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Petition for Immortality - by Whitehawk

Posted with the consent of Whitehawk.
To: immortal
I, Whitehawk Skylore, would like to petition for the immortal position of Ambassador. I have met the minimum requirements of Level 30 in both my Mage and Warrior classes, as well as exceeded the 40 Mobmastery quests (with 57) needed to be legible to apply for this position.
Whitehawk's Background (Resume)
Whitehawk is 1060+ years old (over 2100 hours).
I have played with other Characters for the last 2 years.
Whitehawk has served under Pyros and Okk.
He was Okk's Ordained, but later asked to be de-ordained for the quest for the requirements of immortality.
He has helped Tynian with TFC changes, Deathtoll feature and another one that information about was retained. (something about heat-seeking missles was rumoured ;) )
Whitehawk is the founder of the God+ Approved clan "The Firehawks" a group of Unaligned players who helped each other survive and learn the realm.
Has helped Khore with some quests for others in the realm.
In case I reach a FLI position I already have a theme I would like to base a following on that is suited to a Lawful Neutral alignment.

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