toward the end'.
Torchbearer says, 'And if it hadn't been for Khore backing me up, I think I would have been screwed'.
Torchbearer says, 'I NEVER gave out player locations or the like'.
Torchbearer says, 'And NEVER disclosed what treasures mortals had'.

You nod.
You say, 'Abe says that you are "A great kid"'.

Torchbearer says, 'Abe's the man :)'.

You say, 'But that your main fault is that you think you can beat molo at his own game.'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'Okay.'.

Torchbearer scowls.
Torchbearer says, 'I'm not out to beat Molo anymore :-)'.

You ftell, 'Hold still, guys.'.
You ftell, 'things are about to get very weird.'.

Torchbearer says, 'Just to lead people to the light is that's what they desire :-)'.

You tell Tynian, 'I'll take him.'.

Noctus ftells, 'huh?'.

Torchbearer says, 'If that's even'.
Torchbearer giggles.

Noctus ftells, 'weird?'.

You ftell, 'yes, weird.'.
You ftell, 'hold on.'.

You ponder the question.
You say, 'You realize you're gonna have to take on Geasa'.
You snicker softly.

Garvax ftells, 'heya'.
Dracos ftells, 'noctus stop holding my hand'.

You say, 'Every Chosen does'.

Torchbearer says, 'Who the heck is Geasa?'.

Noctus ftells, 'Hiya Garvax'.

Noctus ftells, 'hehe'.

You say, 'What, not whom'.

Torchbearer says, 'What'.

Noctus ftells, 'Sorry, weird sounds scary'.

You say, 'ask Plato or Noctus or Dracos'.

You ftell, 'stand by.'.

Torchbearer: Hey, what's Geasa?

Tynian: giggle

You tell Tynian, 'Go ahead. = ) ( I really really gotta scoot to get ready for the mailing list )'.

Tynian: cough

Plato: hehe

Torchbearer: Is this some pledge of celibacy or something?

You tell Tynian, 'er, not mailing list... interview'.

Cordir: no, that's the Vestal Oath.

Tynian tells you, 'Okay'.

Cordir: Tranquility has that.

26 players.
Hum [ Ra: 9 ] Cyan Bloodbane. Brother to Groul.*WISDOM*
Hel [ Wa:16 Ma:22 ] Garvax Servant of Fate, seeker of answers
Dwa [ Sh:13 ] Virez Gump, Wanre Noamuth d'lil Veldrin.
Gno [ Wa:30 Sh:30 ] Ravaged, Keeper of the Feathered Stone
Hel [ Ra:12 Th: 9 Ma:16 ] Joeb The Man of the People (Tiger)
Elf [ Ra: 8 ] Gavyn, searching for con and str
Hel [ Cl: 4 ] Kaori Salemonte, Capricious Griftress
Min [ Ma:20 Wa:18 ] Zakarious is looking for money to dual with
Dwa [ Cl:16 Wa:11 ] Wylin, Wisdom, ----Use it or lose it!----(Student)
Min [ Ma:21 Th:20 Wa:20 ] DogKicker Tiger Cat Lover
Hel [ Ma:15 ] Aiken, illusionist of Unity
Gno [ Blade Reforged ] Noctus Chosen Blade of Fate
Hel [ Wa:24 Cl:30 ] Ephiny, Amazon Tiger. *Enjoying an Emaleth*
Hel [ Cl:19 ] MikGub: 100% Milk Chocolate Tiger
Hum [ Wa: 3 Ma:15 ] Angelus, Mage of the Black Conclave
Elf [ Ra: 3 Ma:15 ] Zifnab.following = Circle_Faces.Arcs.Ayala
Hum [ Lesser Goddess ] Cordir wears mourning black. Weaver of Fate.
Hlf [ Cl:16 Wa:12 ] Wardrof, Warric Apprentice of the Tigers
Elf [ Th:16 Ra:20 Cl:20 ] Silvermoon Macroura, The Astral Vixen *Cabal*
Hum [ Retired ] Torchbearer, the Guardian Seraph.
Elf [ Ma:28 Th:11 Ra:30 ] Valo, Warden of the Black Conclave
Dwa [ Sh:17 ] Weezer- Want to destroy my sweater?
Hum [ Th:21 Wa:30 Cl:30 ] Dracos, the hand of fate *lanfear*
Gno [ Sh:30 ] Teluin, seanachaidh Draoidh SOJA of Wisdom
Dwa [ Implementor ] Tynian: If I don't answer, try again in a few.
Hum [ Demigod ] Plato, Philosopher of Wisdom

It is 4am on Jawiliea the 30th, the month of the Renewal,
in the year 2493.

TFC started up at Tue Sep 18 08:37:58 2001
The system time is Sat Sep 22 11:44:56 2001

Torchbearer: Oh, no Vestal for me

Cordir: *laugh*

Torchbearer: Well, if it isn't celibacy I'm good to go :)

You ftell, 'you all in safe?'.

Noctus ftells, 'shake'.

Noctus ftells, 'want us to?'.

You ftell, 'get there'.

### Torchbearer has been given the position of Attendant by Tynian

Noctus ftells, 'ok'.


Dracos ftells, 'we are now'.

Torchbearer: Damn that feels good :) Thanks!

You ftell, 'Welcome to the Chosen of Fate, Torchbearer.'.


Noctus ftells, 'YAY!'.

Virez gossips (in common), 'WELCOME BACK!'.

You gossip, 'Welcome to the Chosen of Fate, Torchbearer'.

Zakarious gossips (in common), 'wow welcome back'.

Valo shouts (in common), 'WOOOO!!!!'.

Weezer gossips (in dwarven), 'gratz torchbearer'.

Dracos ftells, 'nice!'.

Cyan gossips (in common), 'congrats'.

Plato gossips, 'HAIL TB'.

DogKicker gossips (in common), 'gratz torchie'.

MikGub gossips (in common), 'woohoo!!'.

Garvax ftells, 'welcome back'.

Torchbearer bows before you.

Aiken gossips (in common), 'HAIL TORCHBEARER!'.

Wardrof gossips (in common), 'GRATS TORCHBEARER!'.

Wylin gossips (in common), 'hi TB'.

Kaori gossips (in common), 'welcome back!'.

Noctus gossips (in common), 'Grats Lord Torchbearer!!!'.

Zifnab gossips (in common), 'HAIL TORCHBEARER'.

Gavyn gossips (in elven), 'welcome Torchbearer'.

Tynian: Anyone that can convince Cordir to show some leg... ;-)

You ftell, 'Okay, now did my warnings make sense, guys?'.

Torchbearer gossips, 'Thank you, all. :)'.

Cordir: *laugh*

Noctus ftells, 'hehe nod nod'.

Robert has entered the game.

Plato: hehe

Cordir: TB, you hearing Ftell?

Virez gossips (in common), 'Its good to have ya active again'.

Noctus ftells, 'weird indeed'.

Torchbearer: Loud and clear

Virez gossips (in common), 'its been a while:)'.

Noctus ftells, 'but fun weird, I like that ;)'.

Robert summons his winged Ivory Unicorn and swiftly flies off.

Dracos ftells, 'you had me worried actually'.

Robert: hullo =)

Garvax ftells, 'wow TB back'.

Noctus ftells, 'Hehe nod, same here, was almost holding Dracos' hand ;)'.

Robert twiddles Torchbearer's ears.

Plato: Hiya

Cordir: please test it

Dracos ftells, 'thehe'.

Cordir: I wanna make sure you can use it

Torchbearer ftells, 'Afternoon, Mortals. ;)'.

You ftell, 'Now... here's the horrible part'.

You ftell, 'I have to run and get ready for an interview'.

Noctus ftells, '*bow* Hi there :)'.

Wardrof gossips (in common), 'Welcome Robert'.

Garvax ftells, 'hmm...wave'.

You ftell, 'TB, don't let my Chosen die while I'm gone.'.

Dracos ftells, 'ok cordir have a good one'.

Garvax ftells, 'take care'.

Torchbearer ftells, '*nod*'.

You ftell, 'Noctus, please discuss Geasa with our newest Chosen.'.

Garvax ftells, 'tb can I ask you something?'.

Noctus ftells, 'Take care Lady Cordir, you'll do fine :)'.

Tynian: *grin* What an interesting morning.

Torchbearer is engulfed by a shimmering aura and fades from your vision.

Cordir: indeed it is.

Noctus ftells, 'That will be my pleasure'.

Torchbearer ftells, 'You may.'.

You tell Tynian, 'Also, may I have your permission to post the funny immtalk conversation? ( all extraneous imm info removed, of course )'.
Tynian tells you, 'I have no objections'.
You tell Tynian, '*grin* Thank you.'.
Tynian tells you, 'Although, I wish to go back and be more witty, since it will be posted. :>'.

(end log)

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