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(located at port 4000)

Whitehawk's Ordainment

(This was submitted by Lord Okk, the Guardian Spirit)
"At a glance, Whitehawk doesn't look like very much. He seems overly playful and careless... inexperienced... coquettish... But when I really look at him, he has a spirit which is fierce and strong and can endure wrong, and inside he is kind and has one of the greatest hearts that I have ever known. I had never paid much attention to the man before he became my follower, but once he did, I knew that he was meant to be my ordained. It was finally time.
"Of details there are very little, for very little actually occurred.
"I had been searching for my Trusted for many days already when I saw him appear in the realm. I quickly summoned him to my temple, lest he disappear again, and I was not about to let that happen. He greeted me and we exchanged some conversation, but my mind was on other matters.
"It is a fairly frequent custom to slay Whitehawk, but that day was a special day...none of that. I slew him four times. One death spell, one soul rift, one lightning bolt, and one spiritual hammer, to be exact. I'm always mildly annoyed that he seems to enjoy it. I met my Trusted sitting there bleeding at the public temple in Midgaard. One place was as good as another. I ordained him.
"It may strike one odd that there was very little ceremony surrounding the event. I summoned the presence of a number of spirits to be present and bless the event, but that was all. My reasoning was that there was very little cause for a ceremony. Whitehawk has always been my ordained in spirit; he always will be. I gave him the actual status. That is all."
The Guardian Spirit

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